Sunday, 14 July 2019

Yarningham weekend, did you go?

I finished it!

I was so happy to put the last few stitches in this piece last weekend.  
I thought it was going to be a relatively quick stitch when I started it and I had planned on starting the Autumn one right after, but honestly, I can't do it right now.

I don't like stitching on Aida, I found it made the thread fluffy if I used the length of thread I usually would to stitch, and I don't like the stiffness of the fabric.

Having said that, I do LOVE how it came out!

I had a frame that I was going to use but in the end It was too small so I went to my local stitching shop, (Betty Stitch Kit) and asked Mark if he could make me a frame, no glass.   While Sharon was getting my threads together for my next project, (more about that next time), Mark had made me the frame!  How good was that!  

I wanted something more rustic looking and this frame is perfect.  I've been going to Sharon's shop for supplies and framing for years and apart from being lovely people they also give the best service.

This weekend was Yarningham, and this year Joanne also came with me.

We were both quite restrained, I knew I wanted some more minis and some buttons but we didn't go with anything else in mind.

Of course I had to get my minis from Kelly 😀 and I finally got to meet her too, she is just as lovely as you would imagine her to be.

This is one of Joanne's purchases but as she can't knit she's passed it on to be to make for Bonnie.

I resisted buying full skeins of yarn, (actually, Joanne said to me, mum, you are not buying any yarn to knit socks until you have finished a pair 🤣🤣🤣).

Well that told me!
Until I saw this one, and you know, one day I will finish a pair of socks, (I will!!)

I love how the yarn has been wound at the bottom of the label so that you can see how it works up.

I fell in love with this little stitch marker bracelet, which I shall probably wear when I'm not knitting too because it's pretty.

And I did get buttons, a lovely colourful bunch :-)

I've got no photos of the actually event to show you because it wasn't until I got back home that I realized I hadn't taken any!  
I'll leave you with some of the pretties in my garden at the moment instead 🌻🌼

Until next time, I hope you all have a lovely week


Jo said...

Your garden always looks so pretty and well kept, you must put a lot of work into it. Doesn't the black aida make your stitching pop, it's fabulous. What fabric do you usually use? I bought some linen for the Joyful World that I started but I hated it, I found that really stiff, and afterwards I tried evenweave for another project, I really enjoyed using that. I'm very jealous that you've been to Yarningham, you made some lovely purchases. Are any of your girls crafty? I've tried to get Eleanor interested in all sorts of things and she's given most things a go but she loses interest. She picks things up really quickly too so I think she'd be good at them if only she'd stick at something.

Carol said...

What a perfect frame for that beautiful finish, Maggie! I haven't stitched on Aida in years--I wonder if it would bother me, too? Your yarn stash just grew exponentially--love those pretty colors you chose and the sage green yarn from Joanne will make a prefect little something for Bonnie.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

Julie said...

The black fabric really does make the colours pop on the Summer design, very pretty.
A friend was going to Yarningham, i'll get to hear all about what she thought and bought later in the week. I'm liking the sock wool.
Sweet hat pattern for Bonnnie.

Barb said...

Your garden looks so pretty! I have many of the saae plants! Looks like a fun day. Your finish is lovely. That design is adorable. I have not done any of the stitches on the black. I love linen and don't think I see well enough to work on black. I have seen some on a darker brownish and they do look fine.

Jane said...

Those mini skeins are just scrumptious! The stitching is gorgeous and what a beautiful frame; I love that rustic look. I did sashiko and kantha stitching a long time ago and enjoyed that and sometimes think I should take it up again. Besy, Jane :)

Lazy Days & Sundays said...

I like pretties in the garden as well as seeing your purchases from yarningham sounds like you had a great time.


Vickie said...

The Summer finish is fantastic! I have this pattern too.

butterfly said...

Love the Summer finish , and your garden is fab so is your wool.
Enjoy your week hugs.

Sandy said...

BEAUTIFUL flowers. I've worked so much in my yard, but my flowers sure don't look like yours. I always like Aida, but often thought certain color fabric was more stiff. LOVE how your project turned out and the frame is perfect. Curious why no glass? Way back I didn't use to use glass on mine, think it was suggested to see the texture, but then all the dust and dirty was a problem so started using glass. The bracelet is so cute. Yummy yarn...what will everything become.

MartinaM said...

Oh, I like your summer theme very much. It comes over perfectly on the dark fabric. The frame fits perfectly.
Beautiful garden pictures.

Miriam said...

I must say too that your “Summer” finish is very, very nice. The colours of the wool make me want to crochet or knit something. I like the charms of your bracelet.
Enjoy your garden,

Lowcarb team member said...

Your garden is looking lovely.

That's a great collection of colourful buttons.

All the best Jan