Monday, 16 March 2009

Hobby Craft Show & Sunshine

What a lovely weekend we've had here in the UK, the sun was shining and at last it really feels as though Spring is on the way! There is a rumour that it's to continue for the rest of the week too, how good is that! My weekend was just as good, i visited the Hobby Craft & Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC in Birmingham, what a great day! it was just lovely to have the day to myself and browse around the many stalls. The Hobby Craft show was filled with lovely goodies for scrapbooking & card making, although i love the idea of scrapbooking i am really not that imaginative, nor could i be surrounded by all that equipment, as lovely as it is :-) The Sewing for Pleasure show was filled with the stitchy type goodies i was in search of and i came away with just a few essentials ;)I treated myself to a new magnifier (i just cannot stitch without one of these now!) this one is a little larger than the one i already have and with a longer bendy bit (see I'm so technical, lol). Two charts, LHN 'The Bookshelf' which i've been looking at for ages, & 'Simply Live' which i thought was simply wonderful after seeing it on someones blog:-)
I bought two more storage boxes, you can never have enough of these, right? There was a really cute cat needle minder that begged to come home with me.... and who can resist a cute kitty :-) Lastly i bought a sheath for the scissors my daughter bought me last year and I've just started using.
I did meet with a couple of non stitchy things, the little wooden box & peg board are to be painted and decorated with decoupage, never tried this but it looked fun to do, and the wool is for a cute knitted bag, these little bags looked great and the instructions say they are a weekend project (I'll let you know if that's true lol), the kit came with pattern, wool, lining material and button, so there you go, that was my day's haul!
Progress on Yesteryear has been almost non existent this week, so no photos to show, i couldn't seem to get back into any sort of routine for anything last week, I've now caught up with the washing ironing & cleaning so this week i shall be able to get back to my normal nights stitching starting right after tea tonight.
On that note, DD#3 has just come in from school which is my cue to start tea.
Thanks to all who take the time to leave a comment, i love to read them and they are much appreciated, hope everyone has a good week....Till next time, Tara-a-bit


Mylene said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the show and great stash bought too.

Here's bright and sunny too and hope it remains for a while.

Kim B said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love all your new goodies!

Brigitte said...

You obviously had a great visit at the craft show and from what you bought it was definitely worth it to go there. Enjoy all your wonderful goodies. And enjoy spring!

nutmegg said...

Your Spring is turning into my Autumn as I live in Australia don't suppose you would like to trade seasons, I hate Winter and it will be here soon.

Siobhán said...

Your time at the hobby show sounds like it was great! And the sunshine--isn't it bliss?? It almost (almost) makes you forget about the dark gray days of winter. It's been so nice & sunny here & is only supposed to get better. Great stash haul!

Eliza said...

This is the first time I made a visit to your blog.

LOVE it! Great music!

Cute cats! After seeing your kitties pic on your blog, I thought it was high time I added pics of my cats to my own blog...

Cindy F. said...

That sounds like my kind of show!!
You really got some great stash!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Maggie,

I am always jealous of you folk
that live in the British Isles
or in Europe. Just a relatively
short plane ride or car drive or
boat (sail?) away are wonderful
countries with history, elegance
and beauty galore just waiting to
be explored.

I poured over your pictures of
Prague, and sighed over them, and
yearned to be there. Gosh it's a
beautiful city. If I went there
I'd have to take a couple of
cameras because I'd be sure to
wear the one out in no time
taking pictures of everything.

Of course if I lived in any
of the countries that make up
the British Isles I'd be spending
a lot of my time roaming around
there and having a grand time
getting my fill of cathedrals,
grand houses, gardens and
towns and villages. And Cadbury's

I've run out of time to comment
here thanks to a phone call and
my tendency to run on and on...
so I'll post again later today.

Cheers for now!

Crazee4books said...

Hi again Maggie,

I'm back again. You know there's
never enough hours in the day. I'm
just sitting down to the computer
again and I have fifteen minutes
until bed time. Nuts!

Your day at the craft fair sounds like it was so much fun. You certainly got some lovely stash and stuff. We've got a craft show coming up next month and I'm thinking I'd like to go to that. But the crowds at these things can be huge, which makes visiting all the displays and booths very difficult.

Today was a very beautiful, sunny
day here, though a bit cool. The
temperatures going to be up and
down for the next few days and
they're warning that next weekend
might not be too nice. Ah well.
That's what early Spring is like
here. But Winter has had it's day
and soon it will be nothing but a
memory. Ha!! And then we'll be
complaining because it's A) too
hot B) too wet C) too dry D) all
of the above.


Heidi said...

Craft shows are fun but so tempting. You have some wonderful items to add to your stash. I can understand needing a magnifier. I can no longer see to stitch or quilt without wearing a pair of reading glasses over my glasses. I might look funny with two pairs of glasses on but it works a treat! A stitching friend of mine now does the same so we can look silly

Did you see I included you in the SAL slideshow on March 15th?

Hugs ~

Meari said...

Sounds like the stitching show was fun. Nice stash you got!