Sunday, 26 October 2014

Early Morning Ramblings

It's almost 5am on a Sunday morning, I decided to get up instead of keep tossing and turning, first I'm hot then I'm cold, can't get comfortable, these hormones have a lot to answer for. 
We started to hang the wallpaper in our bedroom yesterday, it was late afternoon we were both tired so we ended up having a few choice words to say to each other about how things should be done.  I hate all the mess that decorating brings with it, Mark hates decorating, things were bound to get fraught.  In the end we found a system that worked, me finding the match on the paper and cutting, him pasting and hanging, it worked, we managed a whole wall before we called it a day at around 8.30pm.  
I admit I'm finding it hard adjusting to living here, I love the area, I like the garden,  but the rest of it is taking some getting used to.  Ok, number one thing, (these are probably going to sound like silly things to some people, to me they're not, we all have our niggles of what and how we like things).
I miss the kitchen in my old house, and my cooker, I really miss my cooker.  That might sound silly but I spent a year thinking and planning that kitchen and it worked, all of it, it was easy to work in.  This one, nothing makes sense, no thought has gone into where things are, and the cooker, well less said about the the better.  I cook in batches when I can and freeze, that way I'm spending less time with it.  
No dishwasher...I didn't think this would bother me too much, after all most of the week there is just me and just the two of us at weekends, but it does, It's not the washing up, it's the stuff on the draining board after and the stainless steel sink taking up too much space and being being wet, I hate it, I'm forever cleaning it.
No built in microwave...Free standing one on the worktop, taking up space, enough said.
Fridge...In the wrong place, or perhaps the fridge is in the right place and the kettle is in the wrong place, but the kettle can't go by the sink and above the fridge because there is no plug socket there. 
The door...Really, really awkward, when it's open it takes up a lot of space.

The cat's litter tray has to be in the kitchen too, no where else for it to go, not ideal but nothing else for it at the moment, the washing machine, again has to be in the kitchen glaring at me from under the worktop, (I don't like appliances on show).  I know these things can be changed, and they will, eventually.  I'm just feeling so overwhelmed with all the things that have to be done, It's not just the kitchen, there are other rooms I'm not happy with, and when it's all done will I be satisfied, or will I still not feel settled here. 
I think we did the right thing in moving, it's just taking time to get used to less space and getting things how we want them.  Maybe it's more to do with me and how I'm feeling than the house, I went to the local shopping centre yesterday, I only had to go to one store but had to walk through a large part of the mall to get to it.  It was a Saturday so there were lots of people and I was so irritated with all these people just ambling along, and the noise, I started to panic a bit, I just wanted to get to the store, get what I wanted and get out of there and back home, I'd no patience for people strolling with nothing  better to do than wander aimlessly round a shopping centre.  I do feel like that quite a bit lately, I want to shut myself away, not bother with anyone, haven't got the patience with people.  
I'm not depressed, just overwhelmed and irritated, very easily irritated sometimes, that's the only way I can describe it.
Day two of paperhanging will be happening today, lets hope we can get through it without swearing and any mishaps.

If you've read my ramblings, thank you, and If you made it this far, a BIG thank you.  I am turning off the comments though, this is not an 'Oh woe is me please feel sorry for me post'   I wanted to get some things out, and now they are, I might feel better for it, or I might feel just as frustrated tomorrow, who knows, either way I'll get on with it, I always do.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Birthday Celebrations

On Friday we celebrated a special day,  my beautiful Grandson turned 2.

I can hardly believe how these two years have flow by.  I've been remembering that long night with Jenny and James at the hospital, I was Jenny's 2nd birthing partner, but after an endless night I didn't see this special person make his appearance into the world, Jenny was so tired and it was decided that she needed help and was taken to another room where only one other person was allowed, of course that other person just had to be daddy.
I waited and waited for news and after about 45 minutes James came back and told me i had a Grandson, that he was already looking around him and had big feet!  
Of course I was over the moon, and so proud of them both, but especially Jenny, she was disappointed about not doing it herself, but honestly, she was a trooper.

I let her make the phone call to the new Grandad who was working in London at the time, and who promptly broke down in tears when he was told he had a Grandson.  He might act tough but the girls know their dad is a really softy inside.

I love this little boy so, so much, we all do, he is amazing, funny and clever.  If you are a grandparent you will know exactly what I mean, every Grandparent feels the same.

