Sunday, 24 May 2009

Phew! What a Scorcher!!

I think we finally have a taste of summer here in the Midlands, it's scorching!! but shhhhhh, i don't think the sun is aware that it' Bank Holiday weekend, so lets not say anymore in case it changes it's mind!!
I didn't see too much of the big round yellow thing in the sky yesterday except through the window, i was painting my daughters room all day, didn't come up for air until around 6.30 and was in bed for 10.00, knackered! Mark picked up all her stuff from uni yesterday, it's all now in boxes in the cellar waiting to be sorted. she has come home earlier than planned that's why we've had the rush with the bedroom, she had a falling out with one of the girls that she shared with at uni, I'm not sure what exactly happened, and to be honest, i haven't gone into it in great depth. Sorry if i sound a bit un sympathetic, I'm not, it's just that Joanne is a bit of a drama queen and i don't want to get involved in the argument, they are adults after all, Joanne is 21 and the other girl is 22 or 23, so big enough to not have school girl fallings out - you would think!

The last 2 weeks I've redecorated 2 bedrooms and i can tell you i ache in places i didn't even know i had! Do you ever wonder how one family can accumulate so much stuff?? I'm through with hording, so the local charity shop is going to get some new stock in the next couple of days!
I have managed so stitching in amongst the chaos that has been my house this week - This is AT with part#5
I love working on this piece! part 6 is due out around the 1st of June i think. I was in a slight panic about the threads but i'm happy to report that i have gotten my eager little mits on 3 more skeins from Sew and So. I had to wait a couple of weeks, it seemed that as fast as this colour came in it was delivered out in back orders, obviously I'm not the only one in love with Bleeding Hearts 1089!! I can see no difference in the shade either now that Threadworx have taken over NN, good job! as much as i love this piece i don't think i could have gone back to the start!
I've also finished part 2 of the ABC SAl - this is how that's looking.

It's not a great photo, it looks as though there is a staining on the fabric, there's not, i think it just must be shadow from the thread. I think there have been 6 parts released for this one now so I'm going to be way behind on the finish.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Paris photos in my last post, i've still yet to make a album of the others, i may get around to it this week as i have the week off work Yayyyyyy!! so looking forward to that, a whole week at home to just please myself!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Bank Holiday, and enjoy the sunshine, (shhhh) Tara-a-bit x


stitchersanon said...

I wish I could blow a raspberry online rofl...your sun has meant we have rain! (See my blog for details). I am still on part 3 Alla Turka, but yours is looking fantastic! Absolutely beautiful.
ABC looks great too...go enjoy that sun before I fly over and bring it back with me (manic laughter lol).

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful wips!!

Unknown said...

Your Alla Turka is beautiful and that color is amazing!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

Gorgeous WIPs!!!

Gillie said...

Absolutely smashing, Maggie. What colour is the ABC? Sorry if you said. Here's to sun, it's cold here but sunny, usually it POURS on Memorial Day weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitching Maggie, on both pieces. I'm so glad you managed to get more thread, I'm not surprised it's such a popular colour as it looks fabulous stitched up.

j39jones said...

Looks great! Love your AT, and that color is to die for! Love it! Glad you could find some more of it!
Your ABC sampler is gorgeous!

Karan said...

Must be something in the air: mammoth clear out & DIY going on here too. LOL Love your AT & ABC, they are both stunners. Have fun while you're off work. :0)

CindyMae said...

Your WIP's are looking just amazing!

Kim B said...

Beautiful projects! I'm inspired by your plan to stop the hording! I have things I need to get rid of but can't bring myself to!

Brigitte said...

Your WIPs are looking great and you were making some good progress on them.

Tammy said...

Beautiful stitching!

stitchersanon said...

My dd is a drama queen as well, though she is getting better as she gets older....says I optimistically.

The ebay seller I bought the tuck cushions from is called Picture It Stitching...I have an item number..if you put it in the search you should be able to get to her shop and save it lol

Al the best


Siobhán said...

Your WIPs are gorgeous!! YGG on the painting & cleaning out. We did that this past weekend and unfortunately don't have a basement to store stuff. When the electrician was here, he made a comment that we need to put floor boards down in the attic before we stuff more junk up there. Gulp. We clean out constantly but I swear the stuff multiplies while we sleep!

Chris said...


It was scorching here too as I too live in the Midlands... Coventry!
Oh dear with your daughter Joanne(same name as my daughter) I don't have that now with my own but my step daughters are in their first year away... no rows yet but lots of dicey moments! And you decorated in that sunshine, we gardened I just love it!
Your stitching is wonderful, it amazes me as to how much people are able to do and here I am home all day and must be spending too much time day dreaming!
Happy Stitching
I do hope your daughter is ok it is so upsetting to fall out with friends... I am too old now to fall out but then I don't bother with people I don't like, on the basis lifes too short!

Heidi said...

Glad to hear you had great weather too. We then had a really bad storm here in Monday night. There was lots of damage. We only lost a clematis though so we were fortunate. Staying in to paint is fun though. Good to see that you also had time to stitch. Your projects are looking great! Love your Abecedaire color choices. I am behind on mine too because I fell in love with Gigi's 10 Virgins. I have put those gals in my project basket this week and am only working on my ABC's ... lol!

Hugs ~

Maureen said...

I am loving watching everyone's Alla Turca grow - it is going to be such a stunning piece - love the colour you have chosen, no wonder it keeps selling out..

Meari said...

Hey... I have some rooms that need painted ;-) At least you have an entire family that helps accumulate "stuff". There's just me in my household and I KNOW I accumulate too much, lol. Your WIPs look great!