Saturday, 16 June 2012

Caravan Living !

 I've had two wonderful weeks off work :-)  The second week we spent on holiday in Yorkshire, It's been a long time since we holidayed in this country.  DH's job involves the refurbishment of holiday parks and so he can spend half the year living on holiday parks in a caravan, so understandably he wants something a little different when we go on holiday.  
But anyway the chance to have a relatively cheap get away came up so we took advantage for a change of scenery :-)

(our home for the week)

I must admit that I quite like 'caravan living'.  There is something cosy about it, and of course there is nothing like a cup of caravan tea and a cooked breakfast, lol.
We took in a few sights while we were there, Whitby and Whitby Abbey being one of them.
This was my first visit to Whitby and the Abbey, the town was lovely and the Abbey is just stunning, or it would have been in it's day.  It must have been so impressive, standing there on the hillside.

Love the detail in the stonework

You can get a sense of how tall it is by the people in the photo
This was the high altar

The next three photos are me trying to be arty farty, lol

 Our next stop was Robin Hood's Bay.  Nothing at all to do with the legend that is Robin Hood, this was a small fishing village set on a very steep incline.  Very pretty and well worth a visit.

From the top looking towards the bay from the coastal path

The very steep road down 

Pretty little pathway up to the Church.  There were so many lovely little houses with paths like this, all filled with colourful plants

Down where the fishermen used to bring in their catch

I read somewhere that there are many rocks here from the Jurassic period and fossils can be found

I took along some knitting for the week (much easier to carry than stitching :-)
I found this pattern on Ravelry while looking for pattern for a blanket / throw, it's called Hip to be Square Blanket.

Just simple knit and purl squares that are quite effective when put together :-)

I'm using Hayfield Bonus Aran with 20% wool and I'm using it double.  so far it's knitting up great - and fast!

That's it for now, I've a few more photos of our trip to share next time, and at the rate I'm going with the blanket i might even have a finish to share !
Take care x


Lee said...

Amazing photographs of a beautiful place! As Tina Fey would say, "I want to go to there..."

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie,

Thank you so much for bringing back great memories of many, many years ago when I visited Whitby and the abbey. So beautiful!!! Your picures are truly great.

Bye & hugs, Carolien

Devon said...

Wow beautiful photos,,thanks so much for sharing with us your holdiay pictures,,so wish I lived on your side of the pond,,

Devon said...

Wow beautiful photos,,thanks so much for sharing with us your holdiay pictures,,so wish I lived on your side of the pond,,

Christina said...

Looks like you had a fab time Maggie! I live in North Yorkshire and it's an amazing county. I love Whitby, it's one of my favourite places to visit. The fish and chips are second to none and I love the lucky duck shop at the bottom of the steps. Did you get a chance to visit it?

Erica said...

Lovely photos! I really enjoyed them! Almost felt like I was there!

Terri said...

Awesome pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!

Mouse said...

coooooo love your photos of Whitby and Robin hood Bay .... what camera have you got .... glad you had a fab time ... we love going there ... pity we couldn't have coordinated the visit
love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, I love Robin Hood's Bay. Whitby is lovely too.

I like your knitting, it looks so cosy!

Julie said...

Whitby Abbey is amazing, I have fond memories of there and Robin Hoods Bay from my visit last September. The weather looks like it behaved for you too.
Nice blanket, bet that kept you cosy in the caravan over your knees.
I too love caravan living, so simple and stress free.....

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful! The Abbey is amazing. To think....all that was done without the benefit of modern tools. Absolutely gorgeous.

The little caravan looks quite comfy and the nice thing is you can just make a cup of tea or get a little snack without running out to the hotel vending machine.

Anne said...

Wow! Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing those pictures with us!! I love that Robin Hood's Bay! Looks like the type of place I would want to live in!!

Siobhán said...

What a fun trip! I loved seeing all of the photos. The whole idea of caravan holidays is so foreign to me, but SO popular here. I must try it sometime! I'd love to do that in Wales, England, or France. Someday. Beautiful knitting!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

What a fun holiday and such great pics! I would love to visit the UK someday.
Your knot blanket isooking great!

Melanie said...

Stunning photos!!! Truly. Thanks so much for posting them and giving us a peek at your little getaway.
It's just astounding to me the intricately detailed cathedrals they built so so so long ago. Would that I had the money to do a cathedral hop through parts of Europe. Maybe one day. *sigh*

Marsha said...

Your pictures are great. Opens the imagination to who lived there and enjoyed the abbey so many years ago and why did thet leave it? Your blanket is wonderful and cozy looking.

Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing all those pretty photos Maggie. Even though I can totally see myself rolling down that steep road in Robin Hood's Bay.... ouch!

Brigitte said...

Thank you for sharing all these pictures. Whitby and the surroundings must be so beautiful that I'd like to spend my next holidays there.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Maggie,

Oh my but I do love and admire your photos!!
You have a great eye for finding just the right
angle or view and there's so much depth and
vibrancy to you pictures.

I would love to have a few of your photos for
my keepsake collection - would you let me
purchase a few??? Yes, I think you're that

I remember my visits to various locations
throughout Yorkshire and how beautiful
it was. We have relatives in Barnsley.

I love the cathedrals ... intact or in ruins
... and have visited quite a few during
my trips to England. Seeing your pictures
reawakens the longing to return ...
there's still so much I want to see ... and
favourites that I would love to revisit.


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Did you know that she wrote a book
called Phantom which was her take on
the Phantom of the Opera story?? It
came out in 2005 and is still available.
I've read it and it's really good. I don't
think that she's written any other books
aside from those two.


Catherine said...

What amazing places you were able to visit and photograph! Thanks for sharing!

Penny said...

Such beautiful pictures! The Abbey is spectacular! And Robin Hood's Bay is so picturesque!

Heidi Kuijer said...

My English mum and dad have a permanent caravan up at Whitby. They love it there and we have been with them a number of times. The Abby is fabulous isn't it!?! Your photos turned out great and I love arty farty number 3. :-)

That blanket you are knitting is wonderful!!! It will be keeping you nice and warm this winter with memories of Whitby too.

Hugs from Holland ~
Heidi ... who owes you an email soon. Busy with my quilt group's Christmas in July party which is tonight.

Marsha said...

Love your pictures. Nice blanket.