Sunday, 16 September 2012

Phew, i think i need a holiday to get over my holiday, lol.
I had two days when we got back to get the washing and ironing (and the cleaning after leaving my house in the hands of an eighteen year old!) before i went into work again on Friday, Mark was back to work on the Wednesday, he's away working in London, smack bang in the middle of Leicester Square for the next couple of months doing a re-fit of the Odeon Theatre.
  To be fair Stevie did a good  job at keeping house, it's just that i don't feel back in control until I've done the housework myself, (call me strange, most people do :-)
We threw a little baby shower party for Jenny on Saturday, just a few friends and family but it was fun.
I made tons of cup cakes which Joanne decorated beautifully and i also made some of the famous 'just like millie's cookies cookies which were a big hit, (if anyone want's the recipe just say and i will post it here).

I also made her a cake

I must confess that I cheated with the booty decoration, i bought that from a local cake shop, aren't they cute!
The little daises are just some sugar paper decorations

We bought a pinata , which was a big success and gave us all a good laugh :-)

Jane gave it such a whack that it came flying of the hook, but it still took a bit of bashing before it finally caved in! 

I'll leave you with a few photos of the mum to be opening some of her gifts.

You can see some of our holiday photos on a slideshow here, for those who are interested.
That's it for now, sorry no stitching , yet again, but i have ordered a chart which hopefully will be here soon and i can show you, in the meantime i've started knitting another cardigan for the little one (only 4 weeks to go now!!!) 

I'm off to get myself set up for watching the much waited for NEW series of Downton  tonight, that's Sunday nights sorted for the next few weeks :-)

Until next time x


Julie said...

Your daughter looks blooming, 4 weeks will go by so quickly and your little treasure will be here.

cucki said...

All the pictures are so love and blessings are with the whole family xxx

Anonymous said...

You MADE that cake??? It's AWESOME!

Good luck Grandma-to-be! I know you can't wait.

Catherine said...

Looks like a perfectly simple and lovely shower. Beautiful mom-to-be!!

Nicola said...

Beautiful photographs and greatly enjoyed reading your post.

Downton and Strictly, at last something worth while watching on TV.

Mouse said...

gosh not long to go now till we see the wee one :) your daughter is blooming lovely :) and love the pinata thingy ... can't wait to see your new chart :)
love mouse xxxxx

Chris said...

It looks like the celebration for Jenny was onderful.
Are those all samplers that you stitched in the background?
Have a great week!

Mylene said...

Beautiful pictures of your daughter and WOW! The cake looks great!!

valerie said...

It looks like the baby shower was a wonderful success and Jenny looks happy! Love the photos. The cake is just gorgeous and it's fantastic to see so many needlework samplers hanging on your walls!

Melanie said...

The pictures are all quite lovely and so professional looking. You have some mad camera skillz. I love the little details on the buildings and roads. So very European to these American eyes. (Is that a good or a bad thing?)

The shower looks like a great success. Only 4 weeks!!!! Eeeeieee. So exciting. :)

I watched the new Downton - I never wait for the US 'copy' to get here. *cough* I found it perfectly delightful and not *quite* as over wrought as last far. Oh it's still soapy to be sure but last season went over the top a bit, I think. You have to balance the soapy bits with the quiet character bits, you know?

Heidi Kuijer said...

Your daughter looks so happy! The shower sounds like it was fun and you are so talented at cake making. That was adorable!

Hugs from Holland ~

P.S. - We are back this week from a long stay at Cranberry Cottage and I am still not back in the usual swing of things. Autumn decorating does not

Anne said...

What a lovely baby shower for your daughter! That cake is so adorable...would've had a hard time eating it! Congrats to you both!!

Anne said...

What a lovely baby shower for your daughter! That cake is so adorable...would've had a hard time eating it! Congrats to you both!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

your daughter is indeed looking well. I would love you to post the cookie recipe.

GIll in Canada

Suzanne said...

What a great celebration you threw and I really love the look of the cake.

Great holiday photos. My Dad comes from that region of Croatia, but left the country back when it was Italy and was being taken over by Yugoslavia.

MysteryKnitter said...

You had a great baby shower!