Sunday, 2 September 2012

I've come to the conclusion that I'm not very good at this blogging thing, I have good intentions, but then the excuses start, I can't be bothered to take photos, I can't think of a title, I haven't got anything interesting to say.  Some blogs you read and the words just seem to flow, they have intriguing titles that make you want to read on and an interesting post to follow, most have lots of lovely stitching finishes.  
I  have only picked my stitching up once in the last month, I worked on Sampler aux Chats for 2 hours at stitching group last Wednesday, no progress photo, see too lazy to get it out and take a snap!
The stitching group is going well by the way, we still meet up on the last Wednesday in the month, they are a nice bunch, there are six of us that show up every time and a few more that just turn up every now and then, and that's OK, keeping it small means we can all have a good old chin wag together :-)

I'm still knitting away and still finding it easier when i sit down at night than getting all the paraphernalia out that i need to stitch, although I really did enjoy the stitches i put in last week, perhaps i should just force myself and my mojo will come back.
Anyway, this post is not all about me moaning about my blogging laziness, I do have some knitting finishes :-)

Remember the Hip To Be Square blanket I showed you way back in June?  The one I got over half way done and decided to un-ravel?
It's finished!

This thing is HUGE, it fits my double bed

The second time around I added a moss stitch border as I went, which I think looks much better than my attempt at the I-cord edging.

Here it is hanging over the bottom of my bed post.

I made It bigger than suggested, mine Is 7 squares across and 10 squares down, knit in Aran weight with the yarn held double it makes for one snuggly blanket :-)

I also finished a couple of cardigans for the coming grandbaby, (which I still need to add buttons to)

The one above is knit in Wondersoft Pearl DK, which was lovely to knit with.
The one below I used King Cole Smooth DK which was equally as nice, I just hope they both wash well.

What no one tells you when you start knitting is that knitting  and sewing up are two entirely diffident crafts!  There are tips and tricks that the patterns don't mention, so after struggling with the sewing up I passed these onto my sisters friend who kindly put them together for me :-)

I found a free pattern on Deramores website and thought it would make a lovely blanket for the moses basket.

It's not too big and only took about a week, It's the first time I've tackled bobbles and I loved doing them!
There is however a mistake and I didn't notice until I'd cast off :-(

It's right at the beginning and I don't know how I missed It, grrr 
I think the only way I can get around it is to put a few stitches in to disguise it.  You can just see where it is if you look close.  
I've still got the ends to sew in and to block it when I get chance.

We are off on holiday next week, destination Croatia, never been there before but we have been told It's very nice and the hotel looks good, I'm looking forward to a little R and R, no work, no cooking, no cleaning, for one week it will be bliss :-)

Speak soon xx


Julie said...

Have a lovely holiday Maggie.

Your knitting is so lovely, the little moses blanket basket is beautiful.

I think a lot of ladies do less stitching in the summer months, i know i do, i dont sit down so early as when the darker nights come upon us, maybe Mr Mojo will make an appearance later this month.

We have a new lady started at our stitch club on a Wednesday, that still only makes us 8 in total.

Krista said...

Really gorgeous knitting, Maggie! :)
I love that blanket. I just recently went thru a 2 month spell of no stitching, I was just too busy and did not feel up for it, then out of the blue it came back like magic! I am sure your itch to stitch will return soon. :) Enjoy your day!

Carmen Sutton said...

Lovely finishes makes me want to improve my knitting skills. I know just how you feel about bloging, it does not take me long to talk myself out of doing it, however when I do sit down and do a post I always think that really wasn't so bad. I love reading your blog and will gladly wait for you to be inspired to blog!

Catherine said...

Oh wow! Your work is beautiful!! I love that blanket ~ so simply beautiful. Your grand baby will be all snugly and rm, that is for sure!

Solstitches said...

What gorgeous things you have been knitting!
I love the Hip to be Square blanket. The moss stitch border looks really nice.
The baby blanket is gorgeous as are the tiny jackets.
You make me want to get my knitting needles out!
Have a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

All of your knitting is simply gorgeous. I love your big blanket!

Have a wonderful vacation. Post lots of pictures!

Lainey said...

Oh Maggie your baby blanket and little jackets are gorgeous.Hope Mummy-to-be is keeping well.
Congrats on your lovely bed blanket too.
Hope you guys have a great relaxing holiday. Hugs!

Katherine said...

Have a wonderful trip Maggie! I look forward to seeing your photos because you always take such lovely thoughtful shots. Your knitting is amazing. Knitting and Tatting are the two things I just cannot seem to wrap my head around, so I'm totally jealous of all that beautiful stuff you've made.

Carol said...

Oh, your knitting is just lovely, Maggie--and that blanket--wow!!!

Croatia sounds like a wonderful trip--be sure to take lots of photos to share with us :)

Marsha said...

I know what you mean about blogging. When I finally do get out my camera I always forget to take pictures of something. I hate the whole downloading and uploading thing.

Anyway, your knitting is spectacular. What a great blanket for your bed. It looks amazing. The sweaters are adorable. For a non knitter, like me, the last blanket is a work of wonder. I wouldn't see a mistake if it smacked me in the face. Gorgeous.

Have a great vacation.

Melanie said...

Holy moly you've been busy!!!! I can't believe you knit up a double-bed sized blanket. That is a MAJOR commitment, man! lol It's so lovely and I just bet it's snuggly as heck. I've only done up one sweater and the finishing is fiddly as all get out on it - I don't blame you for getting some help. They look adorable and they will keep for a long, long time. (I still have a few hand knit sweaters from when *I* was a baby around.)

Maureen said...

That big blanket is just fab! I just want to lie down and snuggle right into it.

I just blog when I get round to it, no point in trying to stick to a rigorous schedule as I know it's not going to happen. Blogging should be a hobby, not a chore, just like the crafts we like to blog about .

valerie said...

Beautiful knitting Maggie! Your blanket is stunning and I'm sure, quite toasty! And the baby knits are adorable!

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