Friday, 27 March 2009

I Joined a New Yahoo Group!

And i couldn't resist joining the SAL they have going on, the group is Stitchers Heaven, the SAL, Alla Turca. There have been 3 parts released so far with another due out on 1st April, i managed to finish part 1 last weekend, I'll start part 2 tomorrow and try to get caught up by the end of April.

I'm using 28 count evenweave and Needle Necessities floss, number 153.This is the first time I've used NN and i'm loving the effect.

I'm not going to show my progress on Yesteryear this time, it really is too pathetic to show!! i did get settled down with it a few times but i was struggling, it started off in a hoop then i put it in a frame, then back to a hoop, I'll persevere with it in a hoop now. It seems i couldn't count either! but I'll put that down to the fact that i was without my reading glasses for most of the week as they were having new lenses fitted, now they are back with me so i wont have that excuse next week :-) I have the weekend to myself this week as Mark is away working, all my chores around the house and the weeks laundry are done so apart from the usual Sunday morning ironing i can please myself and sit and stitch all day if i want too !, can't be bad :-) So until next time, I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are up to....Tara-a-bit xx


Mylene said...

Your new SAL project is looking great. I love the colour you have chosen for this.

lynda said...

I'm part of that group as well and am loving the SAL. Your floss color is beautiful.

Milly~ said...

You're off to a great start Maggie. Love the floss you're using.

Kim B said...

It's so pretty! I love that color!

Eliza said...

Yours is looking GREAT!
I LOVE your color!
I wish I could say I love my own colors ~ I started this sal too ...

DJ said...

Oh I do love the colors on your Alla Turca! Isn't it a fun stitch! Will keep checking back to see your progress! *hugs* DJ

Tammy said...

I've not used NN, but it sure is gorgeous! Fantastic progress on your piece.

Twana said...

Pretty color floss.

Jane said...

Alla Turca looks great in that colour. I am sure you will soon catch up

Anonymous said...

Great progress on your SAL, a very interesting design so far. Needle Necessities is my all time favourite thread!

Siobhán said...

Your start is lovely, Maggie! That NN color is fabulous!

doris said...

How fun to join a new SAL! Your project looks great, but I'm gonna have to investigate it, because I've never heard of it.

Brigitte said...

Your SAL project looks gorgeous. It's always nice to SAL on a piece as there's always a lot of motivation coming over from the other stitchers.
Enjoy your weekend.

Unknown said...

Alla Turca is coming along great, this is one that I am doing too and I just love stitching it, I love her charts I have another of hers on the go and I could quite happily stitch more lolol.

Susan said...

Hi Maggie, I've just joined this group too (looks like most of Friendly Stitchers have!) but haven't yet got round to thinking about this SAL. You've made a great start on it.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely SAL you are stitching. It is going to look great once you are done. Sounds like a great group to be in too.

Meari said...

Alla Turca looks nice, Maggie. Sorry you were having 'issues' with the hoop/scroll/hoop but it looks like you've got it figured out now. :)

Cindy F. said...

Pretty SAL piece! Sounds like a great group:)

Heidi said...

SAL are fun to do and I am sure you will be caught up in no time. This is turning out so pretty. The color is fabulous.

Hugs ~

Karan said...

Enjoyed my nosey around your blog looking at the lovely pieces you've stitched. Love the new start - have been collecting the parts but trying desperately not to start it yet, so will enjoy watching yours develop. :0)

Roberta said...

Nice start Maggie - I love working with NN thread. Looking forward to seeing you progress.


Unknown said...

I am doing this one too Maggie you are off to a great start and I love you colours

Crazee4books said...

Hi Maggie,

How are things???

Hope you and your family had a
wonderful Easter weekend with
great weather and lots of good
food and, of course, chocolate.

And speaking of chocolate....

You live within six miles of
Cadbury World?? Oh!! Be still
my beating heart!!! I would be
in such serious trouble if I
ever set foot in the place
let me tell you.

I am a rabid chocoholic and
could easily eat the stuff for
every meal and for snacks too.
Whenever I visited England I
always brought those big Cadbury's
chocolate bars home with me.
We have Cadbury's here too of
course, but it doesn't taste quite as nice as the English version of
their chocolate.

I have seen a few versions of
Alla Turca being stitched by
other stitchers and it is such
a beautiful design. Did you
manage to finish the second part
before the release of the April
installment?? I love the floss
colour that you chose to stitch
this with too.

I've been slowly collecting
skeins of Threadworx floss, which
is the reinvention of Needle
Necessities floss, and the
colours are simply wonderful.

I've yet to stitch anything with
this floss, but I do a lot of
day dreaming when I take it out
and look at it. Someday I'll
pick out a pattern, choose a
Threadworx colour and get into it.

I've saved your email address,
and thank you for it. I shall
make use of it someday soon I
think. It's better for those
long posts that I can't seem to
help making.

Have a great week. Cheers!