Monday, 10 May 2010

ABC Framed & Prom Photos

Stevie had a wonderful time at the Prom on Friday, it was great to see all the kids dressed up, they all looked really glamorous:-) and thankfully the rain held off. Here's Stevie and two of the lads in all their finery.
I collected my ABC from Betty's on Saturday.
Abecedaire free chart from here
Stitched on 28 count with Anchor threads 1013 & 1014
I was surprised when i looked back that I've been working on this on and off for a year - eek! time flies when your having fun, lol
The past week has been very busy with other things, so not much stitching done, hopefully I'll do some catching up this week and I'll have some progress on Rubie Owl to share with you next time.
So that's it for this time, short and sweet!
Speak soon x


KarenV said...

Your ABC looks gorgeous, great frame choice! Your daughter looks lovely in her pretty dress :)

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie,

Your daughter looks like a real princess, lovely!
And your finish is lovely, with those subtle colours ... love that sampler.

Have a nice week & hugs,

Nancy said...

Your ABC sampler is so pretty, and I love the frame you chose!

Your daughter looks gorgeous! What a beautiful dress!

Melanie said...

She looked absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Deb said...

Your daughter looks beautiful. Such a stunning dress!

And your sampler looks wonderful as well. Isn't it fun to finish up a project and get it framed?

Kellie said...

Stevie is absolutely beautiful! I love her gorgeous dress!

Your ABC is beautiful too. Do you have plans of where you will hang this? Very pretty. Love the framing and the reds.

Loraine said...

Your daughter looks like a princess! So gorgeous.
Love the finish too. Nice frame!
Take Care.

Unknown said...

Your daughter is beautiful and her dress is lovely. What fun to get all dressed up.

Love your ABC finish - it is gorgeous!

Ginnie said...

Stevie looks great. My two have several friends at Summerhill and they had their Prom on Friday too. Looking at all the photos made the girls so excited and they can't wait for theirs.
Good ole Betty's has come up trumps again... fab framing. I work just down the road from the shop (by the old Bronx building) you must wave if you go by !!!

Kathy A. said...

What a lovely young lady. She looks so grown up all dressed for the prom.
ABC is stunning framed. What a beautiful piece.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

She is pretty as a picture :) I particularly love the pose with the dapper walking stick!

Your framed ABC's are gorgeous!

Sherry said...

Your sampler is lovely and you chose a wonderful frame! Your daughter is beautiful an looks like a princess!

Mylene said...

Hello Maggie, your daughter looks gorgeous!
Can't see a picture with the two lads though...

Your framed ABC sampler is simply beautiful!

Kathy said...

Oh my your daughter is just stunning. Her prom dress is gorgeous and only makes her prettier.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I found that trim at a local Joanns. I can see if they have more if you'd like. Email me. (My email is on my profile.)

JOLENE said...

Love Stevie's tiara and beautiful gown. All she needs is a!!! Cinderella would have been envious of her. Congrats on your finish/finished ABC, it turned out lovely. Smiles....

Crazee4books said...

Hi Maggie!

Wow!! Stevie looked absolutely
stunning in her beautiful blue
gown and dainty tiara. Mom must
have been so proud, eh? Looks
like she had a wonderful time
that night too.

Your ABC looks amazing in it's
frame!!! You did a wonderful job
of picking the colors for it and
stitching it. Every time that I
see yours I want to stitch my own
version. It looks like a lot of
fun to stitch too. If this took
you a year to stitch I hate to
imagine how long it would take me!

Hey, we had a wee bit of snow
fall this weekend!! To say we
were massively unimpressed would
be an understatement. It didn't
last too long, but still...

Hopefully warmer weather and
sunshine for next weekend, and
for the long weekend after that.

How's your garden doing so far
this Spring???


Lynn said...

Love your ABC sampler! It looks fantastic framed.
Your daughter is a very lovely young lady. Her dress is stunning!

Julie said...

Stevie looks wonderful, what a beautiful dress. Hope the boys treated her like a lady!

Framer did a wonderful job, it looks superb

Heidi said...

Doesn't your daughter look beautiful Maggie! Glad she had a nice evening. Your ABC SAL sampler is just so beautifully framed. The framer has wonderful frames and does a good job. You did a fabulous job on it and I love your color choices. You say I inspired you to start it with mine but you are now inspiring me to get mine done with yours. I want to get it finished as a way to say I win against not feeling well. I bought a frame for it just over a week ago. I saw the frame and just knew it would be right and thankfully it was.

Hugs from Holland ~

Siobhán said...

Your daughter looks lovely, Maggie! I like that sampler, too--so nice--perfect choice for the frame.

Meari said...

Stevie looks so glamourous!!

Your ABC's looks really good, too.

Lainey said...

Maggie your daughter looks beautiful, her dress is gorgeous.
Congrats on your lovely ABC finish.
Look forward to more up-dates on Rubie Owl.

Karan said...

Ooo love the dress - Stevie looks beautiful. Glad she had a lovely time. :0)
ABC looks fabulous - great framing job. Look forward to the RO update. :0)

Brigitte said...

Your princess daughter looks terrific in her blue dress. She couldn't have chosen a more beautiful one.
Great ABC piece!

Justflo said...

Think you daughter must have stolen the 'prom' she looks gorgeous. What a beautiful dress and hair-do.

Oh yes ! Your ABC looks great.

gazette94 said...

Hello Maggie, I love your Abécédaire, you made a wonderful work ! The 2 colors match perfectly ! Thank you for the picture that I will be proud to show on my blog, in the next post..
The frame is just perfect for it too !
Your daughter is lovely in her blue dress, just like a princess !

MysteryKnitter said...

S looks just like a princess! Tiara and all!
And your ABC thing is lovely! I am sure you will find a good spot for it from your wall.