Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Thinking about what happened in Manchester and London

Only last week I was saying what a wonderful time we had visiting London again and our trip up to the viewing gallery in the Shard, and then on Saturday in the very area we had been the previous week, there was another cowardly terrorist attack.

We had walked around Borough Markets and enjoyed looking at all the lovely food that was on sale before visiting the Shard, it is tightly packed and must have been so so scary.

But, it won't put me off visiting London again, you can't put you life on hold because some idiots  object to the Western way of life.  

This photo popped up on my FB feed this week, I can't find the original feed but the caption was, 

This country survived the blitz and the milkman still delivered the milk. Do these pieces of low life ever really believe they can break the will and determination of the British people ?
No bloody chance.

I found it a very apt message.

I thought the photo said it all

Until next time
Stay safe


Julie said...

My great aunt is a blitz survivor... her language about these terrorist people needs to be sensored!

Mylittlepieceofengland said...

How very true, these horrific events have also shown the surge of love and goodness that people have too xx

butterfly said...

Great photo, there is always good that comes from the bad .
It brings it home when you have just been to visit .
We were in London the week before they blew up the underground a few years ago .
In the same place , it makes you think.

Jo said...

Such horrific and senseless attacks. The photo sends out a strong message, we will not be beaten.

cucki said...

That photo is great
My heart is very sad
Sending love and prayers x

Anonymous said...

London is a good place to visit. At time something happens like this...

Catherine said...

Beautiful post, and we will not be scared by these cowards. It's also a good time to remember how precious life is.

Jeanne said...

Nice post and totally agree with you Maggie. The world seems to have gone crazy, it's very disturbing but we have to stay strong and united to fight the bad guys.

Desiree Ehleiter said...

Great post! We cannot allow a few extremist fanatics ruin the world for the rest of us!