Sunday, 2 December 2018

Busy, busy, busy

I finished stitching Bonnie's Christmas stocking a good few weeks ago now, and finished it completely the weekend before last.

 Joanne is pleased with how it came out, and it's another heirloom treasure for one of my grandchildren.

I  got my stitched ornament tree up at the weekend too

I'm afraid that this skinny tree has seen better days, for the last two years I've been saying we should get another.  I would like a taller, fatter one, I just have to persuade Mark that we should get one :-)

We have also had a bow put on the front door this year, I'm pleased with how festive this looks

It's that time of year when we could all do with more hours in the day and more days in the week to get things done isn't it?  I have got a lots of things ticked off my list, a lot of my present shopping is done and I want to start wrapping this week otherwise that turns into a mammoth chore, I've been buying extra bits of food in with the normal weekly shopping, and anyway I don't do a big food shop like I used to do, it only goes to waste and we are all going out for Christmas lunch, so no veggies or meat to buy this year.

Thank you to everyone who sent get well wishes to  Bonnie after my last post.  Her cold and eyes had got better and then on Friday she had signs of conjunctivitis again and yet another cold!  
The doctor told Joanne to keep her dosed up on calpol to keep her temperature down and some cream again for her eyes, but on Saturday tea time her temperature shot up again and as Joanne was on the phone to me she had another convulsion.  

Joanne said Gavin kept really calm and did exactly what they had been told to do by the hospital, while she called the ambulance, they arrived really quickly and said they would take them to hospital just to get her checked out but they were sure it was temperature related again.

Thankfully her temperature came down to normal after a couple of hours of being monitored in A&E and they were sent home.

I never experienced this with any of mine, the doctors will tell you it's quite common and they do grow out of it by the time they are five, even so, it really is so scary when it happens.

Fingers crossed she can avoid catching colds for a while, Joanne is a nervous wreck!

See you soon


Jane said...

It's such a worry when little ones are unwell :( The stocking is magnificent! You've certainly put a lot of love into every stitch :) Best, Jane

butterfly said...

So happy Bonnie is better, it is always a worry when little ones are poorly ,

Love the Christmas stocking it's really beautiful.

Happy Advent.

Jo said...

Oh my goodness, what a worry. Neither of mine suffered from convulsions either, I'm glad to say. They do tell you it's common but it's a different matter when it's happening to your own, isn't it? Well done to Gavin staying calm, I know I wouldn't be able to, I'm a bit of a panicker to say the least. Poor Bonnie, she really is going through it just lately, I do hope she's completely on the mend again soon. It looks like Christmas is happening at your house with the tree up and the gorgeous bow on the door, it looks fabulous. There's no decor here yet but I want to get all trimmed up before Eleanor gets home from uni on the 15th. Bonnie's stocking is fabulous, something she'll be able to keep for ever. There's so much detail on it, just beautiful.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely to read she is better, our two didn't suffer but our niece and nephews did .... and yes they stopped as they got older. Love your Christmas tree and the stocking is beautiful.

Poppypatchwork said...

Scary time to watch a sick child, we always feel so helpless. Your stocking is beautiful, I haven’t done any cross stitch for months,.

Sandy said...

The stocking really turned out beautiful. Love all the extra details with your buttons etc. Your xstitch tree ...what a cute idea. I only put up one tree...really all the space I have, and haven't even started yet. Waiting on some furniture pick up and delivery so can't really put anything out yet.

Vickie said...

The stocking is just gorgeous! I think your tree is beautiful!

Barb said...

The stocking is so cute!! That must be so very scary for you and your family. I never experienced the convulsions with my children. I guess I was just lucky. I hope she is all better very soon!!!

Shelly said...

Bonnie's stocking is just darling! Love your tree with all your ornaments on it. My brothers and I had convulsions when we were young and induced by temperature like you said. Since I'm older than my brothers, I remember watching my mom dealing with convulsions. It's a scary ordeal no matter how many times it happens. Hope little Bonnie stays illness free for awhile:)

Julie said...

The stocking is beautiful, a super life long gift.
It's hard to watch a poorly child, especially when you cannot do anything. Good news the medics were there quickly to see all was well, and she is getting better. They do grow out of it, my son did.

Lowcarb team member said...

Sorry to read about Bonnie, but pleased she is better again, the medics and hospital do sound excellent.
I do like her stocking, it looks fabulous, as does your tree.

Wishing you a good weekend.

All the best Jan

Carol said...

Wow! What a beautiful stocking, Maggie--love all the close-up photos, too. You can really see how intricate it is with the charms and such! What a treasure for sweet Bonnie. So glad she is feeling better, too!

That red bow on your house is adorable--what a great idea! So festive and fun. And your tree is wonderful with all of those handmade ornaments. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Sandy said...

Me out blog walking again, hope you're having a good wkend. Beautiful work on the stocking.

Miriam said...

I love all your cross stitch work in the post: the stocking , the tree with all the little pillows and the picture on the wall too.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

The stocking is an heirloom - such detailed stitching and a beautiful finish.
It'd good to read that Bonnie is fine.