Monday, 12 April 2010

He's A Flake - He's A Finished!

Here's the little guy all stitched up and finished off!
I must say that he looked nothing special from the chart but now he's all done i just love him!!
He's A Flake! - Finished 10/4/2010
LHN Monthly Ornament - 'He's A Flake'
Stitched with the recommended threads
Linen - mystery piece from my stash
It's a pity he's got to be hidden away in a box until Christmas, i want to show him off now!, lol
I dug out my ABC to work on this weekend, I'd forgotten that i was so close to finishing this one. I was happily stitching away yesterday afternoon on the border until i noticed that i was one stitch off, this is the offending bit
I started one stitch too high, i can't ignore it because it will throw the rest off, but i was too disheartened yesterday to rip it out and started over on the other side instead, I'll take out the little blighters in a couple of days when I've got over it!
Only two sections to go on this piece so I'm going to keep going this week and see if i can get done.
My other exciting news to share tonight is that my eldest daughter has started her training as a Police Constable today and we will be having a 'Proud Parent Moment' tomorrow night watching her at her passing out ceremony, i can't tell you how proud we are of her, she is such a hard worker and always gives 100% in everything she does and so deserves every success :-)
Right, that's me caught up for a few days, off to settle into bed with my book and a cuppa :-) Until next time xx


Nancy said...

Your ornament is gorgeous Maggie! What a beautiful finish, and the bells are just the right touch. I love your ABC sampler too!

BIG congratulations to your daughter! Best wishes for much success.

Hillery said...

Your ABC looks wonderful. It usually takes me a couple of days to get over missed stitchings. Good Luck. Your LHN ornament is really cute. I am just about to finish mine. I am a member of the LHN ornament SAL TOO.
Happy Stitching

Lee said...

Such a pretty ornament and ABC is looking great. Congrats to your daughter, and enjoy the ceremony. Although over here, "passing out" has a much different meaning ;)

Loraine said...

Oh Maggie! Your sampler is gorgeous. So sorry about the frog coming to visit. I agree, put it off until another day!
Your little snowman is darling as well. Great finishing!
So excited for your daughter. What a wonderful accomplishment.
Have fun with your book and cuppa!

Kathy A. said...

That is one cute little ornament and your finishing has made it very special!
Your ABC is almost done - how wonderful! It looks so good.
Congratulations on your daughter's accomplishment. You must be so proud!

Lois said...

He's A Flake is sooo cute and I love how you finished him. Love your ABC. You did the right thing waiting to frog until another day. Congrats to your daughter!

Mylene said...

He's a Flake is so cute, love how you finish it off.

The sampler is sure looking gorgeous but so sorry about the frogging.

Congratualtions to your daughter!

Sherry said...

He's A Flake is wonderful and your ABC is just beautiful! I know you will be thrilled to finish it. Congratulations to your DD.

Karan said...

BIG Congratulations to your DD. :0)
HaF is lovely & I like your finishing.Don't you just hate those flippin' frog visits? ABC will be so worth the hassle though - gorgeous piece! :0)

Lynn Bourke said...

A gorgeous ornament!

I usually have to leave a piece for a few days if I find I've made a mistake - hate having to unstitch what I've just spent a considerable amount of time stitching...

Congratulations to your daughter!

Kellie said...

Gorgeous ornament! I love the way you finished it too. ABC looks great. Frog out the offenders and keep stitching. :) It is too pretty to stop working on and you are so close to being finished. Congrats to your daughter. That is really awesome!

Jane said...

Hi Maggie
I'm a newish Blogger and have just found your blog so popped in to take a look. Great Blog and love your stitching projects & finishes ~ your ABC is gorgeous and beautifully detailed.
I'll be back xxx

Jennifer said...

I love this finish and your beautiful blog!

Siobhán said...

Oh my gosh!! Maggie, your finishing is exquisite! I love the bells. Congrats on an adorable finish! I'm cheering you on to a finish on your sampler.

Big congratulations to your daughter!! :)

Heidi said...

Why put that cutie away? Christmas will be here before we know it, right? LOL! I have some Christmas stuff I keep out including two trees in my quilt studio. And how could you not love that little guy with your fabulous finishing!

My ABC got left in a dusty corner almost a year ago when I became so ill. I keep telling myself to pick it up and get it done. I love your colors! You are well on your way to the finish. Can you give me my motivation to finish mine before other projects? I keep thinking I will do it next and then grab something else. Uugh!

Big congrats about your daughter! You deserve your proud parent moment. I had visions of Heartbeat when you said it. :-)

Hugs from Holland ~

Shelleen said...

love your snowman ornament

DJ said...

You've done a lovely job on your ornament, Maggie! And your ABC sampler is really beautiful too! Congratulations on your daughters achievement, you must be very proud! *hugs*

Brigitte said...

Such a nice way to finish up He's a Flake. And wow, your ABC sampler looks gorgeous. I hope this little mishap doesn't make you put it away again.
Congratulations to your daughter!

Justflo said...

Love your ornament.

Congrats to your daughter, Enjoy the moment.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

Your ornament finish is darling, Maggie and I really love the bells you added! The ABC chart is truly fantastic - sorry about having to frog a bit ~ UGH! Congratulations to your DD on her ceremony; I can imagine how proud you are of her. Thanks for the help with my blog - I have adjusted it but I think it still needs some more work. It'll get there but your explanation was perfect!

CindyMae said...

The Flake looks wonderful and I just love the finishing. Great progress as well!

Karin said...

Hi Maggie, I came on your blog via Terri's and congratulations on the ornament finish. These are so cute. Also love the ABC in these colors.
I did see your post on Terri's blog about no retreats in the UK. When I lived in Europe I went to the classes at Hanging By A Thread and had the chance to have great classes with CA Wells and Merry Cox to name a few. Maybe you could email Susan from Hanging by a Thread what they have planned this year?

Karin (now in Chicago!)

Lainey said...

Love your ornament finish and sorry those darn frogs jumped all over your lovely ABC piece.

Congratulations to your daughter.

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie, You made a lovely ornament and the sampler looks great too.

Happy stitching & have a great weekend,

MysteryKnitter said...

I am sad you had to frog the ABC - thing. But I am sure you will tame it.