Thursday, 17 May 2012

At Last - The Kitchen

Paint and brush have been my new best friends lately, but at last there is an end in sight.  I always underestimate the amount of time it takes to paint walls, i start out thinking it'll take a couple of hours and what feels like weeks later i'm still at it!  
It's all the little bits that take the time, that and the fact that once you decorate one room it shows another one up, or in my case two other rooms. 
 Being an old house our bathroom is downstairs and off the kitchen, so we, well ok, I decided that it needed freshening up, so that room too has had a little make over, fresh paint, towel holders, new radiator and a new door.  Our dining room is also off the kitchen so that room is on my next hit list, perhaps in a few weeks time when I've had time to recover.

So, the kitchen is done, well apart from another coat of paint on the radiator and a radiator shelf which Mark has promised me is being made at work as we speak.  Now, at last i can show you some photos of the smallest kitchen which has taken the longest time :-)

The kitchen i inherited when we moved in lacked cupboard space, so i spent a lot of time thinking about what i wanted in the way of cupboards and storage.
Although i liked our old green units and wooden counters it did make the kitchen feel small, so we knew we wanted something light.

We are lucky enough to have lovely high ceilings in this house so we were able to go for the taller units, the one in the corner is hinged in the middle making it a double cupboard

The drawer unit holds all my utensils
(top drawer is knives, forks etc.)

My herbs and spices in another drawer
much easier than rooting around in a cupboard for them.
I bought a roll of grip liner from the £ shop which stops them rolling around

Before, the microwave was on the counter taking up precious work space, now it has it own home.
The angled cupboard next the the microwave is next to the window and was the kitchen designers idea and i think it works really well.
The tall double doors on the other side is the larder unit, and the best thing, i just love it :-)
It has shelves from top to bottom and houses all our food.

Our sink is smaller than the belfast sink we had before, but again it works better size wise in the kitchen space, and we have a dishwasher so don't need it for washing dishes.

It was hard to take a picture of because of the light from the window, but you get the idea

The worktop is granite and fantastic for keeping clean and tidy.

We decided against tiles on the floor, instead we went for cushion flooring.  We got some very strange reactions when we mentioned cushion floor, (or old lady flooring as one of my daughters called it).  
Whatever you choose to call it i'm glad we decided on it, it's much easier to keep clean and warmer to walk on, and all my daughters now agree, it was a good choice :-)

(The one we went for is Rino Floor and is nothing like the lino/cushion floor of years ago)

(The room you see in the background is the bathroom, waiting for it's new door, i know, good job we don't get many visitors!!   Please excuse marks work clothes on the washing basket.  
The small space you can just see between the kitchen and the bathroom houses the washing machine and tumble dryer)

Now this is my baby, lol
I fell in love with this cooker when i saw it.
What else can i say, i think it's beautiful :-)

The whole kitchen feels much bigger and is so much easier to work in, i'm glad i waited, thought about what i needed and how it would work and had what i wanted.

I finally got round to finding a place for and hanging my Chat Noir poster too :-)
I just love that crazy faced cat, lol

And see my little chicken?
Mark just rolled his eyes when i bought it home, lol

But don't you just love her little face :-)
The Kitchen Chicken

Until next time xx


doris said...

Nice, nice kitchen! You made some great choices.

Christina said...

It looks fab Maggie! I love the green you've used on the walls. Love your string of birds too!!

Lainey said...

Maggie its beautiful!
Your cooker is just perfect. Great idea putting the micro up there. Like Christina I love the birds. Wishing you many happy hours in your new kitchen, hugs.

Nancy said...

Everything looks so beautiful! You really must enjoy cooking in your new kitchen. I love the color of green you have on the walls - so bright and cheerful!

Catherine said...

Love your kitchen! You did a fabulous job!

valerie said...

Wow, your kitchen is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job. I love everything...the cabinets, wall paint. granite and the cooker.

Marsha said...

That is a great kitchen. You did a great job organizing and planning it. The the red cooker and chicken companion too.

Loraine said...

Wow! What a fabulous redo. I love the colors you choose, and the stove is fabulous! I think I need one of those. I didn't know you could buy red appliances. Love it all! Your chicken looks perfect in there too.
Have a good one!

Katherine said...

Wow Maggie! What a great kitchen. I love the way the floor looks. And it does look like it would be comfortable to walk on. And I like the cabinet color and your stove color. Is that what I've heard referred to as an Agga? Does it stay on all the time and keep your kitchen warm? And the long line of birds hanging on the wall are really cute.

Love to Stitch said...

Love what you did with the kitchen!! It is fabulous :) So bright and classic!!! LOVE the stove too-- how fun they too come in colors!!!!

Melanie said...

Oh, the Painting Trap - I know it well. You start with one room but that makes the room next door look poorly so you paint that room but now the rest of downstairs doesn't look right so you start adding more and more rooms. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN. Just saying. :)

It came out so so so so nice!!!! It's bright and welcoming looking. And that stove, with it's punch of red, is DIVINE. I can totally see why you fell in love with it. :)

Carolien said...

Wow, what a COOL kitchen you have, Maggie! Superb! And that chicken is sooo cool too ;) Enjoy!

Hugs, Carolien

Anonymous said...

Your new kitchen is absolutely fantastic. I especially like the white *subway* tile. Is that what you call it too?

Lovely --- I hope you have many happy meals from your new kitchen.

Mouse said...

PFFFTTTTTT not talking to you ... hahahahahah ... just love , love , love your kitchen .... I want your cupboards and your flooring and your cooker tooooo infact everything .... my cooker died this week and we have no oven but we still have the rings on top soo need to go and find a new one asap ...
gorgeous and well worth the wait kiddo :) love mouse xxxx

Julie said...

Maggie, everything looks so lovely, well worth the wait and a lot heard work. It must be a pleasure to cook on the wonderful cooker.
I love the chicken, very sweet.

Brigitte said...

That's a fantastic new kitchen. No wonder that you like being in there and cook.

Penny said...

Love your kitchen! It's beautiful! I especially love your new red cooker. :)

Maureen said...

Love your kitchen, especially the granite worktop!

Lynn said...

Your new kitchen looks so bright and airy! I know you are going to love spending time in it. It's been 2 yrs since ours was completed and I'm still in love with it.

Jenny said...

That is one beautiful kitchen. Many congrats!

DH and I gutted out kitchen a few years back and started from scratch. It was painful, but so worth it in the end - I really love our kitchen now. We are looking to maybe buy a new house, but I keep disliking most of the kitchens that we see, I pretty much refuse to do another big kitchen renovation - ever! LOL

mbroider said...

Great kitchen. You must be loving working there!

MysteryKnitter said...

Awesome kitchen!