Sunday, 27 September 2009

I'm All Behind!!

No ladies, I'm not referring to my posterior, although some might be inclined to say otherwise :O The behind i am am referring to is the blogging & blog reading, where on earth does the time go?? I've been full of good intentions but something always gets in the way. Last week i tried my hand at scrap booking, a completely new thing for me but my friend who is into scrap booking in a BIG way asked me to go to her crop as they were having a 'taster' session, all i was to bring along was a 6x4 photo and £1 for materials. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and my friend gifted me with a scrapbook to put my first page in:-) We got the chance to try our hand at stamping, (the bird & the flower thingies) and the little frilled edge under the photo was done with a cool little tool that did the frilly bit for you!. I dread to think how much could be spent on this hobby and I'm a little reluctant to go down that road, but it did make a really pleasant change. Stitching has been a bit hit and miss, most nights i really haven't felt like getting anything out. This is my pathetic progress on my ABC
I think the roses motif is the only section I've finished since i last showed it
I think perhaps i am getting a bit fed-up with the same old, same old, so to try and get back a little enthusiasm i made a new start yesterday - on this

I've had this ready to do for a while now and it seems to be stitching up quickly (famous last words, lol) no photos today though, I'll show next time.
My photo class is going well, really enjoying it so far, i was a bit worried i was going to be stuck with a load of men, but only 2 men in the class the rest are a mixed age range of women, all it seems with more or less the same objective, to become a brilliant photographer and earn loads of money, lol. I will try and get around to posting my photos somewhere so you can all have a good laugh for next time, but i took this today in my garden, trying to bring together what we have covered up to now
Thanks for stopping by & have a great week whatever you may be up too x


CindyMae said...

Love your first scrap book page, it looks great! Your stitching progress looks amazing! That is a gorgeous piece!! I look forward to seeing your progress on your new start!!

Unknown said...

What a lovely 1st scrapbook page you created! I just love to make cards using stamps - you are correct, it can be quite a costly pastime!

What a fun project by La-d-Da - I look forward to seeing your pictures.

Nancy said...

You may not feel like you made much progress on your sampler, but it is beautiful! Enjoy stitching Zippity Do Da. I stitched this when it first came out and loved it! Your scrapbook page is lovely as is your rose!

doris said...

Scrapbooking looks like lots of fun, but I can't set my stitching down long enough to take it up. I hope you do some more and share it with us.

Your ABC looks wonderful.

And where does the time go? I can't figure it out.

Gabi said...

your scrapbook page looks great.
Your sampler looks beautiful. It doesn't matter how MUCH progress you made as long as you're having fun with it.

Mylene said...

I love the vibrant red color of your roses! Soooo lovely!!

Your scrapbook page turns out great!

Roberta said...

I know what you mean, Maggie, about 'where does the time go' I am also trying to stay caught up with blogs and stitching.

Love the scrapbook picture you did of the girls - this could be another habit!! watch out.

Have a great day -- Roberta

Nina said...

Hi Maggie,

Thank you for your kind comment :)
Wow, you have so fabulous works! Mary Wigham in these colors are really wonderful, and your photos about Cyprus... fantastic!!

Hugs fromHungary,

Karan said...

Great scrapbook page. Like the look of your new start - looking forward to seeing a progress pic. Wow, those roses look lush! :0)

Kim B said...

I love that page! Scrapbooking is as much a slippery slope as stitching I am told as far as stash goes!

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie,

Your roses are beautiful and I like your 'Ziggy ....' stitchwork!

Greetings, Carolien

MysteryKnitter said...

That sampler is awesome! I am sure you will tame it soon and the framer of your world will get some work.