Sunday, 22 November 2015

Something to Celebrate

Congratulations to my beautiful daughter on her Graduation.

We are both so proud of you Stevie

I find it hard to get an action shot, but I thought It was good that they
threw their hat's up and actually managed to catch them again considering what a windy day it was!

Of course there had to be a selfie for Facebook!

My girls have all grown up, well they think they have, but we mothers all know that they will always be children to us, whatever their age.

I'll be back soon with a crafty related post


Monday, 16 November 2015

A Couple of Ornament Finishes

Just so that I don't completely loose the will to blog, here are two ornaments that I finished off recently.

The Reindeer one is what Oliver chose himself for his tree, he calls it a stag, he seems to have a thing for stags / reindeer's at the moment, bless him.

they are of course Lizzie Kate

There is lots more going on than I have the energy to talk about at the moment, I just feel out of sorts and don't feel much like doing anything.
Mark is still plugging away at the decorating, onto the hall and stairs now, it's anyone's guess as to whether it will be finished before Christmas, I just don't have the enthusiasm for it though so it's pretty much him doing what he can in between working.

Stevie will be graduating on Wednesday so we are all off to Worcester for the day.
Hopefully that will cheer me up.


Monday, 5 October 2015

The Annual Scarecrow Festival

Every year at the start of Autumn Belbroughton hosts it's annual Scarecrow Festival.  The weather was beautiful, a perfect day for a walk around this lovely village and see all the hard work.

This year the theme was Icons From History.

Robin Hood

Fryer Tuc

I thin Oliver thought they were real presents, lol

I think this one was the overall winner, I Want To Rake Free :-)

So much thought and effort went into making these scarecrows, I think this was my favourite, 
Jack the Reaper - Wanted Cereal Killer

This one was Interesting

 And finally, nothing at all to do with the scarecrows, but Belbroughton has this really cool phone box which has been de-commissioned and is now owned by the the village I believe.  They have turned it into a place where books are exchanged.
How ingenious! 

Now THATS the sort of village I would like to live in :-)


Sunday, 20 September 2015

London - Lots of Photos!

We are still working away on the downstairs rooms, well Mark is, I'm mainly keeping the refreshments supplied.  We have both had this last week off work, and to be honest he has worked like a trooper!  We are finally approaching the point where the nice stuff will be happening, the fireplaces are in, the flooring is down in one room, by next weekend we might just be ready to paper.

We took a short break last weekend to London, the weather was kind to us and we had a great time, walked our little legs off, but it was fun.  I ticked another couple of places to see off my list, Carnaby Street and Liberty's of London.

Liberty have floor upon floor of wonderful things, most of it without a price tag!
I bought a couple Christmas decorations, lol

We visited Brick Lane again.  

If you have never been to Brick Lane, apart from the atmosphere and the vintage shops and stalls, you are also missing out on some of the most amazing street food!

I couldn't resist trying one of these fruit kebabs and they were delicious  :-)

When the halls get busy and the seating is full people just take it outside and sit wherever

There is a little alleyway that is full of Street Art, some of it is really good.

Caught in the act

We did a fair bit of walking, I just find all the buildings amazing, 
and you get such a different feel at night

The Shard
The firm I work for has installed the sprinkler system on this building and the majority of the various offices / suites within it.

The Walkie Talkie building

Admiralty Arch, which you can read more about the history of here

We also visited the Monument, (to the Great Fire of London) and climbed all 311 steps!!  You can read about it here

I had a certificate to prove my climb but unfortunately I managed to leave it in a pub.....gutted!
The view from the top was amazing, although I don't like heights so I stayed with my back firmly to the building, lol

The Gherkin 

I love this photo with all the cranes around

I can never get enough of London and we are planning to go again around Christmas time, can't wait.
I'll have to update my list of  'things to see in London' for then :-)


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