Saturday, 17 November 2012

Time Off, Days Out & Baby Naming

I've taken some unpaid leave from work, I had planned to anyway when Jenny had had the baby, but I needed it anyway as it turned out to re-charge my batteries and just have a break from certain goings on.  I don't want to go into details, it's too long and would bore you all, but lets just say that there are some people that were telling tales and stirring up trouble for us girls on reception, It was related to work and wasn't true, if only the person they had gone to had bothered to hear what we had to say the matter would have been cleared up, but they didn't want to hear us, they just sent a rather nasty email and refused to see us.  I'm trying to forget it, but it's not easy, it upset me, a lot.  I hope I feel better when I return next Thursday, we'll see. 
In the meantime I've been out and about and trying to catching up on some chores and trying out some new recipes (which I will share later on my recipes page).
  Yesterday I went with Jenny and James to Blenheim Palace, there was a Christmas craft fair on and we had a little walk around the house too.  The day was very damp and misty but I did get some photos on my phone.

Just a couple of photos of the lovely goodies on offer
a lot of the stalls request no photographs though

You are not really supposed to take photos inside Blenheim Palace, but as I'd only got my phone I managed to sneek some, lol - although they are a bit grainy.

The next two are taken in the Library which is the second longest room in England in a private house
at 183 feet long.

I was waiting for this random woman to move to take the photo, but she wan having none of it, lol  Still It does help you to see just how tall this fireplace was.

Inside the chapel

I played around with this one in Picasa to bring out the colours more

Despite the bleakness of the day there were still a few signs of Autumn around.
This tree still had most of it lovely orange leaves.

And a lot of the ground was still covered with beautiful coloured Autumn leaves

I've been stitching a little too, something for TP (who by the way has a name now :-)  
Please excuse the terrible photo - It's Bent Creek, Baby Row, or it will be when it's done, I've made more progress since this was taken and as It's not too big I should be able to get It finished in time for Christmas.

As I mentioned baby TP now has a name here he is with his mum last Saturday, getting bigger every day :-)

Baby Oliver James (and mum)

Today is another day out, this time with Joanne and her boyfriend, we are going to Laser Quest, I think I may be a bit old for this activity, but I'll give it a go, lol.  

Have a great weekend, until next time x


Krista said...

What lovely photos of the palace! That pic of the lady by the fireplace made me laugh, isn't that the way when you wish they would move, lol! The new baby is a cutie :) Have a nice weekend!

cucki said...

very beautiful place..
thank you for sharing xx

Lesleyanne said...

Hope you have a great weekend. Baby Oliver James is gorgeous, lovely name too. Great photos from your day out.

Siobhán said...

Beautiful photos! Nice WIP, too. I love the baby's name! My neighbor, who is from Manchester, has a nephew named Oliver, and it sounds so much nicer when she says it than when I say it in my midatlantic states twang. ;)

Gabi said...

Gorgeous place. Love all those pictures from this beautiful palace. And of course the baby pic too. Love that name.
Wishing you lots of fun with the laser game.
And I LOVE your blog header.

Anonymous said...

Oliver James --- a perfect name for a perfect little man. He is so adorable.

Your photos are gorgeous!

The Christmas fair looks like they had some beautiful things. I love the little white teddy bears.

Anna van Schurman said...

I think that's how Blenheim palace looked the day I was there! (On the outside, I was there just after Christmas.) The baby is darling!

Mouse said...

awwww love the name I can spell and pronounce he is a wee cutie pie ... and I've been to Blenhiem ... lovely to see your photos too ... we went the other year and I have got lots of photos of outside too
hope you get sorted out at work if not go above them and take a copy of the email with you too ... take care :) love mouse xxxx

Loraine said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweet little baby! Love the name Oliver. Perfect! :)
Thanks for the fun tour of Blenheim palace. Glad you didn't get caught taking pictures. :)
Can't wait to see more stitching. I like Baby Row, it's a great design.
Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

He's giving his mum that 'know who you are' look, bless him. A lovely name they have chosen.
Wow, great pics,. I've been to a few craft firs this year that had had 'no pics' labels on the stalls ....shme eh!

Hope everything gets sorted at work for you, it's awful when you are not happy there.

Catherine said...

Such a sweet little boy! Love his name.
Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos ~ I hope that your time off refreshes you!

Nicola said...

Oliver is such a nice name and the photo of mother and son. Blenheim looks wonderful.

butterfly said...

Looks like you had a great time out Maggie .
Such a beautiful little boy.

Can you send me your address please , you have won one of my Christmas ornaments, hugs.

Heidi Kuijer said...

The timing is great that you have time to spend with your sweet little Oliver. He is growing already by the looks of it. It sounds like you need a little 'me' time and going to Blenheim was the perfect place to get it.

We have been having the same weather but still enjoyed the fall colors with a week's break at Cranberry Cottage. Now I am back to the grind stone spending my Monday catching up on the laundry that has piled up while we were away.

Hugs from Holland ~

Melanie said...

OLIVER JAMES. Love it!!! :)

And goody on you, sneaking pics. What a fabulous place and I'm glad you shared.

Petites xxx et Cie said...

Lovely photos!
Baby Oliver James is a cutie!

Suzanne said...

Great photos!

What a lovely name, Oliver is very cute.

MysteryKnitter said...

The little one has an awesome name! Easy to say and write. By now he is a big boy already (I am writing this "from the future" so to speak).