Helping Grandad fix it

He is growing up way to fast, we have to make the most of these precious days when they are small, and I can tell you that I make sure that I appreciate and make the most of all the hours I spend with him.

Happy Birthday Little Dude

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Crochet Finish :-)

We are back home again after a lovely week away in Cyprus, when we went away the weather here was still on the warm side in the UK, but what a change when we got back! The plane landed and the pilot told us it was 5 degrees outside, brrr, what a shock to the system!

Just before we jetted off I managed to finish the blanket I was crocheting for my great nephew.  I don't get to see him all that often and had to leave the blanket at my sisters for his mum to collect, she messaged me on Facebook that he loved it and had wrapped it around himself to go to sleep in bed that night and wanted to take it to school with him the next day :-)

She sent me this cute photo of him.

I'm pleased to have had a crafty finish and that it's gone to a good home.

I hope you will indulge me with a few sunshine photos to end with.  We have been to Cyprus many, many times so I didn't take too many this time, just a few reminders.

An area called See Caves, you can see why

The ground around the edge didn't look too safe, so we made sure we stayed well back

This was our little hire car, lol

Looking towards Coral Bay

We just managed to catch a glimpse of the sunset before we set off for home

So there you go, told you there weren't too many :-)
There is going to be a lot of decorating activity over the coming weeks, we are having new windows fitted on Thursday so once that's done we can at last start to make the place ours.  I'm both dreading it and looking forward to it at the same time, the upheaval that decorating causes drives me mad but it will be lovely to have wallpaper on my bedroom wall, lol.

Until next time

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bloglovin, Do You Use It?

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How do you get on with it?

I usually read blogs from the list on my blog, but I've decided to give bloglovin a go to see you I get on.

If you are on Bloglovin let me know so I can follow you.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Crafty Makes For Autumn

We've had some lovely Autumn sunshine today, I took these two photos on my lunch time walk today.

Because we have had very little rain the leaves are lovely and crisp.

I spotted these mushrooms on a grass verge.

I've been getting my garden ready too with some Mums and Pansies,purchased from Aldi last week

I hinted a couple of posts ago that I had been working on something for Autumn, I'm so pleased with this, do you want to see?


As you can see, it's now hanging on my front door and It makes me smile every time I see it :-)

I came across this next Autumn decorating idea a few weeks ago while browsing and thought it was lovely.

Quick and easy, the hardest part was finding an orange candle!
very simple but effective :-)

I'm pleased to say that my hospital appointment with that camera last week went well, doctor said he thinks its a case of IBS but will do a scan of the right hand side just to make sure everything is ok there too.  I will probably have to wait a few weeks for that appointment to come through.
That's all from me today, next week we are on a count down to our holiday, I will try to get a quick update in before we go as I seem to be on a roll with posting at the moment :-)

Thanks for visiting me today.

Until next time


Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Week Off Work

This past week I've been on annual leave from work, we haven't been away, it was just nice to spend time at home.  The first two afternoons I had Oliver as Jenny was at work, on Wednesday I had a lovely day in Cheltenham, DH had to go there for a meeting and I spend the day looking round the shops. It's a nice town with a lovely variety of shops and, I managed to find a wool shop, Budget Wools.  Lots of choice, and of course I came out with a bag full of goodies :-)

As the day worn on on Thursday I developed a stinking cold, sneezing, eyes and nose streaming, it came out of the blue as I felt fine until lunch time!  Not what you want when you have time off, so by mid afternoon I was tucked up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.  

I bought tickets for the Great British Food Festival many months ago now and Saturday was the event day at Ragley Hall.  We had a lovely day out, there were lots of different foods to try and things going on.

A Man V Food Challenge

Some delicious cakes and fudge (all of which we resisted!)

There was a 'Cake Off'
Bake a traditional Victoria Sponge cake, 50% of the marks from judges and 50% for the general public.  I so wanted to enter this but really didn't feel up to baking a cake the day before, perhaps next year I will enter.

 Some interesting burgers on offer.

Later we took a walk round the lovely gardens

 We took Oliver with us for the day, he had a great time running round the large grounds.

But didn't know quite what to make of the statues, lol

We had afternoon tea on the terrace

Where there was a very cheeky peacock, which Oliver insisted on running round after and calling a chicken, lol

The view from the terrace, (DH and Oliver on the steps)

Our afternoon tea also gave us entrance to the State Rooms

I LOVED the library, what a wonderful room!

You couldn't actually go into this room, just view from the doorway.

