Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas Ornies & The Prague Tunic Part 1

Seeing as we are hurtling towards Christmas i got a move on and finished off two of this years LHN ornaments.
Last year I managed to keep up with all of them, I don't know what happened this year, I just couldn't seem to get going despite buying them as the were issued in the UK.  I chose two that I liked the most for now and will carry on with the rest throughout next year.

Little House Needleworks Gingerbread Village
Stitched on a scrap of mystery 28 count
using DMC threads
And my personal favourite is this one -

Little House Needleworks Baked Goods
Stitched on a piece of Mystery 28 count fabric with DMC threads
When i made them up this time i used a piece of iron-on interfacing to back them, it made a real difference to how they look and made it easier to stitch the whole thing together.

I've put the stitching to one side this week in favour of knitting.  I used to knit years ago when the kids were small but nothing in a long time.  I'm an OK basic knitter, nothing fancy, but when i came across this pattern it quite appealed to me.

This is the back all stitched up.  I was quite impressed that I managed to get this done in 3 evenings.  It's chunky yarn so that helped.  On Friday I started the front and after a couple of false starts, (mainly due to me not being able to count and increase!), I made it up to the arm hole shaping last night.  It's pretty gratifying after not having many stitchy finishes this year to get something near completion in such a short time!
So why the Prague Tunic?  Well on December 12th we are all going to Prague for a week, daughters, boyfriends (or in Stevie's case, friend from College), me and Mark, and I want to get this finished to take with me.  I think it's just about achievable, as long as i don't have any mishaps with the putting it together bit, lol.
Until next time,
take care and thanks for your visits and comments, they really make my day :-)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sweater. Congrats on getting started. It looks like you are well on your way.

Nancy said...

Such pretty and cheerful ornaments! The way you finished them is so pretty with the ribbon bows and loops. Congratulations for starting to knit again! That is something I have wanted to learn for awhile - maybe next year.

L.O. said...

Your ornaments look just lovely. I especially love how you used the ribbon at the top of them. Such a neat idea.

Tracey said...

The ornaments are lovely! And that sweater is going to be beautiful. :)

Petites xxx et Cie said...

Your ornaments are just perfect!

Hazel said...

Oh wow I love your ornies. How do you get them stuffed so smoothly? Mine are always a big bumpy when I stuff them. Stunning. Really love them. X

Sherry said...

Beautiful sweater and I just LOVE the ornaments!

Carol said...

I just love your LHN ornament finishes--beautifully stitched AND finished :)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I love the colour of wool you've chosen, it's looking great and I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it knowing that you knitted it yourself.

Mylene said...

Beautiful ornaments, both perfectly finish!

Love your header picture!!!

Julie said...

Super ornaments, will have to try the interfacing, have never done that.
Fabulous knitting, looks really snuggly

TinaTx said...

Your ornaments look wonderful!
I'm sure the sweater will be beautiful too!

Ruth said...

Best wishes with the knitting--- may it turn out as well as your lovely ornaments! :)

Sally said...

Your ornaments are lovely.

Your tunic is lovely. I bet you'll have it finished.

Melanie said...

Love the ornaments and the start of your sweater! It's a beautiful color, something I would definitely wear.
Have a great time in Prague!!!! :)

Lynn said...

Lovely ornaments! The Baked Goods one is a favourite of mine too.
I love the colour you've chosen for your sweater. Gorgeous!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love that top, did you get it finished?

The ornaments are also very pretty, enjoy your trip,

Gill in Canada

Carolien said...

Your ornaments look great, Maggie!Have a nice weekend!

Katherine said...

You call that cabling bit down the front "basic knitting"???? Lord, girl, you're WAY more than a basic knitter if you can do THAT. To my own mortification (because I can do almost anything else) I can't knit myself out of a wet paper bag. And I totally envy that you have the figure to wear that sort of thing. Have an awesome time in Prague - take and shart lots of your wonderful pictures.

Anna van Schurman said...

Pretty ornaments! I've always wanted to go to Prague; have a great time!

Siobhán said...

Okay, okay, I have to say this! If you're going to Prague, go and read "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" by Laini Taylor. It's categorized as young adult and it is fantasy type stuff but it is really good. I normally don't read much of either but Words & Blooms Melissa recommended it to me and my daughter and I both loved it and are now gawking at pics of Prague on the internet. Now I'm psyched to see the pics you'll post of your trip! Anyway, part of the book is set in Prague and I just think you'll enjoy reading it and then seeing the city in person. Go to you tube and type in the name of the book to view the book trailer--it's pretty neat. Your tunic looks great, btw! I'm impressed--I can only manage wonky scarves.

Your ornaments--oh my gosh. Between them and the header photo, I just want to stitch like crazy. Beautiful!

Carin said...

I love your ornaments !!! Baked good is also my favorite one from this year ornaments so far.

Devon said...

Those turned out beautiful,,and I LOVE the color of the tunic,,

Brigitte said...

These are two very lovely ornaments. I think I'll try the interface thing next time as well.
That sweater must be finished by now. I wish you a wonderful week in Prague.