Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Prague Tunic Finish!

Just a very quick post tonight as it's getting late, I finished my Prague Tunic from my last post about two weeks ago now, but you know how it is this time of year, busy busy busy!
Anyhow, here is the afore mentioned tunic

I was dreading the sewing together, but I found several great videos on You Tube that were a great help.

And best of all, it actually fits and I wore it shopping yesterday, I was surprised how warm it kept me!
And just to prove it, I've even dared to post a photos of me wearing it, all be it a very grainy one.

I enjoyed knitting this so much that I've got another jumper started, i'll show you the 'weekend jumper' next time.  
I haven't picked up any stitching for a few weeks except for the small amount i did at the stitching club two weeks ago.  By the time i sit down at night knitting is so much easier to pick up and do a few rows rather than getting threads, hoops and magnifier out.  But i have by no means given up the stitching, i have plans for over Christmas when we have a lovely break from work and i can at least get a decent amount of time at something :-)
Speak more next time, right now i have to get some shut-eye because tomorrow morning we fly to Prague...Whoohooo, can't wait to see this lovely city again!

Hope you all have a great week whatever you might be up to, and thank you so much for you comments and encouragement, it really means so much to me x


Catherine said...

Very pretty - I love that color and it looks so comfy!! I'd need one in every color and would probably wear one every day in the winter weather!

Raven/Missy said...

This tunic looks fantastic and is a gorgeous color. It looks even better on you, such a beautiful picture :)

LiahonaGirl said...

Awesome job! It's gorgeous. Congratulations.

Siobhán said...

Very pretty!! I love it--great color on you! Enjoy your holidays. I eagerly anticipate your photos. :)

Devon said...

I love it,,very pretty and it looks beautiful on you,,,

Christina said...

Your tunic is lovely - I wish I could knit!

Heidi said...

That is so pretty and does look warm. Did you take it with you to Prague? I hope you enjoy your time there. I think it is a beautiful city.

Sorry I have not been visiting. Life is very busy as it is for all at this time of year but I also had an unexpected visit from my mother and step father for two weeks. They just left today. Tomorrow my annual quilt group Christmas party and then hopefully I can start stitching and quilting and reading for myself again.

Hugs from Holland ~

Anonymous said...

Your tunic looks great and looks great ON you! Congratulations on the finish.

Melanie said...

Fantastic! Looks great. :)
I love that it has some pockets in the front too. I love pockets on sweaters and the like.
Can't wait to peek at the next one!!! :)

Sally said...

Your tunic is gorgeous!