Friday 24 November 2023

Catch up on last weeks happenings

I mentioned previously that I wanted to get some projects that had been abandoned finished before the end of the year.  I chose two last week that had the least amount to work on to call them finished.  
The white cardigan is the Jasmine Baby Jacket, which only needed the buttons sewing on.  The pink cardigan is the  Puerperium Cardigan, all that needed doing on this one was the edging on the sleeves and to sew buttons on.

Both cardigan patterns are free and can be found on Ravelry.

This week I chose something else to try and finish and hopefully I will have that completed to show you next time.

I have also been working a little on my mitred square blanket.

This is a long term project and won't be finished anytime soon, but that's ok, I love working on it and I have plenty more mini skeins to choose from.  

Mine and Jacobs's outing last week was to a local canal trust which have toddler boat trips each Wednesday morning  for £1, well you can't get much for £1 these days so we had to give it a go.   
The trip is just half an hour with songs along the way to keep the children entertained whilst the boat travels along the canal and through a couple of tunnels.  Afterwards there are some crafty activities in the cafe.  It was something different and Jacob seemed to enjoy his trip on the banooke.  

( A Banooke is Jacobs word for a barge, we have no idea why, perhaps a combination of canal boat and barge and his little mind came up with the word Banooke ๐Ÿ˜† )
Later in the afternoon we made gingerbread men, one had an accident, oh dear, lol

This week I took him to a local playcentre called Little Lobsters.  It's much nicer than the big indoor playcentres, everything is in one big room and is more geared to imaginative play with different sections of play such as construction, a shop, kitchen, dressing up as well as a ball pit, slide and various ride on toys.   All the children are called together at the end of the session for a sing-a-long, It's definitely somewhere I'll take him again, especially if the weather isn't good.


Last Sunday I had a day out to the Festive Gift Fair at the NEC with Joanne and Stevie and Bonnie.  Compared to previous years It wasn't so good, there were a lot of stands selling the same sort of things, a bit disappointing really.  The girls bought a couple of things, I came home with nothing, that must be a first, there just wasn't anything that took my fancy.  

The Grinch made an appearance though and Joanne queued for Bonnie to have a photo.

Well I think that's me just about caught up on what's been happening here.  
Last week Mark started the preparation to decorated the back bedroom so new wallpaper will be going up tomorrow, I said I would paint the ceiling so that he can just get straight on with it in the morning. Everything takes so much longer because he only has the weekend, but at least the bedroom isn't needed so I can shut the door on the chaos while It's going on.

See you soon


Monday 13 November 2023

Six day socks and other goings on

 These socks were knitted up really quickly, well six days is quick for me anyway.  To be fair I didn't really pick up any other crafting that week and, they were a smaller size.

These are for my middle daughter, she is only a shoe size 5, the rest of us have big feet, lol.
I'm making the girls a pamper hamper for Christmas so these will go into her basket with the other goodies.  The yarn is probably one of the longest I've had in my stash, it's Drop Fabel, I can't remember the colourway but It was nice to knit with and I like the way they came out.

I mentioned last time trying to finish off some projects so last week I pulled out my Tresaco Jumper.  This is the second time I've knitted the Trescao pattern, It's really simple and easy to knit, only problem is all that stocking stitch can get a little monotonous, I think that's why It got abandoned.  There was very little work to do on it, half a sleeve and a cuff and It was done.

 I used Stylecraft Recreate yarn, again I'm not sure of the colourway but it was the lightest grey in that range.

Each Wednesday now I will be looking after Jacob.  Joanne asked me a while ago as It would mean that the remaining days he is at nursery they can take advantage of the free hours that the Government offer.  Nursery fees are so expensive and although free hours are offered from age two, there are conditions.  If you don't work you can get free nursery hours, you can also get free hours If you are claiming certain benefits and earn below a certain amount, but If you work and earn just a fraction over that amount you have to pay the full whack.  It's crazy.

Anyway, Last Wednesday the weather wasn't too good so we didn't go far just a visit to the library and then we had a day of baking.  Jacob loves to cook, he even like to wash up afterwards ๐Ÿ˜† And I'm all for encouraging that.

He made Millies cookies, and he really did make them with only a little bit of help from me, look how pleased he is with them ๐Ÿ’—

Later we made the Christmas cake.  
More help needed from me for this one, and making sure that he didn't try to sample the brandy infused cake batter!

Hope It tastes as good as it looks come Christmas.

Hope you all have a good week, see you soon.


Tuesday 7 November 2023

Catch up for October finishes

I'm late in posting finishes for October, there were two, one knitted, one stitched, both were finished a couple of weeks ago but for some reason I've lacked the motivation to, (a) take photos and (b) write a blog post.  But I'm here now so lets get on with it.

