Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Missing From The Sky, Big, Round and Yellow, I Believe They Call It 'The Sun'

I'm glad that so many of you enjoyed my photos of our break in Yorkshire, I think that we probably got the best weather the UK has had on offer for a while now, at least the rain kept off for us even if the sunshine was week :-)  
Since we got home i don't think it's stopped raining, seriously, where is the summer!!  If someone is hogging that big yellow thing in the sky, please remind it that it is supposed to be summer here!
David Hasslehoff was on some TV programme or other the other night and came out with a great observation, he said that in the UK we have two Winters, one in the Winter, and one in July!  Well David, you got that right, this year anyway, lol 

I was browsing the books in Tesco this week and came across this gorgeous book on offer.

There are some calorie laden cakes on offer inside, and i tried my hand at one of the recipes this afternoon

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

This is my effort compared to the picture in the book.

Not bad for a first attempt!
Taste wise they are beautiful, i'm not usually a lover of chocolate cake, (I prefer my chocolate to come in a block!) but these are so light and moist, they melt in the mouth, 
I think next time i make any i will use smaller cases though, they were a bit on the large size :-)

If anyone is interested i will put the recipe up in a couple of days (in a separate tab).

Well, that's it, no stitching lately, knitting needles have taken over, but no photos to share, although, remember that Hip to be Square blanket in my last post?  I unravelled it all!!  I tried out the i-cord border, and although every one raves about the i-cord (apparently 'I' is for idiot, as in anyone can do it), i just couldn't get it to look right, perhaps i was being too picky, but one side looked fine, the other side looked odd.  So off it all came and i started again, this time i'm adding a seed stitch boarder as i go.  Hopefully it will look OK this time, i take photos at the weekend and you can judge :-)

Until next time x


Anonymous said...

Oooooeeee! Those cupcakes look delicious!

We had a rainy week last week. This week -- too MUCH sun. It's hot and HUMID! But, THAT'S summer in Florida. ;-)

Mouse said...

think I saw the sun briefly at dawn oclock this morning ...lol yummy looking cakes :) love mouse xxxx

Petites xxx et Cie said...

Hum, your cupcakes seem tempting, I have the mouth watering!
Too bad I live too far...
Have a nice week.
Bisous from France

Julie said...

Yummy, they look nice.
We are always so critical of our work, what others think is fine we just can't leave. On the sampler I'm doing one letter looks just too far from its neighbour, I 'm contemplating ripping that out and rest itching it...,,keep looking at it,can't decide.

Melissa said...

Oh, I know, we've had more rain than sun that is for sure! I hope sunshine comes your way soon.

The baking looks yummylicious!

Heidi Kuijer said...

Bad you Maggie!!! I only just found out that I put a pair of new jeans in the dryer and shrunk them. You know the suck in your gut kind of shrink followed by can I be seen in public now in these. And here you come with these yummies! Oh my! And they have oreos on top...yikes...my all time favorite childhood (still in progress as I did not really grow up) cookies. My jeans just got tighter reading this post...lol. Bad Maggie! :-)

Hugs from Holland ~

Christina said...

Can you believe it's the beginning of July?! It's my daughter's birthday party tomorrow and we had initially planned to have it outside, but then remembered we live in the UK so organised a soft play instead! I'm so glad we did.
Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious. I have a bit of a soft spot for oreo cookies.

Melanie said...

NOM NOM NOM. They look divine.
I'm not a huge lover of chocolate cake either (I prefer white, if at all) unless it's REALLY special. Or paired with peanut butter. (Can you EVER go wrong with chocolate/peanut butter combos??)

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie,

Well, you're a cupcake-artist, they look great and yummieee!

Bye, Carolien

Rhona said...

Your cupcakes look brilliant! Hope the sun comes back soon.

Catherine said...

I'd gladly trade you some heat and humidity for some rain!!
Oh, those cupcakes look yummy!!!

Penny said...

I think that big yellow thing has been hovering over our little part of the world lately. And baking us! :)
Those cupcakes look wonderful! Wish I could reach through and have one. :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those look super-tasty!!!

Anonymous said...

They look delicious every bit as good as the photo!

Hope you see the sun soon!

L.O. said...

Your cupcakes look great. I bet they were yummy. I love cupcakes but just don't bake them. I have self control issues and know it. Have a great day!

MysteryKnitter said...

I am so sad you had to unravel the blanket. I have no doubt the seed stitch border will help.