Sunday, 29 November 2015

Childhood Books & Gingerbread Men, Well Man, Actually

This last week was a busy one for me, the only night I got to be in home was Friday, and then I was too shattered to do much.  I'm not one for going out so much, I'm more of a home bird, once I get back from work in the afternoon you won't usually get me out of the house again, I'ts not unknown for me to be showered and in my pj's by 4pm, lol
But it is the time to be merry and be sociable, so everyone keeps telling me, so I will make the effort.  
One of this weeks outings was to meet up with the ladies at my book club for a Christmas curry, and It was good to meet and talk about things other than our latests reads.  I'm glad I made the effort.
This Wednesday the Library are having a book club quiz night, so I shall see (most) of them again then.
Saturday was our last meeting of the year, and at this last one Rachel, (the Library attendant who runs the book club) usually wraps different books as presents and we delve into a Christmas sack to pick one.  This time however, after a discussion a few months ago about books we loved as children it was decided that we would each choose a book from our childhood as the exchange.
Initially I thought what on earth am I going to choose!, but actually when you start to look around and think about it it's not that hard, in fact I had so many to choose from in the end!  
After discarding Little Women, Heidi, Stig of The Dump and Milly Molly Mandy, to name but a few, I decided on Black Beauty.  Unfortunately I couldn't find my own copy so had to buy one from a charity shop, not the best copy, never mind.

I also made a little bookmark to wrap with it.
It was one of the younger members that chose my wrapped book.  I chose Rachels.

I'm quite looking forward to re-living a piece of my childhood in this book :-)

I forgot to share this little gingerbread man, I made him a while ago but then put it away for when Oliver put his Christmas tree up.  Jenny has bought him a little Christmas tree that he can decorate with his own things, I'll try and get a photo of it for next time, he was so excited to show me all his decorations today :-)

This was so much easier than I first thought it would be, (I downloaded a template off the internet as I'm no good at drawing), I'm quite pleased with my first hand sewing effort :-)

I think that's it for today, I have a few things on again next week so I'm off for a bath and an early night, while I can!

Have a good week all



Crazee4books said...

Hello Maggie,

Your little gingerbread man is adorable! From his red gingham bow to
the matching gingham buttons he's a dapper little gent from head to toe.
I suspect that he's going to become a cherished Christmas decoration
that is greeted each year with happy cries and given a place of honour on
the tree.

Love the idea of exchanging a favourite book from childhood with your
book club friends. I would have a hard time choosing from any of the
Narnia books or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn or Little Women or perhaps
maybe Winnie the Pooh.

At this time of year getting into one's pajamas as soon as the sun
goes down (assuming it ever came out to begin with that is) and
settling in with fuzzy slippers and cozy housecoat is quite
acceptable! It's the one thing about winter that I love. I am
something of a bear when it comes to hibernating during the
cold, dark months.

But the many Christmas festivities add warmth and joy to the
season and none should be missed. And especially when there
is egg nog and mince meat tarts to be had!!! So a few late
nights are to be embraced.


Julie said...

Mr gingerbread is adorable, well done
Nice books you both chose

Barb said...

Very cute little gingerbread man! I loved the Boxcar Children. Your post made me think of lots of books I loved as a child! Thank you!

Vickie said...

What a fun idea for the book exchange.
Adorable gingerbread man.
I get into my pjs early also. ha!

Penny said...

I love the idea of picking a favorite childhood book to exchange. And your little gingerbread man is cute. :)

butterfly said...

I love reading childrens books, and Black beauty was a fab one.
Lovely gingerbread man I made a few last year and really like working with felt.
I am like you a home bird but have a busy few weeks in December.
Once I am out I enjoy it , but do love to stay inside in the winter hugs.

Kay said...

The book swap is a lovely idea. I would have had to buy a copy because I can't part with the few children's book that I have. x

Hazel said...

The book swap idea is great! Love the genre. One of my favourites was the Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. Oh and the Twins at St Claires. Happy reading. x

Sally said...

What a fantastic idea for the book swap!

Love the gingerbread man. He is so cute.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

MysteryKnitter said...

That book swap thing is awesome!