My stitching finish is my piece for the Stick6in23, a year long SAL which is hosted by Martina and Manuela  

Promise of Spring by Silver Creek Samplers

The frame is just one off the shelf from The Range, I'm not too sure about it now but I can take the stitching out if I change my mind and see something else.  This one is stitched on 32 count with the recommended threads.

There is just one more chart to stitch in November and December for this SAL, the number 5 was generated for the last two months, happily mine is a smaller one this time so it should be easier to complete, even with the busyness of December.
Another SAL is in the planning for next year and I shall definitely join in, I've loved every minute of this years.

My knitted finish is another pair of socks, these are for my son in law, James.  He is a shoe size 10 so these are too big for my sock blockers!  The yarn is Stylecraft Head Over Heels and was a gift from my friend Jo last year.  I think they knitted up lovely. 

I want November to be a month of finishing things off.  I have a few things that don't require much attention to call them done, one of them has already been completed, hopefully I can keep it going.

October is the start of the Winter birthdays, Oliver turned 11 on October 17th.  I went with them to Pizza Hut on his birthday and on the weekend he and a few friends went to Laser Quest and he had a friend stay for a sleepover.  Mark also had a birthday on 21st.

Last week was half term here, I only had the boys one day as Jenny was off work, there were Halloween activities at a local library so we went there along with Joanne, Bonnie and Jacob.
They spent a good few hours gluing, sticking and painting.

As it was a reasonable day weatherwise we decide to walk to the library via our local park, It was before we had all the heavy rain and the colours were amazing.

Had a toadstool hunt but these were the most interesting we found.

Halloween was wet and windy and we didn't get any visitors, Joanne took Bonnie and Jacob to trick or treat with Oliver and Arty, there are more children on their estate and some of the houses make a real effort with decorating.  Jenny didn't send me any photos of the boys dressed up this time but here are Bonnie and Jacob and the pumpkins they carved.

That's me all caught up for now, hopefully I can get another post in before the end of the month to report how my project finishing is


PS. Thank you to all who commented on my last post about the passing of my brother in law.  The funereal went as well as these things can, the crematorium was packed, a testament to how well he was liked.  My sister is doing well, considering, I think she did a lot of her grieving in the last four months they had together, I know they talked and cried together a lot in that time.  Of course she is going to miss him terribly, they were together from when she was 15 and he 16, there is a huge gap in her life which will she will never be able to fill again, but, she has to go on, and she will.

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Go faster stripes

The weeks and months are going so fast that I can hardly keep up, so I'd better share what I managed to complete in September before we get any further into October!

It was all about the stripy sock this time, somehow they seem to knit up quicker, they don't of course, It just that there is a little more interest.  
These blue ones are in the West Yorkshire Sprinner colourway Blue Lagoon.

They were intended for my youngest daughter, but they turned out a little big for, however, they fit Mark perfectly.  

I've wanted to try Opal yarn for a while but can't find any in local shops, I did find some a few months ago in a little shop in Stroud, two balls came home with me and I have to say that I much prefer It to WYS.

I also finished a little crib blanket in September, no reason for knitting it other than I wanted to knit something plain and simple and this fitted the bill.  It'll be tucked away and be ready to gift at a future date.

Lastly I stitched up another little Autumn pillow.  This one is by Puntini Puntini
I love the little spider and the black cat 

That's all my crafty endeavours for September, I'm not feeling the urge to stitch or knit much at the moment so there might not be a lot to show for October makes, although On Sunday I am going to a stitching day retreat so perhaps that will inspire and motivate me.

Some sad news to end on -
After a short illness my brother in-law, (my eldest sisters husband) passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning.  He will be missed very much, not only by my sister, his children and grandchildren but by extended family too, I can't remember a time when he wasn't there.   They are both quite a few years older than me and have been together since they were 14 so I would have been about 2 years old then, It's going to be so strange to think he's not there. 
My sister is doing ok at the moment, dreading the funeral of course, but there are things that have to be done to keep her going at the moment, It will be afterwards that will be the hardest for her.

Until next time


Sunday 24 September 2023

Full on Autumn

The weather has taken a turn after all that sunny weather of a few weeks ago, it is now feels well and truly like Autumn.  I absolutely love this time of year, well, except for the rain that is, but on Saturday the weather stayed dry and sunny for our visit to the Autumn Show at the Three Counties Show Ground in Malvern.  This is the second year we have visited the show and we enjoyed it as much as we did our first visit.

The vintage caravans were there once again, In smaller numbers I think this year, but they were still lovely to see and all look so cosy inside.  This one even had a bow window with leaded panes,
One of the things I love seeing is all the giant vegetables, although this year must not have been such a good year for growing pumpkins as the winning ones weren't as big as last years winner.  Still impressive nonetheless.

