Monday, 3 November 2008

Back To Winter

I can't believe we've been back at home a week now, this last week has gone by
so slowly! We had a lovely time in Cyprus, as we always do! but this time came back to freezing conditions in the UK, it actually snowed on the Tuesday after we got home!! after just wearing shorts, strappy tops & flippies for nearly 2 Weeks the weather at home came as a big shock i can tell you, lol. We have just about got the house warmed up again & winter woollies have been dug out of storage, i can see that our heating bill are going to be huge this year! I thought i would share a few photos with you of the harbour in Paphos, it's a lot better along the front now as they have reduced the traffic to one way single lane, i still think they could go one better and stop the traffic altogether between say 6pm & 10pm as quite a few restaurants have extended themselves out now there is more pathway, it would just make it a bit more pleasant to eat on the front.

Remember the Autumn Exchange i took part in in October? My partner to send to was Nancy, she let me know that she received her goodies while we were in Cyprus, so this is what i sent her.
It was a free chart, (Rainbow Gallery, i think) which i made into a cute little door hanger, my first time making one of these and i was pleased how it turned out, in fact it was starting to look quite at home on my cupboard in the sitting room, i wanted to keep it, lol...Hope you liked it along with the other goodies Nancy :)
That's about it for now, my computer is being really slow so i will say tara-a-bit till next time x


Maureen said...

oh - you are making me very envious with your pictures of your hols - oh for a bit of sun lol! Roll on next summer.... love your autumn exchange, lovely colours

Mylene said...

Great pictures! Wish i am on a warm place too these days.
Well done on your Autumn exchange.

MysteryKnitter said...

Awesome pics!
I can't comment the local (Cyprus) traffic. I have never been there. I have been on another island named Crete. Awesome place! Beautiful flowers! And endlessly cats! I love cats.