Sunday, 21 September 2014

Crafty Makes For Autumn

We've had some lovely Autumn sunshine today, I took these two photos on my lunch time walk today.

Because we have had very little rain the leaves are lovely and crisp.

I spotted these mushrooms on a grass verge.

I've been getting my garden ready too with some Mums and Pansies,purchased from Aldi last week

I hinted a couple of posts ago that I had been working on something for Autumn, I'm so pleased with this, do you want to see?


As you can see, it's now hanging on my front door and It makes me smile every time I see it :-)

I came across this next Autumn decorating idea a few weeks ago while browsing and thought it was lovely.

Quick and easy, the hardest part was finding an orange candle!
very simple but effective :-)

I'm pleased to say that my hospital appointment with that camera last week went well, doctor said he thinks its a case of IBS but will do a scan of the right hand side just to make sure everything is ok there too.  I will probably have to wait a few weeks for that appointment to come through.
That's all from me today, next week we are on a count down to our holiday, I will try to get a quick update in before we go as I seem to be on a roll with posting at the moment :-)

Thanks for visiting me today.

Until next time



cucki said...

So sweet x

butterfly said...

love your wreath it is amazing .
Wishing you a great holiday.

Melanie said...

Pompoms!!!!!!!! So happy looking. :)

Glad to hear your doctor's appointment came off well.

Marsha said...

The pom pom wreath is the bomb! So cool. and the candle idea is wonderful looking. Good stuff.