Friday, 29 July 2016

Plans for August / Packwood House, a National Trust Property

I'm not very good at rotation, usually when I start a project I go at it gung-ho until I get a bit fed up and my attention starts to wander to other things.  But there are some projects I want finished preferably before the end of the year and for that to happen I have to dedicate some time to them.

I don't think I would be happy swapping projects every day so what I'm going to do starting on August 1st is to pick one project each week and work on it for 7 days, Monday through to Sunday, and hopefully remember to take pictures and update progress here.

Hopefully there will then be some crafty updates :-)

One thing I'm glad not to be carrying over to August is this little baby blanket.

Just a simple granny square blanket made in Katia Extra Fine Baby Merino.  It's so soft and squishy :-)  This been gifted to the same girl at work that I made the cable blanket for last April.  She only came back to work a few months ago but was already expecting baby number 2 by then, 
a girl this time :-)  She is going to have her hands full with two little ones that's for sure.


I was going to keep this post short but I thought you would like to see the pictures from our day out last Wednesday, (sorry, there are a lot, again).

I had got the day off work to have Oliver, so we decided to visit Packwood House.  We are members of the National Trust and it's been on my list of places to see for a while.
(if you click on the link you can find out more about the house).

It was a beautiful sunny day so we took a picnic and made the most of the weather and the wonderful grounds.

Luckily the topiary  yew tree garden was open, sometimes they do close it to protect the trees.

Inside was just as lovely

The bathroom, complete with spider in the bath, can you see it?
and how about that tap!

Oliver wanted to share his sandwiches with the ducks, one must have been very hungry, lol

There were follies to explore in the grounds,

The back of Packwood house

The gardens were an absolute riot of colour, my photos really don't do them justice.

I loved the kitchen gardens (below)

We had a lovely day, and this little boy is an absolute pleasure to be with :-)

Until next time


Jo said...

Awww, what a lovely photo of Oliver and Teddy and how generous he is sharing his lunch with the ducks. I used to have one project on the go at once and work on it exclusively until it was finished but I've changed over the last few years and I enjoy having a few things on the go now. It means I can pick up whatever I feel like working on and I never get bored working on the same thing. The baby blanket is so pretty, I'm sure your friend will love it, she's going to have her hands full having two children so young. Packwood House looks wonderful, so many things to see both indoors and out. The little house in the grounds looks fabulous, cobbled together with bits of all sorts.

Vickie said...

What a lovely blanket you made your friend. Thank you for sharing Packwood House, it is fantastic!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Another lovely blanket. You had lovely weather for your visit to Packwood House. Oliver seems to have enjoyed his day.

Deb said...

Your blanket looks lovely and soft. Thank you for sharing so many lovely pictures. Packwood House looks like a lovely place and the gardens are stunning!
Oliver is a cutie and looks like he had a fun day with you!

Barb said...

Packwood is a beautiful house and wonderful gardens!! Of course, it looks like you had equally wonderful companions !

Maggee said...

Wow--that is a beautiful place! So much to see, and all of it is beautiful. So many tapestries throughout the house...I am sure they are original, and very old. It is nice that you spent the time with Oliver...that looks like the perfect place with a young one. I know what you mean about working on a project until your mind wanders. I have been very uneasy about stitching for any length of time on any one project, so I stitched on about five this month! It's all progress! Hugs!

Sarah in Stitches said...

That baby blanket is so lovely! Great job. And Packwood House looks absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful day out :D

Crazee4books said...

Oh Maggie, I'm so jealous!! Packwood House looks like a fascinating place
to explore. Those gardens are amazing!! It would take me all day to go
through a place like that ... at least! Not just beautiful gardens but a house
full of treasures and history. Those tapestries are incredible. Though I
must say that that spider in the bathtub would have had me racing screaming
down the venerable corridors of the place with mindless disregard for the
antiques ... and other tourists. Oh well. Thanks for sharing your lovely day
with us.

Oliver is a sweetie and sure seems to have enjoyed his day with you ...
and the ducks.

And your newest baby blanket is lovely! It looks soft and cozy in the
pictures. Very pretty.


Penny said...

What a beautiful baby blanket! Your pictures of Packwood House are absolutely stunning, Maggie! It looks like such an amazing place to spend a day! And as you say, the interior is lovely - those tapestries - wow! I had to laugh at the spider in the bath - I could just see my son freaking out at that. And your little companion is just the sweetest. : )