Thursday, 9 October 2008

Holiday Stress

We are off on our travels again on Wednesday, our Annual trip to Cyprus, staying with the in-laws this time as we managed to cheap(er) flights, i'm looking forward to seeing the sun, goodness knows we have seen very little of it in the UK this year! But why do i make it so hard on myself? this week i feel as though everything is backing up behind me and i can't get away from it, lol. I start to get stressed the week before a holiday, don't ask me why, i know i should be relaxed, no-one else gets stressed (i.e husband, lol) but i do, i have the money to sort (done that), daughter No.3 wants new clothes (she really needs some!) spent 5 hours at the shopping centre last night OMG (done that). Then there are things that i just HAVE to do before we go, beds have to be changed, windows have to be cleaned, all washing & ironing has to be done, the cooker has to be cleaned (I know) and of course i simply could not go away without taking all the summer plants out of the window baskets and tubs and re-filling with winter pansies & sweeping the yard (front & back). Does anyone else do strange things before they go away, or am i the only one? please don't let me be the only one lol. It's just "my thing" i'm happy if i can go knowing that my house is clean & tidy, of course when we come home i won't feel happy until i have gone through the house top to bottom again...mad or what lol, i'm never totally relaxed and ready for it until i sit on that plane!
Right, got that off my chest, now where is my 'to do list' just thought, i must add clean the car, get hair cut.
Till next time...Tara-a-bit x


angelasweby said...

I hope you have had a really fab holiday and actually WERE able to relax while you were there. I'd be interested to know where your in laws live as we lived in Cyprus for 21 years returning only a few years ago. Our son, Alexis, was 6 months old when we went in 1984, he is now 24 and our daughter, Rula was born there. I was born in England but both my parents were from Cyprus and my sister lives over there :>)

Don't worry, you are not alone in your 'very normal' (haha) practices before you go away and return. Your habits are pale in comparison to many of mine :>) My favourite bit is actually getting on the plane and letting out a huge sign of relief.
Best wishes, Angela

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hey Maggie (that's southern for HI)
Love reading about your countryside and your upcoming trip to Cyprus (which has already happened!!)

Looking forward to reading about your trip - here and hopefully some pictures.

Roberta in Georgia, USA

MysteryKnitter said...

Oh M, I can't relax before I know everything goes as it is meant to go. That feature may sometimes take my sleep away.