Sunday, 13 July 2014

The House Move Hell Continues!

We are still in the middle of the nightmare house sale, we had thought that we might be moving by next Friday but that seems very unlikely to be happening now.  The very last date that we can possible complete is July 24th.  That is the date that our buyer's mortgage offer expires, after which she will have to apply all over again for another mortgage.
Honestly, you couldn't make it up what has gone against us with this move, It would take forever to go through it all so I won't, I could have sat and cried on Friday when we hit yet another hurdle, we both really want this move to happen so we are keeping everything crossed, we are in the hands of the powers that be now to make it this space!

In the meantime, as there has been very little craftiness going on I will share some more holiday photos with you, (and it might bring me out of the gloom going through them too). 

The day before we flew home we hired a quad bike, (yes I know, my kids had a laugh about that too, mum, on a quad?? must be some middle age thing!!!)  
See, they didn't know their leather clad biker mum in her youth, I can still be 'cool' you know, lol.  Anyway we had a great time, and it was a much better way of getting around in the heat, being stuck in a car when the temperature outside is touching 40 would have been no fun!

At the end of the long walk of shops and restaurants and the beach was a huge rock, which was (I suppose) left over from when the volcano erupted all those years ago.

As this Island was a volcano the sand is not really sand, it's black and made up of shingles, not very good on the feet!

 We spied a road running up the middle of that huge rock one day when we were out walking, we decided that if we hired transport we would give it a go as the view would be amazing.  
It was probably a couple of miles to the top along a zig zag mixture of cobble and concrete road, we should have clocked how far but didn't think at the time.  There were a couple of brave (or insane?) people  walking up there, in that heat, it was probably torture!
But what a reward at the end!
Looking toward Kamari

Later we headed over to the other side of the island.  We had seen a building and some masts high up on another hillside and decided to go in search.
This time the climb was much higher, and the masts and building turned out to be a military base.

The view was amazing, like the view you get when your plane is coming in to land.

Our travels took us to one of the ports and another steep zig zag road.  There was not much of anything to see at the port itself but the view of the boats and cruise ships when we got back to the top was worth stopping to look at.

Our last stop for that day was at a Winery not far from where we were staying and it seemed like a good place to end our day :-)

Santorini is quite famous for wine, (I didn't know that), but being a very dry land they don't keep farm animals, instead, income was made from growing grapes and making wine.
The tour and the story of Santorini wine growing was interesting, even if the displays contained weird looking mannequins!

I was impressed by the size of these barrels from the 1800's, kept filled with wine to preserve the wood, they were bought over from France.

I think I found Micheal Jackson hiding in one of the strange displays, lol
The price included tasting 4 wines, one white, one red and two dessert wines.  We are not white wine drinkers and were not too keen on this one.

The red was ok but a little too dry for me.

But this! this was the most amazing wine I have ever tasted...ever!
It was so smooth you could hardly feel it going down.
At  €24 a bottle it wasn't cheap but we just had to bring a bottle back with us :-)  We are going to keep it to celebrate when we move into our new home :-)
(Mark did a quick search the other night and can't find it for sale in the UK, if anyone has seen it for sale here please let me know as this won't last for long once it's opened :-)

The last wine was also very nice, but by then we had tasted the best so it really didn't matter, lol.

We agreed that hiring the quad was a great idea and we should have done it earlier in the week and had it for a couple of days instead of catching a crowded bus, but we will know for next time :-)

Hope you enjoyed this other little 'tour' of Santorini

Until next time


butterfly said...

Lovely holiday photos.
I always have a night mare with house buying.
Thats why I am now staying put , well at the moment
any way.
It is so much better to move house in Scotland why can't we do the same here.

cucki said...

Beautiful holiday photos :)
Love x

Melissa said...

The vacation photos are lovely! Such a gorgeous place.

Sorry you are having such a nightmare with the house move. Keep fingers crossed that all will go well in the end!

Penny said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Your whole moving experience sounds like a nightmare. I really hope that everything works out soon.

Anne said...

Oh wow! What amazing photos!! The blue of the ocean and sky oh my!! Your camera must be pretty good to pick up those colours like that. The winery tour sounds like it was fun even though Michael Jackson popped in to say!

Sorry to hear about your moving troubles. Hope things get sorted in the end!

Melanie said...

Just a super bunch of photos. God, it's so beautiful.

Those mannequins though......I just think of them after hours down there, alone, in the dark.............*shudder*

MysteryKnitter said...

The photos are amazing!