Friday, 13 December 2019

13th Day of Advent - A walk in the park and a surprise package

It's been a lovely bright day today, a little breezy but perfect weather for a walk to the park after work this afternoon.  I took along a loaf of bread to feed the ducks. 

There are a lot of seagulls, a few of them today literally swooped down and took the bread right out of the ducks mouths!
Skimming a slice of bread across the pond gets rid of them for a few seconds so that the ducks get a look in.  I do feel sorry for them, they get plenty of food in the summer when the park is full of children, but come the winter not so much.



I had a lovely and completely unexpected package in the post this week, my stitching friend Elaine sent me this beautiful ornament.

We have been friends online for many years, we met through bolgging, although Lainey no longer updates her blog we do still talk on Instagram and fb messenger,  She does some beautiful stitching and is such a lovely generous person, some of you may remember her from her blog or Instagram and will know what a lovely kind person she is.  I really feel spoilt this year!

My yarny gifts today, all beautiful 😃 Jo included a Taylors Rose and Lemonade infusion too, I've never tried this one before, I'm enjoying it while sitting in bed writing this post 😁☕

I opened another bath bomb from my Body Shop calendar today.  I've got a lovely selection of bath time treats now, I really should sort something out to keep them in.

A couple of you were tempted by my yarny purchase from yesterday, it would be lovely if you decided to join in with the Christmas Eve cast on for the Betwixmas shawl.  I'm sure there is still time to get the yarn delivered before then, the pattern is free on Ravelry now I believe too.

Hope you all had a fantastic Friday



Barb said...

What a perfect place for a walk and it looks like a beautiful day!

Kate said...

Such a lovely walk in the park and your gift from Lainey is quite lovely!

Jo said...

It's good to get out when you get the chance, there's so many days at this time of year when we're cooped up indoors because of the weather, and it looks like a lovely walk at the park. Seagulls are a real menace, aren't they? What a lovely stitched ornament, there really are some lovely people here in Blogland, and so generous too. A gift which someone has made is always so special as they've taken the time to make that for you.

Poppypatchwork said...

I have so many shawl patterns I love, I really should not start another. After saying that, I have made 3 leftie shawls, which I loved. The park looked beautiful, we only feed birds in our garden.

Jane said...

What a delightful park. I'm just loving seeing your mini skeins, so delicious. You're going to be enjoying some wonderful bath times with all those bath treats. Best, Jane x

Vickie said...

I love that ornament Lainey sent you so much!

Shelly said...

Some more pretty yarns! Although I don't know how to crochet or knit, I'm enough of a crafter to appreciate the colors on yarn. Wonderful stitched ornament. Yes, I remember Lainey. I was lucky enough to win a contest she had, an Easter time contest. We had to make a Easter bonnet/hat and whoever won would get a chart. I won and she sent me the chart, fabric, cotton fabric, and trims, all the way from Scotland, a bucket list destination. A nice memory!