Saturday, 4 July 2009

Chart Is Ready For The Off - Names Sorted

Thank you for all the lovely comments left on my last post :-) It's now time to pass on this Simply Live chart, i will enjoy seeing it travel around and all the lovely stitching, amazingly it's only visiting 1 person from the UK!

I put all the names in the Randomizer and this is the order it came back with:-
1) Cindy
2) Mylene

Congratulations Cindy, your first up to stitch! the chart will be winging it's way to you on Monday - Karan, as you are last on the list to stitch and i have no further use for the chart you will get to keep it when it reaches you! I will e-mail everyone early next week with addresses and what not, in the meantime i have put a list in the side bar of the order of stitching so we can keep track - If when you have stitched you could e-mail (or leave a message on here) that it's ready to go to the next person and i can update the list in the side bar :-) The list of names above should be clickable.

Remember the quiet week i was looking forward to with Mark being away? well the best laid plans and all that! my bum has hardly touched the seat to do any stitching, lol. I had to pick Stevie up from school at lunch time on Tuesday, she had been having pains down her right side, they recommended taking her to the docs, which i did, the doctors then sent us to hospital to get her checked out for appendicitis!! I'm happy to say that i was not appendicitis but they kept her in over night so they could give her a scan on Wednesday (the doctor explained that sometimes girls of her age can get small cysts on the ovaries that can cause some pain and the scan would tell us) If she stayed in overnight she would get a scan next day as an in patient, if she went home she may have to wait up to a week for a scan. Of course we opted for her to stay in overnight to get it over with, we waited all day on Wednesday but by 4pm we were told there was such a back-log of scans that she wouldn't be done that day after all! (none of the 4 young girls on that ward were done either!) So we were told she could come home, she still had a bit of pain, but not too much. We are having to wait for a letter now booking her an appointment for the scan, which will end up being about a week later anyway! She has been fine since, isn't that just the way.
I had one of Marks bosses at my door on Monday Night desperately trying to get in touch with him, he had a job that he wanted him to start the week he comes back and to go to a meeting in London this Monday and Marks phone wasn't set up to receive calls abroad. I felt such an idiot, i didn't even have his parents phone number in Cyprus, how bad that must have sounded! they are all on Marks mobile and i never thought to write it down before he went, he was going to phone me everyday as it's cheaper to make calls from there to here. I ended up going to his sisters house and getting the number off her at 9pm on that night, and no, i didn't have her number either! Marks family are not ones for keeping in touch with each other, lol.

Hopefully next week i will not be playing catch up all week and will be able to get some stitching time in. Me and the girls are going for lunch tomorrow and i will be meeting Mark at the airport tomorrow evening. The only other thing i have planned for next week is a concert on Wednesday at the NEC near Birmingham to see the Eagles, how cool is that!, i can't wait! we've had the tickets for ages and they cost an arm and a leg, so they had better be good, lol. I shall let you know next time, for now I'm off to stitch!
Thanks for visiting, take care - Tara-a-bit x


Kellie said...

Hi Maggie,
I am glad that your daughter is feeling better. I went through something similar when I was 16--thought it was an appendicitis and it ended up being an ovarian cyst. Hopefully you will get to stitch a lot this week. :) Have fun seeing the Eagles!! I am so jealous! :)
Have a great week!

Nancy said...

Hope you have a good week Maggie, and hope you can get some stitching time in!

Lee said...

Ouch - Appendicitis? I'm glad your daughter is feeling better. And seeing The Eagles will be so much fun. I've always thought they were sexy.

And yes - I lace my framing. I use some tape to hold it in place until I get it right, then lace it and remove the tape.

Anonymous said...

What a week! Glad your DD is feeling better. I don't know the phone numbers for any of my DH's family so completely sympathise with that situation. Maybe I should make a note of them, just in case LOL. Enjoy the Eagles, one of my DH's fave bands.

Karan said...

You've answered the question before I asked it. If you don't mind, think I'll do a giveaway with the chart when I've stitched it, then it'll keep the good karma going. :0)
Hope your poor DD is feeling OK now, that the scan date comes through quickly & it's something quickly sorted too. Your DH's family sound like my DH's family. Have fun at that concert. :0)

Cindy F. said...

I hope your dd mystery is solved very soon. I had the same thing about age 16....dr. said old blood or something??? That was sooo long ago! If it's a cyst, a lot of times they dissolve on their own:) Best wishes!!

Hey!!! I'm very excited about this chart coming my way!! I'll try to hurry and get it moving to Mylene:)

Mylene said...

Glad to hear your DD feels much better now but do hope the schedule for the scan will be very soon.

wow! i'm second on the list, i don't know how quickly you stitch Cindy but we will be away soon and be home the second week of August.

Have a good week and lots of stitching time, Maggie. Looking forward to see progress when we return.

Siobhán said...

I'm glad that your daughter is feeling better! I hope they can get the scan done soon, just for peace of mind. Isn't it always the way, when you have a week set aside with nothing to do & plan to stitch away the time, then you never touch needle to linen?? Agh. I hope you can get some stitching in this week.

Loraine said...

Oh Maggie, what a weekend. So sorry to hear about your daughter, and the mess with the phone. That sounds like something that would happen to me! Hope you get some stitching time this week.
I'm really excited about the traveling chart. I'm glad I'm a little ways down the list, so I can do it in the fall or winter. (Are you giving us a time limit to finish?)
Have a better week!

Jan said...

So glad your daughter is much better, Maggie!! Hoping your week is quieter and full of stitches, the crossing kind!

Cindy F. said...

Hey Maggie!! I received the chart yesterday and I'm going to try to start tonight. (Our son is visiting for the weekend, so waiting til he leaves:)
Thank you so much for making me a working copy!! I will do the same for the next stitcher!
Do you email me with the next stitcher's mailing address?
Thanks so much:)

MysteryKnitter said...

I'm sad for your daughter. Let's hope things turn the best way around.