Saturday, 26 December 2020

23rd & 24th December - Technical problems

 I didn't mean to just disappear before the end of Advent, the phone charger lead I use to transfer photos from my phone to my laptop just wouldn't connect, grrrr.  It still won't play nicely so I've had to upload them to google photos instead.

I hope you all managed to have a lovely Christmas day despite it not being the one that most of us had planned.  Our morning started with a trip to both grandchildren's houses to drop of the presents that Santa had left at nanny and grandad's.  We stayed long enough at each of their houses to watch them open presents then it was back home to carry on with the dinner.  We delivered Stevie and Darren's dinner at around 3pm along with their gifts, listening to The Queens speech in the car on the way, (I thought it was quite moving this year).  Stevie and Darren's isolation finished on Christmas day but we still only dropped off at the door, then it was back home to have our dinner.  It's the first time that it's been just me and Mark for Christmas dinner!  I expect that was the case for quite a lot of people this year, it was very very strange, but, it did mean we could just clear the things away and sit down and watch tv for the rest of the afternoon/evening, something I can't ever remember doing on Christmas day.

Here is a catch-up on the advent's I missed posting, day's 23 and 24.

I'm looking forward to starting to add them to my blanket but for now they are all sitting on my coffee table so that I can admire them for a while longer :-)

Jo and I also exchanged a 100g skein on Christmas Day, she also included some other lovely goodies to open too.

Thank you so much Jo, I love everything and really enjoyed our advent swap :-)

I also did a Christmas Day 100g skein with my Instagram advent partner, Lisa.  She gifted me a lovely Nora George yarn.

I feel so spoilt with all these lovely minis and yarns to use next year :-)

I realised that I didn't share Bonnie's and Jacob's Christmas ornaments with you either, this is them all fully finished, just in time.

Today I managed to get out for a walk and up to mums for an hour, the rest of the day has been spent sitting and stitching.  I haven't done any knitting or stitching for over a week because of all the preparations, but I plan on putting my feet up this coming week and giving myself some time off to do a little of what I want to do.

I know some more areas of the UK went into tier 4 recently which means they are in lockdown again, we escaped that this time and remain in tier 3 for the time being.  It looks like New Year is going to be more of the same for all of us, not something we expected after all this time is it, but it is what it is, I think we are all getting used to going nowhere now!

Anyway, I hope you are all staying safe and up-beat and making the most of things.

See you soon



Clare-Aimetu said...

A different time for us all, enjoy your rest now with plenty of crafting

http://thankfullga447 said...

Christmas was different but I had lots of preparation we did spend an hour with my son, I did lots of cooking and left it at there house. My body is tired so today I was able to rest, stitch and knitting later. We have so much to be thankful for so we are doing well.

butterfly said...

Lovely Advents .
Yes funny old year .
We won't forget this one .
We had a bad storm last night too , so only a few hours sleep .
80 to 105 mph winds recorded .
I think we are ok not sure yet until hubby goes outside .
Enjoy your day.

Poppypatchwork said...

We are in tier 4, lockdown, but I expected it, we have everything we need, Yarn and books to read, hubby can't go out still, but his ankle is healing.

Carolien said...

Lovely yarn etc.
I hope you can have some great quality time!!!

Jo said...

It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas Day even though it was different to usual. I think we've all had a different Christmas this year but I'm glad you got to see your grandchildren, after all, that's what Christmas is all about.

Lowcarb team member said...

We've all experienced a different Christmas haven't we.
I am doing my best to look forward to 2021 with optimism.

I did enjoy seeing your photographs.

All the best Jan

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

It was definitely a different Christmas and with more to come for the New Year.
I enjoyed following your daily posts in December.

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