Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wonderwool Wales, a yarnny adventure

I've never been to a yarn festival before, I had planned on going to Yarndale this year with Joanne, (daughter #2) but as she will have a new baby less than a month old by then we will have to give it a miss this time.  We decided instead to go to Wonderwool Wales, which is held at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells in the beautiful Welsh countryside.  The drive was a bit further than I had anticipated, about 2 hours, but the day was bright and the scenery wonderful so all in all the time driving was pleasant enough.

I've heard people say how crowded Yarndale is and to be honest it does put me off a little, after all you go to browse what's on offer and if that's difficult it can be very frustrating.  I'm happy to say that Wonderwool was great in that respect, there were lots and lots of people but there was still plenty of room to walk around and look at the different stands without being jostled around.  When we found a stand that had a crowd we just passed it by and went back later and that worked for us.
  There was plenty of food on offer and enough seating too, although as it was such a lovely day quite a few people decided to picnic on the grass.

I'm afraid I got a little carried away with my purchases!  although to be honest I could have bought more, I only took a certain about of money with me and stuck to that budget, no debit card spending!

 The scarf kit caught my eye as soon as we walked in, so I went back for that later in the afternoon, (my motto is always do a reccie first to see what's on offer.  The grey fleck yarn is from Moonlight yarns, (they have an etsy shop although I haven't looked for it yet) and is a sock weight 100% Superwash Merino and is so soft!  I'm thinking a shawl for this one.  The ones in to top photo I just loved the colours.  and the Tek-Tek I bought for a bag project that I have been wanting to do for ages.  As you can see I also bought a selection of hooks, clover are my preferred hook, i've tried others and can't get on with them, and some needles because I haven't got this size.

Of course I want to start EVERYTHING NOW! but I do have a couple of things on the go that I need to finish first, I'm being firm with myself, lol.

Being about all things wooly and yarny there had to be some sheep.

Cute little lambs, look at that face!

Some sheep with dreadlocks, lol

And this one, who was so lovely and friendly, look how she is enjoying that fuss!
She also had a lovely face and a beautiful curly fleece and the cutest babies.

All in all it was a great day out, I'm glad we made the effort to go.

Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Until next time

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter!


 Easter bunnies have arrived at my house, the ceramic variety.
I found the little pink bird and the bunny in a shop in Shrewsbury, the pretty lights were a Home Bargains find, (amazing what you can find in Home Bargains, and the crochet eggs I made last week after finding a great tutorial on You Tube, (I've put the link to the tutorial in the side bar, if anyone is interested).  

Another two new bunny additions for the mantle

I love this one with her little green bow and her blushing cheeks

And a larger companion for the pink eared bunny I found last year

 I finished this blanket for the new baby.  I actually finished it a few weeks ago but only just got round to blocking the ends and taking a photo

I'm trying to keep things gender neutral, although Joanne had her second scan last week and both she and Gavin know what they are expecting but they have been instructed NOT to tell either me or Mark, we would rather wait, I think it's exciting guessing whether we will have a second grandson or a little girl this time.  I have my ideas of what it will be, I have from the moment they told us, but we will see :-) 

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter, the weather here has gone a bit cooler than we had it last week but at least it's dry.  

We are just about to head over to my eldest daughters for Easter lunch, a treat letting someone else take care of the cooking :-)

Until next time

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Weekend break part 2 - Llangollen and the Horseshoe Pass

When I was young we visited Wales for holidays quite often and last weekend I was happy to discover that I was only a short drive from somewhere we had driven through and probably stopped off at en route to our holiday destination many times when I was small, Llangollen.
Now I must confess that I cannot remember anything about this small town from my childhood except for it's name, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Not only do they have a steam railway it's also famous for it's canal and canal boat holidays.

And some seaside treats

I was lucky enough to see some brave souls on the water

Phew, there're through!

There is no way you would get me doing anything like that! But I did enjoy taking these photos of them.

Next I wanted to drive over somewhere that I do remember very well, the Horseshoe Pass.

When I was little I was always amazed by this road and the drops over the side!

We would always stop at the top, have a picnic and be excited to see the sheep roaming freely.
The day I went there were no sheep but there was still a cafe at the same place and it's still a popular place for biker meet-ups.

I found somewhere called the Horseshoe Falls just a couple of minutes walk from Llangollen,
such a lovely peaceful place.

And I found myself a house, lol.

This house has the view of the previous photos, I wouldn't mind sitting out on that deck and enjoying that view, how about you?

I retraced my drive back down the Horseshoe Pass and stopped for a coffee and a toasted tea cake
at this Abbey ruin.

I definitely don't remember this place from my childhood so I don't suppose we ever stopped here to look around.

So that was it, my weekend away over, I headed home after my coffee break and I must say that I felt restored and ready for the week ahead.

I'd really like to go here again this year and perhaps have a better look around the town, It's only a 90 minute drive but it's a whole different view.

Next time I will have some crafty goodness to show you.

Until then, have a great week

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Nimble Thimble stitching meet-up

It's that time of year again when a few of us get together at the Nimble Thimble for a day of stitching, chatting and to enjoy the lovely food that Chris puts on for us, in fact I think it's fair to say that we all look forward to the buffet just as much as the day's stitching and stashing.

Although the Nimble Thimble is only about an hour away I decided to make a weekend of it this time and booked into a lovely little B&B 20 minutes away in Oswestry on the Friday afternoon.

This place looked good on line, but it was such a treat I've already decided that if I stay over again this is where I will stay.

My room for the weekend

And once I'd got my bags in I was bought a lovely cuppa and a home made ginger biscuit.

The fridge had complementary treats

And breakfast was bought to my room by way of a hamper.
This was such a lovely treat! I was even bought a pot of tea as well.  Just look at all the goodies,
the granola was homemade and was delicious.

So after my lovely breakfast I set off for the Nimble Thimble, the scenery in this part of the country is lovely and I have to make frequent stops just to enjoy it, even in the rain it is stunning, and although the day started and ended rather wet, in between we did have some lovely sunshine.

Here we are in the studio above the shop, looking very intent on stitching

There is Hazel (of the blog Quietly Stitching)  sitting at the back sitting on the left concentrating on her work

And Michelle, AKA Mouse, (tales of a stitching mouse blog), on the right, showing us her birthday quilt which some bloggers kindly stitched her some pieces for.
Pat (no blog) is on the left, she was trying to hide behind the quilt, I think they are laughing because I said something like "Pat come out from behind the quilt!"

As I said, Chris, (the shop owner) always puts on some lovely food for us, and this time was just as good.

We finish the afternoon off with more cake which we are usually too full to eat so we take it home to enjoy later.

In between stitching, chatting and eating we all visited the shop downstairs to put by our purchases to pay for later, I was very good and only bought 3 charts :-)  
To be honest I didn't intend to buy any because I haven't stitched the ones I bought on our last trip in November, but when you are in the shop it is very hard not to give in to temptation!  

After a lovely day that went by far too quickly we all set off on our various journeys home, or in my case to my little B&B, because my weekend treat wasn't over just yet.

When I got back Jo, (the B&B owner) had been in and left me a little cupcake, how sweet and such a surprise :-)

The little mat under the plate is what I made up on the Friday night.
I've wanted to make a Mandala for a while and I saw this little booklet on Amazon last week

I used Rico cotton and chose one of the easier patterns and I'm really pleased with how it came out for a first attempt.

Next time I'll show you what new charts I bought and what I did on my Sunday travels.

Until then