Thursday, 3 November 2011

It's November..

And It's a horrible damp and rainy night here, a perfect night to be sat indoors stitching:-)
DH has been here for the last 2 weeks since his last contract finished, getting under my feet and general doing..well, nothing really.  Don't get me wrong, he works really hard, but when he gets time off that's exactly what he has, time off...from everything - I swear if I have to sit through another cookery programme I'll cut the TV cable!  I really wouldn't mind but this is a man that never cooks, never, EVER!! So why the fascination with cookery programmes?beats me!  
So, not a lot of stitching, just been taking myself off to bed early with my book and my hot water bottle :-)

Right, now I've got that little moan out of the way i do have photos to show you, photos of a finish no less!

It's Molly
Carriage House Samplings

It's been a while since I started this, and then started again because I didn't like my stitches 
(yes I obsess that much!)

Don't you just love that crazy eyed fat cat!

And the not so little bird perched atop her head 
( i decided it's a she cat :-)

I love the frame
Mark at Betty's did yet another wonderful job.
Here's a close up of it

And finally the whole thing

Last Wednesday was our second stitch club meeting.  Unfortunately our numbers dwindled a bit and there was only six of us this time around, but it was actually quite a good night, being such a small number we got to know each other a bit better and it made for some good conversation.  
One of the ladies was interested in my snap frame last month and this time she had bought one of her own :-) she said she went straight up to Sharon's shop (Betty's)  the day after and treated herself to one, along with a magnifier.  I happened to mention while we were talking that i railroad all my stitches, she wasn't familiar with it, but when she tried it she was amazed what a difference it made.  I've got a feeling that the next time we meet she will be cursing me for slowing her up and causing extra work, lol.
Thanks for visiting me today and leaving me a comment, i really appreciate it :-)


Mylene said...

aha...that sounds exactly when hubby's home but not cookery programmes instead action/sc.fiction films so i hide in the bedroom with a book, can't stitch while he is watching as i hate the sounds!

Your recent finish looks gorgeous and the frame fits perfectly!! Congrats!

Mouse said...

oh dear hope he gets a new contract soon .... my DH has History channel on if not on WOT on the computer .. me I can walk in to craft room and hide heheh ... love your finish it is gorgeous and a lovely frame too ... well done on having such a great meet up with fellow stitchers too :)

Ranae said...

Molly is beautifully stitched and frame
What a piece to cherish!
I have all the girls in my stash to stitch, hehe

Lee said...

Molly looks wonderful! And I'm glad that your stitching group is so enjoyable. There's nothing like sharing your passion with fellow stitchers!

Catherine said...

So, I'm not the only one that still uses a hot water bottle!!
Your finish looks amazing - love that frame, perfect for the piece!
There is nothing like getting together with stitchy friends, is there?

Chris said...

Cooking Programs?? I think the book and the water bottle are a better bet!
The finish is beautiful, I love that cat too.
I hope that your stitching group continues to meet. Sometimes it is nice to have a smaller group so that you can get to know each other.

staci said...

I love having my Hubby home...but it does tend to throw off my routines :)

Congrats on finishing Molly, she's wonderful!

Carol said...

Molly is beautiful--both the stitching and framing :)

Melanie said...

Molly is FABULOUS! I just love it!!

With my husband it's Top Gear shows. Of which there only about 999 episodes. *groan* (I don't mind the show but I little goes a long way for me.)

L.O. said...

I love how Molly is framed. It looks great. I just love your blog. The projects you chose are so interesting.

I hope your stitching group holds together. I wish there was something like that here. I think stitching and sharing with others sounds like wonderful fun. Have a great weekend! Lei

Sally said...

Molly looks brilliant! Congratulations on a fantastic finish.

Lynn said...

I always find the month of November a bit depressing. Seems to be a lot of dark, dreary days. On the other hand I get a lot more stitching done!
Molly has really turned out wonderfully! Excellent job on the framing!

Brigitte said...

Molly looks great, what a wonderful finish! And I agree, it's framed perfectly.
A stitcher's group meeting with six stitchers sounds like a dream to me - not too many so that you can get to know each other very well, and not too few so that it could get boring after a while. On the other hand, it wouldn't get boring with three stictehrs either because you aöways find a lot to tralk about among stitchers, lol. Maybe next time there will be more participants again.

Julie said...

A darling finish, it's adorable.

Maybe hubby will surprise you one day with something nice he's cooked for you lol

Jenny said...

Cooking programs - that is too funny!!! LOL - Beats "Cops" and "Maury" though, which are my DH's shows o'choice... I am much less nice than you are; I whine until he switches over to anything else! :-)

Congrats on a gorgeous finish! I love the design and I can tell that you obsess, since your stitches are just perfect. Love the linen you used and the franme too - what a pretty finish!

Siobhán said...

Maggie, that is ADORABLE!!! Oh my gosh. I love it. Fantastic finish--and the frame is absolutely perfect for it!

I had to LOL at your comments about your husband. I love mine dearly, as you do yours, I'm sure, but having him home?? Oy. Heading to bed with a book and a hot water bottle sounds mighty cozy, though!

Anonymous said...

I love Molly and her cat!!! Such a cute kitty.

That frame really IS a perfect choice. Congratulations on the finish.

Unknown said...

Love your Molly, and yes, that cat is a bit cute.
Your hubby sounds great!!!!! Hope he helps you with the chores, and you never know he just might surprose you one day lol. It's lovely to have a stitching group, and great that you are getting together with other like minds. May it continue.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love your finished piece, such neat work and the frame is just perfect for it. Well done.

Gill in Canada

MysteryKnitter said...

I wish all the best to your stitching group.