Friday, 25 September 2009

Wanna Join Me in a Happy Dance?

Because today i picked up my AT from the framers! I really love the way it's turned out and so glad i went for the red frame
Alla Turca Available from Stitchers Heaven Yahoo group
Designed by Pelin Tezer
stitched on 28 count with threadworx 1089 (Bleeding Hearts)
Next up is something i haven't shown in a while, my ABC. Since i came back from holiday i haven't spent quite as much time stitching, but the times i have stitched has been on this.
I'm quite close to finishing, but way, way behind most that started this SAL, i keep thinking that i will get it finished by the end of next month, but at the snail pace that I'm going lately that's probably a bit ambitious!
This is also on 28 count, with Anchor threads 1013 & 1014. Please excuse the slightly washed out photos! And, speaking of photos, I've enrolled on a photography course this week, I've been looking around for a course for a while and came upon this one happening at the Botanical Gardens near Birmingham. I'm quite excited about it! The course starts next Saturday afternoon, so it also gets me out of the grocery shopping, lol. I shall bore you all with how it went next time, lol. For now, i hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to :-)


Nancy said...

Maggie your sampler is stunning, and I really love the red frame! You must be so pleased, and I am happy dancing with you. Your ABC sampler is pretty too. Enjoy your photography class!

MarchAnn said...

I love your AT, the colors are great and I love the framing. I have this piece but it is not even in my to-do pile yet.

Gee I like your color choices for the ABC too. I think its an even bet you like RED.

Karen said...

Maggie, your samplers are beautiful. I love the colors you chose for your alphabet.

Loraine said...

Happy, Happy dance! I love the red frame too. What wonderful pictures!

Gillie said...

Wow, that is super gorgeous! Well done you!

Gabi said...

Gosh this is pretty. Love your Alla Turca. Frame suits perfect too.

Jane said...

The framing has really set off AT really well. I'm still deciding what to do with mine

Sherry said...

The photography course sounds like so much fun! I have wanted to do that. Love your ABC sampler!

Eva Hernández Tarín said...

Soy Eva from Spain, I love your blog!!

Unknown said...

Your framed piece is absolutely beautiful. I have not seen that pattern before.

Your WIP is great - It looks like you are almost done, I am sure you'll finish soon.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kellie said...

Congratulations on your finish! It is beautiful!!
I love your are almost done! Keep stitching. :)

Hope you have a great weekend. Have fun at your photography course.

Meari said...

Alla Turka is gorgeous! Congrats on the finish. Your ABC is beautiful as well.

Edy said...

I guess RED is your color! My AT is navy blue and my ABC is two shades of green. My AT is nor framed yet, but the ABC is hanging in the dining room.
Great job on both!

Brigitte said...

Your framed sampler looks so great. And so does your ABC. Don't put yourself under pressure, just stitch on it every now and then and you will see that it's done in no time. Love your colour choice.

Siobhán said...

Woohoo!! Maggie, I love your framed sampler--it is SO pretty. Lovely work on your ABC, too. Enjoy the photography course, I'd love to do something like that, too.

CJ said...

The red frame is perfect. Good on you. I am stitching the ABC as well, but I must say I am way behind you. Love your colors on ABC, perhaps I will work on mine today.

Marsha said...

Your stitching is awesome. I love the red and the red frame looks great.

Dawn said...

Maggie, Your AT looks wonderful in that frame, and the exact same colour line on the mount just sets it off great.

Karan said...

WOW! AT is stunning - an inspired frame choice. Love how ABC is coming along too. Hope you enjoy the photography course - look forward to seeing the results of that. :0)

mbroider said...

Good Job, Maggie. The AT looks great. I should finish my page 2 this weekend:)

Tammy said...

Gorgeous stitching Maggie. I love the colors on both these pieces.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Maggie,

Congratulations on finishing
and framing AT. It really
does look stunning in the red
frame so you made a wise choice
there. And the design itself
is so striking, intricate and
for some reason makes me think
of Russia. Soviet Union??

The ABC design is looking
fantastic too. I've been
mulling over the possibility
of stitching this one myself
but I can't quite figure out
what the stitch count is.
What is the size of this
piece, if you don't mind me

Sorry to read about the
redundancies that happened
recently at your work. It's
so hard to see co-workers
let go, and it causes worry
and unease amongst those left
behind. Not good for moral.

Your vacation in Cyprus looks
like it was a lot of fun and
very relaxing. What a
beautiful place.

The photography course sounds
like it will indeed be a great
learning experience and the
location will be perfect for
taking pictures while learning
new techniques. I look forward
to seeing your pictures.


Unknown said...

Fantastic Alla Turca finish and the ABC is looking lovely. Love your stitching.

Mylene said...

The framed piece is simply beautiful!
Love the colours you are using for the ABC.

MysteryKnitter said...

Awesome framed piece! You can stitch!