Will you look at the size of the winning marrow! 70.7kg.
That's 155 lb or 11st 13lb
I've no idea if they grow these especially for these shows or if they are a fluke, either way that's a monster of a marrow!

The winning flowers, I do love a dahlia, but again, not as many on show as last year
There were all the same sorts of traders as last year as well as gardening talks cooking demos and stalls selling a variety of items, garden related, gifts and clothes too.  The tickets are not cheap, (£20 if you pay in advance, £25 on the day) but It Is a whole day out and there is a lot to see, so good value I suppose.

While we were in the middle of the heatwave at the beginning of September I couldn't wait to create my own little Autumn celebration in a tiered tray.   My first attempt at this and I'm rather pleased with it.  I've included some close ups of the pillows, Pumpkin Spice Everything and Welcome Autumn were finishes from this year, Pumpkin Spice Farm Is a finish from a few year ago.

Dream by Cottage Garden Samplings and Quaker Pumpkins drum sit on my mantle in the sitting room

This time next week will be October 1st, honestly, where does the time go? 
It's going to be a busy last week of the month but hopefully I will be back next week with everything I've managed to make in September.

Have a good week all

Saturday 9 September 2023

Summer's last hurrah

 Summer decided to make a comeback this week, just as the children went back to school! July and August were mostly a washout but this past week we have had temperatures of 30°C every. Single. Day.  Phew, It's been hot too hot to walk about really but you know what they say, only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun! Ha ha.

Mark had a few days holiday this week so we decided to take a little over night trip to Upton on Severn, a pretty little riverside town about an hours drive away.  This was the view from our hotel room.

The town itself Is just one street really but there are a few interesting shops as well as the usual charity shops that seem to be in every town nowadays.  There was a lovely fabric and yarn shop and I might have bought some sock yarn home with me -  Only one ball though, I was good ๐Ÿ˜
There was also the loveliest cafe / book shop that I've ever seen.  We spent a happy half hour in there, but I could have quite easily have curled up on one of the many chairs dotted around with my book and a cuppa.  In my dream house I would have a room like this, with bookshelves full to over flowing and big squishy sofas and leather armchairs.  In reality that's not likely to ever happen but I can dream ๐Ÿ˜‰

Henry's Cafe and book shop - Upton on Severn

This was one of the houses along the river, Isn't it beautiful? Oh how I'd love a nosey round inside there!
 Now I bet this would have a room to accomodate my dream library with the squishy sofas๐Ÿคฃ 

We had a lovely breakfast on Saturday morning and then set for to explore Tewksbury,  another historic riverside town a short drive away. 

The town of Tewksbury grew following the building of the Abbey in the twelfth century, the ground being consecrated in 1121.  Tewksbury is also in the History books as being the place where the Battle of The Roses took place in 1471 when The House of York were victorious over the Lancastrians.
Each July the battle is re-enacted at the Medieval Festival

Tewksbury Abbey, which apparently has the largest Norman tower in Europe

The town still has some lovely old black and white buildings, this one has a date under the window, 1765.  Hard to believe that these building have survived so long, I wonder if buildings of today will last as long, they certainly wont be as pleasing to look at if they do. 

If you love to browse around second hand bookshops then this certainly is the place to come! 
This was one of two book shops that I got lost in for a while.

We really enjoyed our couple of days away and didn't have to travel too far to have some time out and some lovely scenery.

September in the garden - We still have some bits of colour here and there, although It won't be long until I have to empty the planters, most are past their best now.  A lot of things haven't done as well this year, not as many roses and the hydrangea flowers haven't seemed to have lasted so long, the red one has been particularly disappointing, the leaves have been very small compared to how it looked last year.
I don't think I will plant as many pots up next year, the garden falls to me to look after as Mark has no interest in gardening at all, he will help If I ask but he wouldn't go out there on his own accord so I  may as well make it easier on myself.

Update on Molly - Since I wrote last time Molly had to visit the vets again, this time she spent two nights there.  I took her back because she hadn't pooped in two days.  Turned out she was a little dehydrated and constipated, the stitch they put in wasn't helping as there wasn't enough room for her to pass what was there.  Poor thing must have been so uncomfortable!
They took the stitch out, gave her a relaxant and put her on a drip to rehydrate her, she has also had a vitamin B12 jab to help increase her appetite.  After all that she finally 'went' and they were happy for me to collect her on Tuesday.  
Fortunately she hasn't prolapsed again, she will have to continue with lactulose to help her and have another vitamin B12 jab next week then the vet will want to see her again about a week after that.  Her blood test came back all ok so hopefully, (crossing my fingers), this is all a result of constipation, which can be sorted.

She's been out in the garden enjoying the lovely weather this week and I hope she will be back to her usual self soon