Sunday, 26 May 2019

A slow news week

I wanted to have another go at growing tomatoes this year and also some courgettes, so yesterday we went to the garden centre to buy plants and grow bags. 
While we were there Mark saw some pepper plants and decided that he wanted some of those too, this wouldn't be too strange except for the fact that he has not the slightest interest in what goes on in the garden, he will help if I ask but if I don't he is quite happy to let me get on with it.

He will probably forget all about them by next weekend, and to be honest he is away all week so the watering and feeding will fall to me.

Apart from these additions nothing much has changed in the garden this week, everything just seems later this year.

 I do have my first rose though, I noticed it yesterday, there are many more buds so perhaps next week more will open.

The only stitching I've done this week is on my Hands On Design Seasons in Chalk Art.  I really would like to get this one done before the end of the month so I can display it for the Summer.

On Wednesday I picked Oliver up from school and we went to Stourport and had a picnic tea by the river.
The weather was lovely, he ran off some of his never ending energy in the park and we had a walk along the river and of course when he knew the arcade was open in the fair we had to go and have a look

Stourport was always a magnet to anyone in the Midlands in the summer with it being only about a 20 minute drive and having a seaside feel without actually being by the sea.  It's quite pleasant by the river and there was always the attraction of the permanent fairground for the kids.  There is now an enclosed children's park one side of the bridge and the fairground is still there on the other side of the bridge.

 I think we both had a lovely time although Oliver was disappointed that none of the ice cream booths were open, oh dear, you can't have everything, lol

I hope you have a lovely week and If you are in the UK, a lovely Bank Holiday tomorrow :-)



Jo said...

Good luck with your plants, I hope they do well for you. Mick was never interested in gardening until we got the allotment but it was a case of me needing his help then. Your rose is beautiful, ahead of mine, I haven't got any open yet but I think it's going to be a good year as I've got loads of buds. I've never heard of Stourport but it looks like lots of fun.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I must say you have a beautiful garden and your grass is gorgeous.

Barb said...

Looks like a fun day with Oliver!! I can see why he wanted to visit that area. You are brave for stitching on black. I love the way it looks but I do worry that I will have trouble seeing things.

Jane said...

We too have peppers, courgettes and tomatoes. Your garden is beautifully laid out. I grow herbs in pots on the decking outside the back door, so we can just pick what we want, and they also look and smell nice too. What a lovely picnic tea! I wish I had never ending energy LOL. Best, Jane :)

butterfly said...

Lovely post Maggie .
Love the garden and your stitching is beautiful.
Looks like you had a great time .

Poppypatchwork said...

Your garden looks perfect, I hope you get loads of time this summer to enjoy it. My hubby is the same as yours, in our house he keeps the front garden, he brought 2 lovely plants for his pots a few weeks ago and has never watered them. I do like he is choosing plants also for the back garden, but their care will be totally my role.

Vickie said...

It looks like you will finish your chalk design before June!! :)

Julie said...

Your garden looks very tidy, hope the plants produce lots of lovely foods for you. DH grows his peppers in the greenhouse here?
He's the gardener and I just watch!! LOL

Miriam said...

Nice garden and nice cross stitch work.

Carol said...

Your garden always looks perfect, Maggie! We do struggle with ours due to our deer, but this year my husband has been spraying the plants with deer repellent and it seems to be working :)

Love your summer piece on black and hearing about your adventures with busy, busy Oliver! As the mother of three boys, I well know their seemingly endless energy! Enjoy your month of June!

Eloise said...

What a lovely garden you have.
We used to go to Stourport when I was a child, and took our children there a couple of times when they were small. It's a nice picnic outing.

Sandy said...

Oliver looks to be enjoying himself at the park! You're making really nice headway with your stitching. I'm anxious to see it completed, lovely colors. Soooooo envious of your garden. It's so neat and clean and trimmed. I wonder if I'll ever catch up with my yard work. So much more this year since I couldn't work on it last year.