Saturday, 14 July 2012

A knitty Finish, and a New Start

Thank you for all the kind comments on my cupcakes, I took them to work for the lads in the office the next day and they disappeared rather quickly, (not the lads, the cakes, lol), so they must have tasted OK:-)
No cake baking this last week, but I do have a finish to share 
with you.
I finished up a small pram/pushchair blanket for Jenny.

I'm pretty pleased with how this has turned out, not your typical baby colour but I showed it to Jenny today and she loved it.  She has chosen a purple pram / pushchair combination, so the grey will be a good match.

I came across this a few weeks ago and thought it so lovely and bright that I really wanted knit it.  The yarn works out quite expensive, and I couldn't find anything similar here in the UK , but after a bit of searching and some help at a local shop I chose Rico cotton, they have a lovely choice of colours but the shop only had DK.  
So, with a bit of experimenting I'm now knitting it on 5.5mm needles using 2 stands of yarn held together. 

I liked the colours used for the one on Purl Bee, so I chose similar colours

I also cast on 128 stitches rather than the recommend 100 to make up for the smaller needles I'm using
So far it's working out OK - I just started on the white this afternoon.

Here's an update photo of the mum-to-be which I took this afternoon.

She is caring most of the weight on her bum and legs and phoned me yesterday and told me her feet and ankles had swollen up - welcome to the delights of pregnancy Jen :-)  

She had a visit booked for a tour of a birthing centre today, James was away at work, so I went along with her.  My how things have changed!  The atmosphere is very relaxing and very low key, this particular centre has three suites, all with birthing pools but mums can't actually book a place there until they are 37 weeks pregnant.  The only drawback is that the centre is not attached to a hospital, there is another centre which is attached to a hospital which they are going to book a tour around in a few weeks and they also have a hospital tour booked at the end of August, so at least they can compare all the options.  Did you know that they only keep you in for 6 hours after the birth now? - wow, I would have been so scared to come home so quickly, what happened to rest!

That's all for now, Saturday night is take-away night and I think my Chinese will be arriving any minute :-)


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

The pram blanket is wonderful, Maggie! I love the cots in your current WIP. They are so bright and cheerful. Jenny looks beautiful!

Catherine said...

I love everything about that blanket for Jenny ~ the color and design are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Jenny looks beautiful!

Love the pram blanket and the chevron blanket you are making. I think it will be lovely.

Have a great weekend.

Petites xxx et Cie said...

The pram blanket is just perfect!
The chevron blanket you're knitting has great colors (love it!)
Jenny is beautiful. Congrats to her and to "mamy-to-be"...
Take care
Bisxxx from France

Julie said...

The grey blanket is beautiful and I love the colours and design of the new one.

My daughter gave birth at 10-30 am was was home at 6pm, I was not impressed, so tiring and scarey for a new mum straight after the birth and of course when everyone knows you are home they all want to come and visit immediately. You have to be tough for the sake of mum and her rest..., rant over lol.

Jen looks blooming.

Tamra said...

Beautiful knitty projects. I love the grey little blankie, colours for the little ones sure has changed over the years and I got to say I like them. Loving your colourful new start. Have a wonderful day, oh and congratulations on the little one to come!

Carm said...

Love the grey. Here in the US they keep you 24 hrs. Sometimes longer. I kow one lady that went in around midnight so they sent her home around midnight the next day! Crazy!!!!!!!!!!

Penny said...

The pram blanket is just beautiful! Love the color and the cables are so pretty! Love the colors in the other blanket too! I think I would find it scary to be sent home so soon. Your daughter is looking lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pram blanket, great colour. Love the colours of your new piece too. Nice to have the choice of where to go to give birth, a definite improvement. Have a lovely week ... :0)

Heidi Kuijer said...

The little pram blanket is just perfect. What fun to be able to make baby things for your daughter. The newest chevron blanket is coming up so pretty. I bet each stitch has you thinking about your grandchild. :-)

Hugs from Holland ~

Melanie said...

Love love love the pram blanket!! I'm a sucker for cables. Always classic, always awesome. :)

Gillie said...

Ooh, that travelling pattern is coming ever closer Lovely blanket and daughter!

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.
Your knitting is lovely.
You have some lovely photos, I enjoyed looking at them.