Saturday, 28 February 2009

Look What I Collected Today!

My LK is back with me all framed up! and i think they made a smashing job, i wasn't too sure I'd chosen the right frame but it works quite well don't you think? You can't see all the little cute charms from this photos but they are really sweet. It's hanging in the dining room at the moment but may find it's way to one of the bedrooms at a later date, for now i want to admire it :-)

I've been working on my Yesteryear this week, not so much as i would have liked though and i did stitch for a whole hour one night then discovered i couldn't count! so threw it on the table and gave up for that night, next night was spent unstitching my mistake and trying again.
This is my progress then.
For Mother's day last year my eldest daughter bought me a beautiful pair of scissors and i have forced myself not to use them until i had made a scissor fob for them, this past week i have managed to make one at last, the chart was found in a very old copy of Cross Stitcher.

So now i can use them but have to remember to hide them when i am done for the night, as daughter #3 and OH have been know to use my scissors even though i have stressed on more than one occasion that they are for threads ONLY!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ stitching for me next week, we are off to Prague for a week tomorrow morning, just me and OH. It is a sort of birthday present to each other, his is in October & mine is in December and as there wasn't anything in particular either of us wanted / needed we booked this holiday. Daughter #1 is looking after daughter #3 for the week, she is having a weeks holiday with her so she will be able to see her off to school and be here when she gets home. Our winter woollies are packed, looking at the weather in Prague it's just a bit colder than the UK at the moment so we will need them, the guide book is jam packed with things to see so hopefully i will have lots to share with you next week. Until then, thanks for visiting me and taking the time to leave a comment, i do appreciate it :-)...Tara-a-bit x


Ginnie said...

Great framing.... in answer to your question on my blog....yes I use Betty's, did you for this one? Have a good time in Prague.

Mylene said...

Lovely scissor fob finished and that LK framed looks gorgeous.

Have a safe trip to Prague and ENJOY!!

Anonymous said...

I love the frame that your chose for the Lizzie Kate finish. It is perfect. I also love the scissor fob that you made. It is adorable! Hope that you have a good time on your getaway.

Nancy said...

So many fun projects Maggie! I love your Lizzie Kate piece, and the frame looks wonderful with it!

Your Yesteryear is looking very pretty, and the fob is nice too.

Bon Voyage, and have a wonderful time!

Cindy F. said...

Congrats on your beautifully framed L*K and your gorgeous scissor fob AND scissor:)
Be safe and have fun in Praque!

Daffycat said...

Wonderful framing on the LK!

Your fob for the new scissors is beautiful!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Shelleen said...

The framing looks great, love the WIP. My family has been threatened bodily harm if they ever touch my scissors and even my animals know better than to touch my cross stitching LOL

Brigitte said...

Your LK piece is beautifully framed. And your scissor fob is just loevly. I often browse through old magazines and each time I find soemthing that I want to stitch and that I didn't see the time before, lol. Old mags are a real treasure trove.
Enjoy your trip to Prague.

Heidi said...

Your framed LK looks fabulous! I think the frame is perfect for it. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Prague. I am sure you are as I know firsthand how great a city it is. We went right after the fall of communism when you could smell fresh paint on every street. The buildings are inspiring. Enjoy yourselves!

Hugs ~

Roberta said...

Love the the framed piece, but really like the 'yesterdayyear' stitched pieces. The little fob is darling.

Anonymous said...

your LK flips look fab! love the frame choice, I need to make a start on these soon

Enjoy your trip!

Cornflower said...

I love the Lizzie Kate picture, love the framing as well. I have been admiring the pattern for a while, you might just have inspired me to do this one as well! Love the scissor fob as well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitching !! and I love the LK design - is that lots of Lizzie Kate designs put together by you? Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

MysteryKnitter said...

I am glad you managed to make the fob. I hope you enjoy the trip.