Saturday, 27 February 2021

Turned out nice again

It was half term last week and we had Oliver for a few days while Jenny was at work, I think he just wanted a change of scenery, and nanny provides nice food and snacks 😊

It was a decent day on the Thursday, quite windy but at least the sun was out so we went a walk over the fields and up onto Wychbury Hill.  As you can see the field was very muddy, good job we had wellies.

Once over the field the walk takes you up through a small wooded area, which again was very muddy. Someone decided it would be a good idea to walk in a particularly wet, sticky muddy puddle and got his wellie stuck!  Off came his boot and he landed in the mud, luckily he didn't fall in, but his one foot was submerged in mud so his sock had to come off before putting his boot back on, always fun and games with kids isn't it.

Once through the mud and at the top the view is fantastic, it was very very windy up there though.
 I didn't take any photos of the monument this time, it was far too windy to hold the camera steady.  Iv'e shared photos of Wychbury Hill and the Monument before though, last June, they are on this blog post if you want to read about it.  

We decided to keep going forward rather than re-trace our steps so we headed for that mound you can see in the middle distance.

Looking back, there's the monument in the distance, we are about halfway to the mound now

We saw some crows (at least I think they were), they seem to have found something to take away, wonder what it is?

We're at the top on the mound now and I recently found out that there is an Iron age hill fort within those trees beyond, something to explore another time.

Oliver needed a sit down and wasn't in the least bit interested in the fantastic views

It looked like we might be caught out by the rain on the way back, but luckily it held off.

Now we have to head down to those trees and into the field beyond to make our way back out onto the road and home

We are so lucky to have this lovely green space and quite a few public footpaths on our doorstep, I  know we really should make more time to enjoy them.

And in case you are feeling down because of all the restrictions still going on, I'll leave you with the reminder that was posted at the bottom of the hill.

See you soon


Poppypatchwork said...

Getting out for a walk is so good, we are close to the shore and flat, much nicer when you don't need your car.

Linda P said...

I remember very well those days when I looked after young grandchildren. I worked part-time so could help out with childcare. They grow up so quickly. My husband and I enjoyed the company of the three young boys. By the time we moved north we were retired and our local two grandchildren were teenagers. They do a lot to help us. You went on a good long walk. It's great to have these green spaces near home.

Carol said...

It's so nice that you live near your grandchildren, Maggie! You're sure building lots of wonderful memories with them. It looks like you had a beautiful walk with Oliver!

butterfly said...

Lovely to get out with the little ones .
We sat out side yesterday it was like a summers day .
But frosty at night and another beautiful day today .
Have a fun Sunday .

Sue in Suffolk said...

What a good walk with lovely views.... once you got past the mud - plenty of that round here too!

Jo said...

I left a comment yesterday but it doesn't appear to have gone through, blogger playing tricks again. It sounds like the welly antics were more appealing to Oliver than the views, kids eh? We're so lucky to have these lovely walks on our doorsteps, especially over the last year.

linda said...

What a fabulous walk made better I'm sure with the lovely company, the mud is putting me off walking in the woods near me right now but I'm hoping that the weather will stay dry and things will dry out. I love that sign. Have a lovely Sunday.

Dee said...

What a beautiful place to walk.

The views were simply gorgeous.

Jackie said...

What lovely vistas. Oliver looked tired out.

God bless.

Barb said...

Oliver is a typical young boy, not so into the views. Maybe that comes with age. I thought the views were beautiful. Love the sign. I just finished with my 2 vaccines. I have asthma so I was worried more than I realized.

Debi said...

What a beautiful walk! Thank you for sharing your photos.

Heritage Hall said...

Your shared walks are so enjoyable ...almost like being there.
You are fortunate, indeed, to be surrounded by and having such
beautiful vistas at your disposal. Thank you for taking us along.

Lowcarb team member said...

Mud and wellingtons are always a popular mix! LOL!

Lovely photographs from your walk.

All the best Jan