Wednesday, 4 December 2019

4th Day of Advent, Christmas Reading and veiwing

I don't think I have ever read a Christmas related book, my reading usually slows down this time of year, no idea why, it just seems to be that way.
I been watching Nicky Winterton and her November vlogs, she is a new-to-me vloger / podcaster
and she talked about her love of reading and books and mentioned that every year she reads 
A Christmas Carol and suggested a read along through December.

I've read some Charles Dickens, years ago not recently and not this one, so I ordered myself a copy from Amazon, just a paperback copy, a rather large paper back copy! with illustrations.

The read along started last Friday but I decided that I would start at the beginning of the month, I'll have to check back on her vlog but I'm pretty sure the plan is to aim to read the first two Staves, then she will do a discussion vlog about a week later.
I'll let you know if I enjoyed it when I'm finished.

Have you read A Christmas Carol? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

When the girls were little we all used to sit down on Christmas Eve  with our picnic style tea and watch Miracle on 34th Street, (the one with Richard Attenborough).
For me this is THE Christmas film, if you get to the end of this film and don't believe in Santa then there is just no hope for you, lol.

There are no children at home to sit and watch with us now, but on Christmas Eve we will still put Miracle on 34th Street on and eat our picnic style tea, it's not the same though without excited children, so if you have children still at home, just make the most of this magical time while you can, they grow up so quickly.

Now that the girls have homes of their own they have their own traditions, (which still does include a picnic style tea) but they watch Polar Express as 'their' film.

I like to watch a festive film in the lead up to Christmas and my first one was last week, It was on Amazon Video that I watched A Christmas Wish.

It was a quite an enjoyable film, if you like a Little House on the Prairie type film I think you would enjoy this.  I haven't got round to watching any more Christmas films yet, hopefully I can at the weekend.

A gorgeous mix of minis in today's Advent :-)

At the top - Lay Family Yarn
Middle - Craft House Magic
Front, From Jo
Jo also included a lovely galaxy hot chocolate drink, I do love a hot chocolate, thank you Jo :-)

There was also a little extra in Ellie's Advent package today, a cute little snowflake progress keeper :-)

My Body Shop gift was a large nail file, just what I needed actually because mine are worn down :-)

I'd love to hear any recommendations you might have for Christmas reading or any films you have enjoyed, or your Christmas Eve traditions :-)



wisps of words said...

Never read that Christmas Classic!

Loved Albert Finney's "Scrooge"!

And we have the lovely video of "A Child's Christmas in Wales"!!! Simply gorgeous.

You traditions sound delightful... Nice to continue them, just the 2 of you.


Barb said...

That book had some very good illustrations! I have not read it but we always watch several versions on TV. We are also going to the play on Dec. 14th.

MartinaM said...

Oh, I love the Christmas story around Mr. Scrooge. I also like to look at the Polar Express now in the run-up to Christmas. But also the little lord, is part of my program.

butterfly said...

I read this book years ago .
I like to read a Christmas book this time of the year , yesterday I picked up The Christmas Rose by Dilly Court. I have read many of her books makes you think how lucky we are today in most of her books I can never put them down.

Jo said...

I've been watching and enjoying Nicky's vlogs too. I've never read A Christmas Carol, I did consider joining in the readalong but I'm in the middle of a book at the moment so didn't bother. I've never seen Miracle on 34th Street, though I've heard so many people say how much they love it so I must see if I can catch it this year. I've heard so many people say how much they love The Polar Express too, though I can't say I was very impressed with it myself. I agree, Christmas isn't the same without young children in the house, they do grow up so fast.

Poppypatchwork said...

I love the look of your illustrated book, it's an iconic story, where I prefer the original looks of the pages. Our film is It's a wonderful life, I have it on DVD and watch it each year on Christmas eve. I can't wait for mummy, daddy, Will and George to be with us for Christmas dinner, SIL's mum and dad will be here as well, so a family day.

Jane said...

I've read it many times and I still love it. I love watching 'Scrooge' movies. I think Alister Sim is my most favourite Scrooge; I also enjoyed the Ross Kemp version where he plays Eddie Scrooge, a loan shark. BUT, my Christmas movie is It's A Wonderful Life, I love this film so much. Best, Jane x

Lazy Days & Sundays said...

We love the Alastair Sim version of a Christmas Carol and watch it most years in the lead up to Christmas. I have read the Dickens novel too a few years ago and nice to see the Alastair Sim version does keep to the book. We also like to watch Miracle on 34th Street with Richard Attenborough and Natalie Wood and of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without It's a wonderful life. Children grow up way too fast don't they. We also used to have a throw on the table tea as they used to call it and watch an old film. I too miss those days and I don't think we had all of us under one roof at Christmas in a very long time.