Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

OK, hands up, who got flowers or chocolates, or both perhaps from their OH on Valentines Day?

I jokingly asked where my card was this morning, it was clear from the reply of "what card? what for?" that Valentines Day and all the adverts to remind our DH's had completely missed my DH! I would have been more shocked to be honest if he had taken a blind bit of notice of any adverts/cards shops/florist/or general window display that has had a Valentine theme for the past MONTH, hellooooooo, have you been going round with your eyes shut?, well yes, actually he probably has! Fast forward to this afternoon, i go to the local Tesco, he goes to the newsagents for a paper, which is a euphemism for ' having a quick pint' (i know this, he knows i know this but you have to play along, lol) upon my return he makes me a cup of tea, helps put the shopping away then announces that he has a present for me, ahhhh me thinks he has redeemed himself, bless. This is what he gave don't laugh.........


I told you not to laugh!

My reaction: (in disbelief) "You bought me a cob?"

OH: "Yes, you like cheese & onion cobs"

OH is now sporting a black eye where the cob hit him!


Moving on swiftly to the magazine give away from last week

The Winner is

Congrats Mary, they will be on their way to you as soon as you send me your address.
I will have one more give away next week, a chart (kit) this time.
Till next time, Tara-a-bit x
(PS.I was only joking about the black eye, i might give him the cob for his tea, serve him right)


Sharon said...

OH I am laughing right out loud. Hit him again with the cob from me too. LOL Our husbands are going around with blinders on aren't they. Just now mine called me from our oldest daughters house and still did not say Happy Valentines Day. When he comes home I am going to hit him with a big stick. LOL
Have a great day, Maggie, I love your blog.

Roberta said...

Oh Maggie how funny!!! I received a card this afternoon!! That is all we planned for today. I told DH no flowers and especially no candy, that a card would be wonderful. and he picked out a very romantic and lovely card.

Not sure about a cob, I am assuming that is a sandwich but using a bun!!

Happy Valentine's day --- Roberta

Mylene said...

It really made me laugh, though you really hit him with it.

Mine sent an e-mail last night and that's it!!

Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

Shelleen said...

LOL I got a card. He bought steaks and is cooking them on the grill and it is 23F out. He decided at 2pm to make reservations and had me call all over, everyone is booked. You think?

Siobhán said...

ROFLOL!! What a romantic gesture! My DH was the same in the blinders-to-the-adverts thing. I didn't get a card, flowers, a weekend away, nothing. Shockingly, though, he did make reservations at my favorite Indian restaurant for dinner w/o my prompting him. I actually checked his mobile's call log to make sure he had & wasn't just making it up after he got the card I gave him. LOL I do plan on buying some stash and saying it was a gift!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

That's one for the memory book, Maggie! If nothing else it'll make a funny story to tell at family gatherings! All you can do is laugh to keep from crying. Men are not the brightest of God's creatures sometimes......

Crazee4books said...

Hi Maggie,

Oh dear! Men!! What can you do??
They do come in handy once in
awhile, but sometimes you just
have to shake your head and

Do you still have your snow or
is it all gone now??? I found
your facts and info about
previous snow falls of the past
to be quite interesting. At
least these days we have plenty
of warning when nasty weather is
about to dump a load on us.
Fifty years or more ago it was
pretty much a big surprise.

I seem to recall that Toronto
got a huge amount of snow in
one day or so during the late 1940's too. Wonder if it was
the same storm system???

(I read about the storm by the
way, I wasn't around in the


Ginnie said...

Hi Maggie, just found your blog... and I see you are a fellow Black Country woman!! me too. I am glad to say I did get a card for Valentine's Day, I suppose a cob is slightly better than nothing!!

Maureen said...

Give him his dues - it's the thought that counts lol!!

We've never done valentines in our house - we're not big on the whole card thing

doris said...

Sandwiches and romance ... I love it! You never know what's gonna strike a man as romantic.

Brigitte said...

LOL. How funny your Valentine cob story.