Monday, 2 February 2009

The Big Freeze (Again)

Well we were promised the white stuff again and it dutifully arrived this morning! everything looks very pretty and it has been snowing on and off most of the day here so, as we live on a hill i parked my car at the bottom of the road when i came home at lunch time and have dug my wellies out of the shed so that i am prepared to either catch the bus to work in the morning (don't think it will come to that) or walk to my car without getting my feet wet!

My eldest daughter phoned this morning to say that she was stuck in Nottingham, she had been on a girly weekend to Centre Parks with 4 friends, they went to her car this morning to come back and the battery was completely dead! They were trying to find a security guard to see if they would jump start it for her when she phoned. About an hour ago she called again to say that they found the security guard but they wouldn't jump start the car in case they did any damage!!!! can you believe that?? Health & Safety madness! i suppose they wanted a risk assessment produced first! One of the girls had to phone her dad in the end who was working about 15 miles away and he has gone over to get them going. I just hope they don't come across any delays now because of the weather.

I have a finish to show! the first this year! my SAL ornament, and it's very appropriate for today too lol. I chose an Rainbow Gallery Freebie for January, but in hind sight i should have chosen a different coloured fabric, never mind, it's stopping with me so won't really matter!

I haven't got round to making it up, i had some fabric squares somewhere that i bought when we went to Cyprus in October, and one of them would have been just right, but they must have been swallowed by the house because i can't find them anywhere!
My LK is almost finished , just the boarder to work and i stitched almost half of yesterday, i will show piccies once it's all done.

I'm Having A Give Away!
According to my blogger profile i have been a member here for two years now, so as i have been having a sort out i thought i would have my first give away :-) I have far too may stitching magazines so these are the first two up for grabs.

Issue 140 & 146 of the World of Cross Stitching. They are both unmarked so if you would like to be in the draw for them please leave a comment saying that you wish to be included and i will pull names from the 'hat' on Saturday (7th). Don't forget to either leave me your e-mail address or link to your blog. I will be putting another two magazines up next Sunday.

Enjoy the snow, and keep warm :-) Tara-a-bit x


Nancy said...

I love your ornament Maggie, and I think the fabric is fine. After all, snowmen are outside against a blanket of white so I think it's appropriate!

If you mail international I would love to be entered in your give away. If not, that's OK.

Susie Q said...

I'm with Nancy, if you mail international, count me in. I adore the British stitching magazines and they are hard to come by here at times.

And congratulations on your's lovely.

I read about the storms there this morning, I'm in Colorado and we expect something, maybe, perhaps by the end of the week or so. Frankly, I'd like some snow before we get to the wet, ugly, mushy stuff that we get in March. It's been a very dry winter here.

Mylene said...

A very cute finish, Maggie.

Hope your daughter comes home safely.

I would love to be added for the draw especially the one with Spring theme. I had stopped my subscription with this one last year. Much as i love them it is getting expensive for me.

Dawn said...

Love your snowman! I lived in Wales for 4 yrs and the last March we were there it snowed about 3 inches...closed down everything! Love the white stuff! If you send overseas, I would also like to be in the draw!

Roberta said...

Hi Maggie, love the ornament.

I am so sorry that the girls where delayed because of an uncooperative battery and then an uncooperative security person(s).

I do love the British Magazines, but do not need another thing in my sewing room - I am trying to clean out so that I can have a give away.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Maggie,

Looks like you've got a touch of
winter on your doorstep. Isn't
it grand??? I've been reading
some of the news reports on the
BBC website and it looks like
London is really getting clobbered.
Good stitching weather.

Love your first finish of the year.
It is indeed, a very appropriate design given the weather.

I love the blue used in the snow
mans scarf and all the other bright
and cheery colours. They do show
up nicely against the fabric. And
the button eyes are too cute.

Hope that your daughter and her
friends have gotten home okay.
How crazy that the security
guards wouldn't give them a boost.
We live in loony times.

Take care getting around in the
white stuff.


Siobhán said...

Love your ornament, Maggie! It looks great--perfect for that snowy weather you're getting!

I'll pass on the drawing just because it's easy for me to get those mags & I know what a treat they are for others! But thanks anyway! ;)

Maureen said...

Cute snowman! (I'm subscribed to WOCS so don't count me in please)

Laurie said...

Love your first stitch of the year! Our local college doesn't jump start you either-they hold your license and they give you the battery with the cables and you jump it yourself. It's probably to cover their butts so they don't get sued.
Please enter me in your giveaway!!

MysteryKnitter said...

I am sad because of the white stuff. I hope the situation got solved in the best way.