Ragley Hall is still a family home to 9th Marquess and Marchioness of Hertford and their 4 children,  we were told that some of the rooms are used by the family therefore there are personal things like family photographs in most of the rooms.

We should really visit more stately homes, it's wonderful to see how the other half live!

I have one more day off work, and to hopefully get rid of this dam cold, then back to work on Tuesday.  On Wednesday I have a hospital appointment, to have a camera in a place where the sun don't shine,  :-0 ......I think that's all the information you need on that, lol.  Needless to say I will be glad when it's done.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. 
Until next time

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Crochet, Garden & the Beginings of a Pantry

How time flies, can you believe we have been in our new home a month now?  I have no idea where those weeks went.  We have unpacked most of our stuff, but as we have a few jobs to do around the place there are still things in the garage, some things I might not have room for or need, this house is a bit smaller, still large
for a semi but it's from the 1950's rather than 1901, so totally different in respect of room size.  On the whole I like it, it's easier to keep clean / do house work and keep warm, but there are some things that I'm not getting on with too well.  I miss my old kitchen and my cooker,  and the bath is small, it's a good job none of us are on the larger side otherwise we would be in danger of getting our backside stuck, lol but that was always on the list to be changed anyway so we just need time.
On the plus side we now have a drive to pull onto instead of fighting for a parking space :-) and the garden is nice, and I have a nice view of it from the kitchen window :-)

Our bedroom is in the process of being decorated, well, I've stripped the wallpaper at least, we decided to have new windows so it may be a few weeks before that can be finished, and this week we have started to give the pantry a make over.  The pantry might seem a strange place to start but I wanted more space for food storage and shelves put in, (there was a very old wall cupboard in there which was absolutely no use at all) so hopefully what we have done will make it a more usable space.

Here's some'Man at work' photos

Pantry in progress

The shelves will be painted white, and you know who will have that job, right? lol

Mark said, 'oh my god when he saw the wall paper :-) I wanted to see something pretty when I opened the door, lets face it, Mark won't go into the pantry that often!

So while Mr Fix It was busy doing his builder thing in the pantry I offered to do the lawns and tidy the garden up.
Usually he is responsible for the mowing and I will take care of the planting (i.e. the harder work, lol) but today I got to play with the 'big boys toys' :-)
I haven't really had a lot of time to spend in the garden, there are lots of different plants and bushes some I have absolutely no idea what they are, others need cutting back and there are probably plants that are yet to show, so I don't want to go digging around and clearing too much until we have seen what comes up, I'm just going to clear / pull up what I know for certain are weeds and deal with anything else next year.

The garden is split into patio then two lawn areas which are separated by a deep boarder, I was concentrating on the second lawn area furthest from the house as this needed some shrubs cutting back and weeding.

Looking better after the tidy up

Looking very green!

This is looking towards the furthest end of the garden from the lawn nearest the house, this boarder needs a major clean-up.

And this is the lawn nearer to the house, with the left hand boarder cleared but again the area to the right needs a good old clear-out.

There is a huge Pieris in the centre of this lawn, well over 5 foot tall, I'm hoping it will be a glorious red when it starts to turn :-)

I tell you, when I got up this morning I was aching in places I didn't know I'd got from all that garden work yesterday! Better than any gym workout :-)

I'm still enjoying crocheting when I can sit down for a while, It's so much easier to pick up and do a bit rather than getting all the equipment out needed to stitch and, looking round at charts I'm  not getting the same feeling as I used too, It's a phase, I know I will stitch again, just not at the moment.

So this is what I've been crocheting:
A blanket for my great Nephew.  He saw a blanket that my sister (his Nan) had done and he asked if he could have one too.  She had just started one for my mum so I said I would start one for him and perhaps Nan would carry on with it.  He's only 5, he must have taken a shine to the bright colours:-)

More bunting made too, this one is for someone who expressed an interest in the last one I made and wanted some for her camper-van and  maybe will want more to sell in her shop.  I've still got to put this one together and attach the pompoms.

Trying out some circles, I have plans for a cushion...eventually

And some new yarn purchased, I love Cath Kidston and was trying to put together something that would resemble CK colours, I would appreciate your opinions on how my choice works, I'm trying to be more colour aware but it's hard, for me anyway.

Do you think it needs white? or any other colour?

I've also been playing around with pompoms and making something that I'm absolutely in love with, it's autumn related so I'm going to keep you in suspense just a little longer :-)

Thank you for visiting my rather long catch-up :-)

Until next time

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