Sunday, 13 September 2009

Catching up & I Have a Finish!

It's been a while, but there hasn't been much stitching going on here to show, except i finished AT up when i came back from holiday It's still waiting to be framed though. It has a small mark on the fabric at the bottom, not too noticeable but i know it's there therefore will always notice it! As the threads are not colourfast i cannot wash it, i have some carpet & upholstery wipes I'm going to try later and hope that works. and then i can take it to the framers in the week.

This past week I've spent my afternoons after work in the garden because the weather here has been absolutely beautiful every day, I've chopped & trimmed everything in sight, lol and it now looks so much better, most of the bushes we planted had somehow taken on a life of their own, it was like The Day of The Triffids in parts!

The right hand side on the corner there was a huge bush which although lovely when it was in flower had gotten just too big, all that's left now is the trunk of it and i have filled that area with daffodil bulbs and covered it in bark, so hopefully i shall have a lovely display next spring :-)
I've planted up my hanging baskets and window boxes with winter pansies too.

Now I've got the garden in order i shall hopefully be able to get some stitching in next week although i have to finish off my Power Point for the I.T NVQ I'm doing at work because the assessor is visiting the week after and i really want to get it out of the way (the assessor has been a bit of a nightmare from the beginning). Talking of work, we have had a series of shock redundancies. Back in April when we had the end of year review we were told that although things were tight (like most companies i suppose) they were going to save money through things like cutting back on spending, tighter reigns on expenses and there would be no spending on company fun days, but they were not going to make redundancies. Well that was then! so far, one of the girls has gone from Sales and one of the service engineers, then a week ago 8 of the design and CAD lads had letters and they made the decision this week to make two of them redundant, one of them was past retirement age anyway but the other one was a young lad, he and his wife have a young baby, it was him i felt most sorry for, he got upset when he was saying his good byes, i hate it when people get upset and could have cried with him!! We don't know if there will be any more, they never even announced these last ones! It's all made worse because all the lads are a really great bunch and everyone gets along, but i suppose with the economy being they way it is it can't be helped.

Thank you all for visiting and all your lovely comments, it makes my day to read them and visit all your lovely blogs :-) Have a lovely week whatever your getting up to. x


Nancy said...

Gorgeous stitching Maggie! I love your choice of red. Pretty pansies too!

Branlaadee said...

I love your pansies. They are my favorite flowers! Your yard looks wonderful.

Sorry about work. :( I now how hard it is. hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Maggee, I loved your AT! What was your fiber? It's a beautiful variegated.

Jane in WV

doris said...

Beautiful finish. Your garden looks like a perfect place to sit and enjoy the afternoon.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

What a beautiful finish, Maggie! I love the color. Sorry to hear about the troubles at work - so sad when someone with a young family has to go.

Edy said...

Your Alla Turca is lovely. Is it "flame?" I just did a Santa with NN or Threadworx "Flame".

Rowyn said...

Isn't it funny, they can put a man on the moon but they can't make some threads colourfast!! lol It's gorgeous though.

Love your backyard, very pretty and it looks nice and private.

Mylene said...

Congrats on the finish. It is simply beautiful! I really love the colour you have used for this one.
Pretty neat backyard you have. I jus bought some winter pansies too this morning and hope to do something with our small garden this week as it looks like neglected since we came back.

Karan said...

Ooo gorgeous HD! Your garden looks lovely - have been making the most of the good weather here too. :0)
Must go & get some pansies for our garden next weekend. :0)
Poor young chap, so hope he finds another job soon.

Heidi said...

Hi Maggie! Congratulations on a beautiful finish. I must admit that I cannot see any spot. I hope it won't keep you from enjoying this beauty.

We have gotten more grey skies as the front that is causing your beautiful weather is causing us cool temperatures, rain and fog. I don't mind though as I love this kind of weather. I hope to get out in the garden up at the cottage to plant more bulbs. I have them all over there and just cannot get enough of them. I am sure your bulbs are going to look fabulous in the coming spring.

Best of luck over your job. These things are worrisome right now. We have a neighbor that just said he may have to put his house up for sale if he cannot find a job soon.

Hugs ~

CindyMae said...

What a beautiful finish! Gorgeous work! You have such a lovely garden!!

Cindy F. said...

Congrats on your beautiful finish!!!

I love your winter pansies:)

Best wishes regarding your job. I pray no one else is let go.

Tammy said...

Beautiful stitching-the red is great! And pansies are so pretty and happy looking!

Ivory Spring said...


What a lovely finish. The variegated red looks very rich!

Siobhán said...

Oh Maggie, what a gorgeous finish!! Congrats. I love that red that you used--it's perfect. I want to go grab up my monochromatic stitching and get going on that again after seeing your finish.

Lovely work on the garden, too! I am writing this while crossing my fingers, hoping I'm not jinxing myself here, but we had a moonsoon like summer and eary September, but the last week or so has been so nice. I can see the sun!! Hope it's stayed nice for you.

mbroider said...

I remember having commented, but does not seem to have appeared!!

You have a beautiful garden... Congratulations on your finish too. I am currently with Page 2 of AT.

This new look on your blog is lovely too!!


CJ said...

Lovely finish. Your garden is beautiful.

Too bad I missed you post about the traveling pattern, I would have loved to be part of it. I have been wanting to get involved in one, oh well maybe another will come up.


MarchAnn said...

I love how you have done AT, I down loaded it but have not got that in my to do list yet.

Brigitte said...

Oh Maggie, what a besutiful finish. I'm looking forward to seeing it framed.
I love your pansies, they are some of my favourite flowers.
I hope you job situation is safe and wish you all the best for it.

Ruth said...

Congratulations on besting your Triffids! I want to grab a drink and go sit in your garden right this very minute.

Conrgats on the stitching which is absolutely lovely....too :)

Michelle said...

Gorgeous finish! I love the red you used!!! Red is my favorite.

MysteryKnitter said...

Nice stitching.
I am sad for the young man who has a baby and who lost his job.