Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I'm happy to say that the rain eventually cleared on Saturday and the sun came out long enough for us to have a brisk walk by the sea.  Photos to show later, but first i must show you what Elaine sent me as a belated birthday gift.
First a lovely stitched and finished pin keep - so cute :-)

A great chart, some needles and a pair of scissors, she also included some coloured pins but they must be on the very edge of the photo

Thank you Elaine, i love everything :-)

I made a start on Littlehouse Neighbourhood back at the beginning of February (wow, where did that month go!!)  As you can see not a lot of progress, but i enjoyed putting in what stitches are there.

I have Siobhan to thank for my next new start because i first came across it on her blog, you must have seen it on endless blog posts by now but here is my start on Mary Glover anyway.

So lovely to work on.  I'm almost caught up the first three parts now, just the verse over one to stitch, should be interesting, i have trouble counting at the best of times and to go from over two to over one might tax my little grey cells.

So, back to the weekend in Weymouth, i didn't get any shopping done in the end, we opted just to walk and look around, i did drag Mark into a tea shop to partake of a cream tea, not really the thing that builder blokes go for but he knows i can never pass up on the opportunity for a warm scone with jam and clotted cream, in fact i can very rarely pass on the opportunity of cake of any description:-)

See how the wind wipped up the clouds, aren't they great, i love big fluffy clouds, lol

 Here's some more over the Harbour

 I've only been to  Weymouth once before, when the girls were smaller, but i remember the clock, when i mentioned it to Mark he said he couldn't remember seeing a clock although he has been there since January and must have driven passed it several times, i swear he goes around with his eyes shut, lol, i mean, how could you miss something like that!
The Jubilee Clock - built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.
 I would have loved a photo of the whole thing but there are some major road works going on and they chose the base of the clock to store that horrible orange netting and barriers.

Here is another fantastic building on the sea front

This church is just at the back of the holiday park Mark is working at, a really lovely place, and the grounds are kept very neat.  Don't you just love that entrance!
 I cropped the next photo down and it does look a little squashed but i liked it because it shows the horse on the hill in the background, can you see it?
I was told, rightly or wrongly(someone may be able to confirm or dispute this perhaps?) that the horse was put there because George III used to ride his own house up and down that hill.

And on that note i will leave you, i have to get into my own chariot now and collect my daughter from work

I will share a few more pictures on my photo blog over the next couple of days.


Dee said...

I love the picture of the old hotel. What a wonderful place.

gracie said...

Thank you for sending me on a mini vacation...I love the pictures....

Julie said...

Super pics of your weekend away, that clock is amazing, the church entrance is gorgeous, imagine having wedding pics taken under that!

Lovely stitching and a nice gift from Elaine too

Emmanuelle said...

Lovely pictures of Weymouth, thanks for the visit! Great job on your Mary Glover!

Sally said...

Lovely gifts from Elaine and lovely stitching. Your Mary Glover is looking beautiful.

Love the photos from your weekend. Looks so beautiful.

Melanie said...

Love the photos. What a great weekend away.

Mylene said...

Amazing pictures from your weekend!

And what a lovely gifts received from Elaine.

Gill - That British Woman said...

what beautiful photos of the British seaside.......

Gill in Canada

Jeanne said...

What beautiful photos - thank you for the little tour of Weymouth! Your gift is really cute and a gerat start to your new sampler.

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie,

Lovely stitches and what a great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Bye, Carolien

Loraine said...

What a fabulous place to visit! Thanks for sharing.
Lovely gifts you were the recipient of!
Hope all is well.

Kathy A. said...

Oh I love your photos. I feel like I walked through the town with you. Thank you.

Brigitte said...

Thanks for having us visit Weymouth through your wonderful pictures.
The gift from Elaine is just lovely. Such a cute little blue bird, and all the goodies that she added. Enjoy everything.
You have two beautiful WIPs on the go.

Siobhan said...

I loved the trip to Weymouth! What gorgeous pics. I was looking all over the top of the hill for the horse, thinking, 'okay, my eyes are shot!', and then, duh to me, I spotted it ON the hill. LOL So neat! Can you imagine getting married in the church, posing for pics in that entrance? How cool. I love history like that.

Lovely stitching! I'm glad you're doing Mary--she's such a fun sampler, and so generous of Emmanuelle to share her with us. Nice gift from Lainey!

Lynn said...

Your WIP look fantastic and that's a very lovely gift you received from Elaine.
Your pictures of Weymouth are wonderful! I felt like I was there myself. Thanks for sharing!

Elaine said...

Two gorgeous wips Maggie! So glad you liked your gifts and thanks for sharing those great photos, we;ve never been to Weymouth. Hugs!

StitchCat said...

Beautiful stitching

claire93 said...

some lovely gifts, lots of gorgeous stitching, and how on earth did your DH not see the clock in Weymouth - it looks like it would hard to miss lol

Karan said...

Fab pics. Lovely gifts from Elaine too. Beautiful stitching... thoroughly enjoyed my catch up & I won't be leaving it so long until my next visit. :0)

Gill - That British Woman said...

never been there, but looking at those photos I think it would be a great place to visit.

Gill in Canada