Monday, 16 December 2019

16th Day of Advent -Wednesday - A basket full of minis

The lovely June  and Marlene asked if I'd got any plans for all my Advent minis, and indeed I do :-) 

I have wanted to knit a mitered square blanket for a long time, they are usually made by using up all the left over scraps from when people have knitted socks, but as I have yet to complete a pair of 
socks (!) I didn't have any left over 4 ply yarn. 

Then I found out that you could buy mini skeins of yarn, so, happy day's,  I started collecting and before I knew it I had a basket full!

I have made a very small start on my blanket, there are several patterns you can use but I'm using the Knitted Patchwork Recipe by Martine Ellis, (which is free on Ravelry) and the chevron layout that Ellie of Craft House Magic suggested on her video tutorials, which you can find on you tube.

As you can see, there is a long way to go on this one but I have enjoyed choosing the colours I've used so far and It's nice to see how they knit up.

Here are a close up of some of the colours, although with the poor afternoon light some of them are not showing up true to colour.

So my blanket is where a lot of  my Advent mini skeins will be going and I shall be choosing some to add in over the Christmas holiday

Here are the one's I opened today :-)

A gorgeous pink theme going on today :-)  I think all of these would fit right in with the colours I've got going on in my blanket at the moment.

I opened another lovely body butter from my Body Shop Calendar.
I still haven't sorted out something to keep all these goodies in yet!

Thank you for all your lovely comments every day, I really do appreciate you taking the time to stop by. 
Jane, you have left me some lovely comments every day, thank you, blogger is not letting me find your blog when I click on your name though, can you leave me a link back to your space please?

I do hope your Monday wasn't a Manic one



Shelly said...

Your blanket is going to look sweet when it's done! I think you're pretty set for a long time with all the soaps, body butters, etc. you are unboxing:)

butterfly said...

Love Love Love your blanket and what a lovely pattern .
I thought you were going to make socks .
Thanks for showing your advent each day .

Poppypatchwork said...

I was thinking of crochet for my blanket, but the knitting looks good, and I do have an itch to knit. Thank you for answering my question.

Jo said...

That's quite a basket of lovely minis you've got there. I'm doing the same thing with my advent minis, they'll be added to my scrappy blanket, but I'll then have to think of something to do with the leftovers. I like your little display in the second photo.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love all the different colours. This is going to be great!

Jackie said...

Just lovely, the colours seem to blend together very well. You are doing great on that blanket.

God bless.

Julie said...

Enjoyed a lovely catch up of your advent posts Maggie.
What a basket full of minis, they look delightful and will make a great blanket.

Jane said...

OOHH more gorgeous goodies. Reading your post every morning is like opening an Advent of my own! A lot of people can't find my blog. This is my blog address I don't know if this will help you find me. Looking forward to 'opening' tomorrow's Advent. Best, Jane x