Monday, 20 July 2020

Another Jolly July catch up and a couple of days out

For the second week of Jolly July I had said I wanted to have another three or four new starts. 
That didn't happen.  Instead I had one new start and three finishes.  It suited me much better to finish the small starts than add to a pile of stitching.  So here they are.

Gingerbread House No. 3

Frosty Flakes

My First Christmas by Lizzie Kate

My First Christmas was my only start in week two, but I'm happy to have started and finished three ornaments.  You may have noticed that it says 2nd Christmas.  Well, this is for Jacob, he was supposed to make his arrival in the first week of January and this Christmas would have been his first, but as you know he arrived a few days before Christmas last year, with everything that was going on I didn't have time to make him an ornament, so we thought this would be a talking point in the years to come 😆
The year is supposed to be stitched over one, no way that was going to happen on 32 count!  The fabric is a light blue, which is not showing up on this terrible photo, but trust me, it looks cute.

Jenny's partner, James, is serving in Afghanistan now until the beginning of November so we are helping out with the boys to give Jenny a break at the weekend.  We took them, along with Bonnie on a woodland walk on Saturday.

Arty likes to collect things along the way, sticks, pebbles, flowers, he picks up things until he can hold no more.  He's dissecting a buttercup here!

The Saturday before we took them to Bewdley.  This lovely market town is about twenty minutes drive and makes a nice change for a walk but the river, oh, and they have Teddy Gray's ice cream so worth the drive 😉

The boys really need a hair cut but Jenny hasn't been able to get an appointment yet on a day she's not working.  70's throwback, lol

I went to Bewdley again last week, this time with Joanne, Bonnie and Jacob.  It was nice enough for us to sit and have our lunch in the park, and of course another ice cream later.

Can you see Bonnie has her gloves on?  It was really warm but she insisted on putting them on :-)

That's me all caught up with the happenings here for now.  I hope you are all still staying safe and well and enjoying a little more freedom, if you are able.

See you soon


Poppypatchwork said...

Lovely grandchildren, wonderful photo’s, it’s great to be able to help out again. Love your stitching.

Barb said...

What a wonderful group of grand children. What a lovely place to have a walk!

Jackie said...

Good job in getting the stitching finished. They are very sweet. How wonderful you got to have a visit with your grandchildren.

God bless.

butterfly said...

Lovely Christmas stitching .
And how lovely to spend time with your GC .
They all look so sweet .
Happy days.

Linda P said...

Beautiful stitching and sweet designs. I'm going to start on a new piece of embroidery this week. How lovely to have little ones around! I used to look after our grands when they were small and now they look after my husband and I! Have a good week Maggie.

Jo said...

You're going to be ahead of yourself this year with all these Christmas finishes, they're all lovely and I love the idea of a 2nd Christmas ornament for Jacob. I'm sure Jenny will be pleased that your helping out with the children while she's on her own, it can't be easy, especially at the moment. It's nice for you too to be able to spend time with them all again after all the months apart. It's a real treat to be able to go on days out again too.

linda said...

Your grandchildren are adorable it's lovely to be able to spend time with them again isn't it. Your Christmas stitching is lovely and it's nice to know they are done way ahead of time.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

What darling children and Bonnie has the most beautiful hair.

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh Maggie, I so enjoyed this post.
Your grandchildren are adorable, I am so pleased you can spend time with them.

Your Christmas stitching looks very nice indeed.

Enjoy your week.

All the best Jan

Christine Hancock said...

Sounds wonderful to have your grand children with you and super days out too.
Love your cross stitching.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I'm sure it was more satisfying to have finishes than new starts.
It's good to be getting out and about again. I always think that Bewdley has a good feel to it and enjoy wandering around.