Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas, ours has been quiet apart from seeing family i haven't ventured out of the house much; i have given the dreaded sales a miss, i hate the crowds and rummaging through things, most of which is bought in especially for the sale season anyway.

I was hoping to get more stitching done over the holidays but i have managed to finished off 2 ornies today for my December SAL, both are freebie charts, and I'm quite pleased how they have turned out.It's a pity i didn't finish them a little earlier, as they will be packed away until next Christmas in a few days. Usually i take my decorations down on new years day, this time I'm going to leave them up a little longer, somehow i have really enjoyed having the tree and my bits and pieces around this Christmas, it will look a little bare without the tree in my dining room. Guess who was hiding in there today......
...Millie :-) she does get in the strangest of places, she is such a comical cat, much more so than Molly who is really laid back. She loves to be warm and if i don't make the beds real quick in the morning she soon snuggles down in there for the day.
This morning we woke to find that Jack Frost had been to visit us in the night

I noticed this on the washing line this morning, but no sign of it's occupant.

I even thought i saw the start of a little snow flurry, but that may have been wishful thinking, lol.
I'll leave you with one more photo of Millie, this is where she's took to lying if she's cold
Wishing you all a healthy & happy 2009....till then, Tara-a-bit xxx


Siobhán said...

Beautiful ornaments!! Congrats! Love your finishing, too.

Nancy said...

Happy New Year Maggie!

Your ornaments are lovely, and I love the photo of your kitty hidden in the tree. We have many cats, and this has been such a playful time for them!

The spider web is amazing!

Roberta said...

Maggie, just had to laugh with the cat in the tree!!! We had a cat a few years ago who just loved sitting in the tree - and one year for whatever reason - decided to chew on the light wires - so that year we had no lit tree.

Your ornaments are lovely and good for you for getting them done.

Roberta in GA

Mylene said...

Lovely finishes, Maggie.

Happy New Year to you and your family!!

Meari said...

Both ornaments turned out beautifully, Maggie. Love the kitty in the tree pic! Happy New Year!

Maureen said...

Lovely ornies - and the cat is so funny! Luckily our little poppy just stays well away from it all..

Heidi said...

I love Millie hiding among the pine branches of your tree! Doesn't she get burning under your woodstove? Ours gets so hot but Dagi will lay on the tiles in front of it at times. Now did you name her because of a love of the books Millie, Molly, Mandy and is there a Mandy too?

Your ornaments are beautiful. I hope to figure out a way to share some primitive ornaments I have designed on my NN blog.

I also don't like going out in crowds and would never venture out to any sales. I also don't like our Sunday openings they hold here in Holland. Far too busy for my liking.

Thanks for sharing your New Year tradition with me. I love the idea of bringing coal and bread in the house. Alan, alas, did not show up with my garden needs on New Year's Day...LOL! I wish you a 2009 that sees many of your dreams come true!

Hugs ~

Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy said...

Oh, your ornaments are Lovely, Maggie... Beautiful stitching and finishing! And your tree is beautiful... Millie is adorable peeking out of the branches. My Mr Darcy loved climbing the tree as well! He's only about five months old, so still very much a kitten therefore into everything, but he's such a sweetheart and loves to be wherever I am in the house! :-)

Your fire looks so warm and cosy and no wonder Millie loves lying there... my cats like to cuddle near the heating vents or snuggle up on the sofas. They love to cuddle up with me in my stitching chair and in the bed at night.

Love the spider web photo! Thanks for sharing!

Wishing you a Blessed and Joyful, Stitchy New Year!

Denise said...

That spider web picture is exquisite!!!!

MysteryKnitter said...

Scratch the purring furry friends of yours! Millie is awesome!