Monday, 3 May 2010

Just Another Bank Holiday Monday And It.....

Was a very typical one for the UK, not very warm and ending in rain. I knew i was being optimistic when i bought a new patio set last week, might be weeks now before we get to use it! Being Bank Holiday we had an extra long weekend so we decided to drive out to a car boot sale and have a rummage - i love a good rummage, do you? I was to be disappointed today though, nothing worth rummaging in, seemed like everyone was just getting out last years 'un sold's' and my only find was another Tudor book - The Queen's Sorrows, Suzannah Dunn, (yes, i know, I'm becoming obsessed!) If only I'd known how interesting the Tudors were when i was taking History at school i might have fared better than a C in my exams (or was it a D? been so long i forget!) either way it was not good.
Wednesday this week bought on another throat infection which really knocked me for six, i went into work only to come home again mid morning because i lost my voice, not a good thing when you work on a switchboard, Thursday i managed to go to work but absolutely had no life in me whatsoever and come Friday morning i woke up as a mutant with a second set of eyelids, the result of something that did not agree with me again, so instead of going to work i made a trip to the doctors. I'm to take antihistamines for a month to try and settle it down (whatever 'it' is). didn't come here to read about my ailments so how about a stitchy photo?
LHN Snowy Pines
DMC Threads on a mystery piece of linen
LHN - Snowy Pines
I don't know what count the fabric was i used but this one came out smaller than the others, and i think now i do prefer them a little bit bigger. I also managed another finish on my ABC, no photos until it comes back though, i was so eager to get it up to Betty's for framing i forgot. I hadn't realised how long this one had been going until i looked back through my blog, it was last April i started it, where does the time go!!
Stevie has her School Prom this Friday so a busy few days ahead being filled with hair, nail, tanning and makeup appointments. I'm not going to sit down and tot up how much this Prom has cost, it's just a lot, an awful lot, but i am so looking forward to seeing her all dressed up, I'm sure it will be worth every last penny:-)
So, next time hopefully lots of photos of Stevie in her glad rags and my long awaited ABC finish, which incidentally i have dedicated to Stevie as it will mark some milestones in her life, she turned 16 in the week i finished it, officially left school last Friday and of course her Prom.
Well that's all folks, except to say that i have added some swaps / trades and some freebies on my other blog, the link is in the sidebar if you want a wonder on over to see if anything takes your fancy...if it does, give me a shout.
As always, thank you for your lovey comments which really do mean so much to me as do your continued visits to read my ramblings. x


Unknown said...

Maggie, so sorry to hear that you have been sick - I sure hope you are on the mend!

Love, love your new finish - this ornament finish is wonderful!

I look forward to seeing pictures of Stevie all dressed up for prom.

Hillery said...

Your ornaments are really coming along. I am still on He's a Flake.
Great Job.

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear that you ahve been so ill. I hope you are doing a bit better now. And your LHN ornament is absolutely beautiful. I really need to get back to stitching mine.

Mylene said...

Hi Maggie, sorry to hear of the infection, do hope it is getting better by now.

Love your new ornament finish, great job!

Over what you asked on my last post about the Daffodils-yes it is the same as the Tulips.

Daffycat said...

Long weekends are the BEST!!!

Love the ornament ~ great stitching & finishing!

Roberta said...

I am way behind in my LHN stitching, yours look wonderful. Get better quickly and looking forward to Prom pics.

Also a bit late, but congrats on your daughters Constable advancement.


Nancy said...

Your Snowy Pines ornament is beautiful! That is my next one to stitch even though I haven't done any finishing yet!

Hope you feel better soon!

Marie Rayner said...

I do hope that you are feeling better soon! It's no fun feeling under the weather. I Love your newest stitchery. You do such a fine job on them. Where do you get your patterns? xxoo

Lainey said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick. Your Ornie is just beautiful.
Hope your daughter has a great time at her prom. My daughter has hers in June, managed to find the shoes yesterday and yes it does cost an arm and a leg..

Heidi said...

So sorry to hear you have not been well Maggie! Not fun and especially when there are free long weekends. It rained here for 3 days straight but then again we needed rain. We have had fire warnings in Holland for our woods and heather. It is not a bad thing for our stitching as

I notice that you are in the midst of winter with your stitching finishes lately and I am loving it! Great little ornament.

Hugs from Holland ~

Ginnie said...

Lovely ornament.
Hope Stevie's Prom goes well, my 2 have theirs on 24th June..... tell me about the cost!!!
Hope you feel a lot better soon.

Julie said...

A really beautiful ornament, hope you are feeling better after the extra days off this week - shame about the weather though!

I remember my daughters prom, she went off in a Rolls Royce with her friends, such fun but oh so costly, its a once in a lifetime thing to be remembered forever, hope she has fun

KarenV said...

I haven't read that Suzannah Dunn book yet, only The Sixth Wife (which I enjoyed), so I'll be looking out for that one. Your ornament is really cute!

Karan said...

That does not sound like much fun - hope you start to feel much better soon (((((hugs))))).
Lovely finish. Look forward to seeing the Prom pics - hope Stevie has a fabulous time. :0)
BTW, I've finished reading The Sixth Wife by Suzannah Dunn & it's looking for a new home - shout if you haven't got it & want it & I'll send it on to you. :0)

Siobhán said...

Lovely finish! I hope Stevie has a great time at her prom. My daughter has decided to do Transition Year--basically a non-exam year in between their senior cycle & junior cycle. She joyfully told me that it means she gets to go to the prom/grad twice. Between that & being told that I have to fork over six hundred euro for the TY program, all I can hear are cash registers in my head. Or maybe it's moths flying out of my wallet. LOL

Crazee4books said...

Hey Maggie!!

How are you feeling today???
Hope that nasty throat infection
has finally been beaten into
submission by the drugs and
goes away for good!!

A long weekend with rain is
disappointing, but at least
it's a good excuse to sit
and stitch. Or read. Or

We've had some incredibly
wonderful weather this
Spring, but when it does
rain it seems to prefer to
do so on the weekends, which
is most annoying.

I would love to go to some of
the garage sales here on the
weekends but I'd have to walk
from location to location
because my DH would not want
to waste time that could be
spent working in the yard.

Another cute stitch and finish
with Snowy Pines. Love that
little bear!! I can't wait to
see the pictures of your finished
and framed ABC project. Perhaps
it'll inspire me to start my own
version. So many projects, so
little time!!

I'm using DMC #115 to stitch
my version of Sew Red. I'd
seen it being used so often
in other stitchers blogs and
it looked lovely in their
photos so I grabbed myself
five skeins when I found
some for sale at Knowledge
And Needles in Brighton
(Ontario) last Sept. It
really is a lovely variegated
thread with a wide range from
bright red to deep dark red.


Justflo said...

Bank holidays are made for rain and dull skies. We did have a bar-b the other day though and yes we are in England. Love your finish. Hope your on top of your illness bout soon.
Enjoy the Prom.

Carolien said...

Hi Maggie,

I hope you will feel better by now!!!
Your ornament is sooooo cute!

Have a great week & hugs,

Meari said...

Your little ornie looks really nice.

MysteryKnitter said...

I am sad you've been sick. I hope you get better soon.
I hope S has a great Prom day.
Take one stitch at a time. I am sure that ABC thing is lovely once you will get it back.