Thursday, 16 April 2009

New Start & Updates

So what's been keeping me quiet? My laptop, that's what! it was my own fault, i installed a new programme not realising that i should have uninstalled the version i didn't want first, and it caused a few problems but luckily it's been righted by the guy who sorts out our laptops for work and everything is fine now. I'll know to ask before i do anything again!
We had a very pleasant Easter weekend, my family came round for lunch on Sunday, what started out as being 5 of us ended up being 10 of us! It was nice to have everyone together but i can now understand why the air is blue in restaurant kitchens! We had the full turkey dinner with all the trimmings and everyone presented me with a clean plate :-) and no one has got in touch to say they suffered any adverse affects, lol, Dessert was home made Key Lime Pie, (the first time I've tried this and i was surprised at how easy it was!) it went down particularly well so i will defiantly attempt again, my eldest daughter contributed with a lovely Easter cake made with whole cadbury caramel bars which was really yummy, even the weather was unusually kind to us seeing as it was Bank Holiday. I really should have gone for a nice long walk on Monday to try and burn off a few of those calories but my sofa and stitching was calling me and i couldn't ignore them! This is my progress on Alla Turca, the fabric looks lighter on this photo, it's actually more of cream colour.

I've still got part 4 to stitch to be caught up, but think i should manage that this week. I'd been trying so hard not to be wasteful with the NN thread i'm using because my LNS only had 2 skiens, she didn't think there would be a problem getting more and i thought i wouldn't need much more anyway, i should have known my inability to count would have tripped me up, I've had to un-stitch one bit, well, actually rip it out while muttering under my breath how stupid i am would be more accurate. knowing i will need some more thread i go in search the next day only to find that NN is now Threadworx and the name & number have changed, fortunately they are still dying the same as NN so shouldn't be a problem, except the particular one I'm using is not to be found anywhere in the country! i have tried several place in the US too with no luck, one place told me that Threadworxs was having trouble obtaining the thread from Anchor that that is used as the base for this particular colour and it was not expected for another 2-3 weeks. Last week my LNS said that their supplier is due a shipment in 2 weeks and she will let me know as soon as she gets it in. Fingers crossed that i won't have to start all over again with something else, i prefer not to think about that at the moment so we'll say no more for now!
I made a new start with the Grand Abecedaire SAL on Gazette94 blog, this is how far along i am this week. I am using Anchor threads 1013 & 1014 with 28 count evenweave (again) i seem to get on better with evenweave than linen, it's kinder on my eyes too, lol.


My evenings have been turned upside down a bit at the moment, my husband, Mark (bless him) who usually works anywhere in the country and who i am used to seeing from Friday night to Sunday night is working closer to home for about the next 2 months! (that's 8 weeks, or 60 days!!!), you get the idea, he is here EVERY evening and i have had to resort to wearing my earplugs every night because of his snoring!, if anyone has found a good remedy to stop snoring please, please, please share it with me i would be eternally grateful!

Tonight I'm having a night out with some girlfriends so off now to get ready, hope your weekend is great whatever you are up to, thank you for taking the time to visit me and leave a comment, i love to read them :-)...till next time, Tara-a-bit xx



Kim B said...

I so hope you get the fibers you are needing! That must be so frustrating!

Your projects look amazing!

And that Key Lime Pie is making me drool!!!

Mylene said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful easter weekend with family.

Progress on both projects are looking great and hope you can get the needed threads soon.

Have a good weekend!

Cindy F. said...

Your daughter's cadbury cake sounds yummy!!!
Both of your wips are beautiful and I hope you get your floss quickly:)

Anonymous said...

Great progress on your stitching. I completely sympathise with you on the snoring issue, it's something I have to put up with on a regular basis! I have some NN 153, I'd be glad to send it to you so you have a little more in reserve, just in case. Email me if you'd like it

Tammy said...

Your projects are absolutely lovely. The reds and pinks are great. And I have the perfect solution to a snoring hubby---put him (or you) in a seperate bedroom, lol. We've been doing that a long while now!

Susan said...

How worrying about the floss you need. I bet you are saving every little left-over and getting 'just one more stitch' out of every length!! Fingers crossed you have enough - it's a lovely project.

Heidi said...

How pretty your colors are for your French Abecedaire SAL. I love stitching this and hope you have as much fun doing yours. Best of luck with the NN thread you need. I have a couple of them. What color are you looking for? Maybe I have it. As far as snoring, once you find a remedy...please share as I have the same problem with my DH. LOL!

Hugs ~

Brigitte said...

Your WIPs look very very nice. Yes, I know, threads can become a real problem when you live far away from every source. I also have an exchnage stitching on hold because I couldn't get a Sampler Thread of which I just need two lengths. Finally I found a shop where it was available - but it's still not here. Oh well. I hope you will get yours soon.
The only thing that can be done against snoring is sleep in a different room. Lol.

Karan said...

Glad the turkey dinner stretched far enough! LOL
Hope you manage to get more thread as AT looks fab in that colour. Alphabet looks rather gorgeous too. :0) No cure for the snoring but an elbow in the ribs usually has mine turning over enough for the snoring to stop so I can nod off! ;0)

Siobhán said...

Lovely WIP pics, Margie! They're both beautiful.

My friend Lois reads your blog but as she doesn't have a blog wasn't able to leave a comment. She asked that I post for her, here's a bit of her e-mail: In all likelihood she has already tried here, she doesn't mention where she's planning to get her order of thread from but I was wondering if she'd tried Sew and So, they have the Threadworx and have the alternate 153 listed. Might be worth a shot.

Good luck finding it!

As for the snoring husband, good luck. I was going to say "a good swift kick" but thought that might not sound so nice, LOL... but I've done it all. Kick, nip, yell, nudge, etc. The kicks aren't too hard--they increase in frequency until my husband wakes up and stops snoring long enough for me to (hopefully) fall asleep. My favorite is when he snores so loudly that he wakes HIMSELF up, then looks around the room loudly asking what that sound was. LOL What we put up with for love!!