Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snow Anyone?

We are back in the midst of winter again here in the Midlands, will we ever see the sunshine??
This is what it was like on Saturday morning as i set of for the Hobby Crafts show at the NEC

This farmland is about a 10 minute walk from where i live, the 'green space' in an otherwise industrial area.  It looks very pretty clothed in white.

The roads for once were fairly clear so I thought the drive would be OK to Birmingham, and It was, apart from the spray on the motorway it wasn't too bad, traffic wise.  I don't do much motorway driving  and was amazed considering the conditions of the many drivers who are tanking along and without any lights on! the spray was horrendous and the visibility not that great, yet they don't think to put lights on?, crazy, stupid crazy!

I arrived safely and had a lovely few hours browsing the stands.  There is always a display of some sorts, and this year it was the turn of Pride & Prejudice.

I bet you will all recognise this little number from the lake scene?

It wasn't a huge display, but it was nice to see the costumes.

I was a little disappointed with the show this year, not so many cross stitch stands this time, Jane Greenoff wasn't there and neither was another big suppler who is usually there.  I did come back with a few things, mostly trims though, I only bought one chart,  LHN My House.

I also bought a new magnifier with a light as the light on my old one was playing up, and I treated myself to two new handbags, a girl cant have too many hand bags :-)

No stitching to show this week instead there is a knitting finish, a little jacket for my favourite little man.

He came to visit this afternoon so we had a fitting, I've just got to get some buttons for it when I go out tomorrow.

If you follow THIS link you should get a little video of the man himself.  I've never tried to link a video before so I hope it works.
Just enough of the evening left now to get a little stitching in, Mark has gone back off to work, the job was handed over on Friday so next week is snagging and we have a couple of Bank Holiday's coming up, so the next two weeks are only 4 day weeks.  We are going away for the Easter weekend, just a little break for a couple of nights in Derbyshire with a visit planned to Chatsworth house, then I have the whole of the next week off work, can't wait!


Until next time, thank you for your visits and comments, they are as always very much appreciated :-)
Have a great week


Cheryl said...

Lots of snow up here too! Cant believe its nearly April.
Gorgeous picture of the wee one x

Kay said...

I would have loved to have made the show but couldn't. sad to here that there were a few cross stitch stands missing. I usually get to about 1 show a yea rand really look forward to seeing new things and stocking up. Lincolnshire seems to have missed a lot of the snow, so far. Rather glad though.

Mylene said...

Beautiful snow pictures though...

Cute picture of the little one!!
Happy week!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww...little Oliver looks so cute in his jumper.

The ribbons you bought are lovely. Now I need to see pictures of the handbags. I LOVE handbags!

butterfly said...

You have had allot of snow.
We don't get much cross stitch here at our show. So I end up buying materials and ribbons.
Your little one is growing up fast, hugs.

Lesleyanne said...

Great snow pictures. Can't believe we are still getting snow at the end of March. Gorgeous knitted jacket for your gorgeous little man. Lovely new stash. Where's the picture of the handbags? Lovely pictures of the costumes.

Julie said...

Lovely collection of ribbons and trims for your future finishes. I had heard the show was poor for stitchers this year.

Cute video, he's really growing fast and i love his new jacket, you are a talented nanny.

Have a lovely weekend away, hope the weather improves!

Katherine said...

We're in the midst of a snowstorm here now, today. I'm going groundhog hunting! I was watching National Geographic last week, a show on the Saxon Hoard and they were talking about the Midlands and a thing popped up on the screen talking about the Black Country and I saw it and went "Maggie lives there!" My husband thought I was nuts. That must have been so thrilling when that news broke. Little Man is just too adorable and just looking at Mr. Darcy's clothes (just his clothes, mind you) makes me go "SIGH". Thanks for the treat!

Mouse said...

oooooo you have as much snow as we doo and its snowing again today *sigh .....
that's why I go to Harrogate show and not the NEC .... love the ribbonbox trims .. I pick up some when I go too
awww the wee man is adorable and I love his jacket ....
and enjoy Chatsworth and gives us a wave on the way past .... sooo where are you staying then ????
love mouse xxxxx

Melanie said...

Very pretty snow pictures. I know it's bad when it clings to the trees like that, but it sure makes for a purty picture. :)

The outfit isn't the same without Colin to fill it. Heh.

One can never have enough ribbons. Very nice selection! I see quite a few Xmas related finishes with these, all those fabulous reds and greens.

Catherine said...

Oh gosh! That little man just brought a smile to my face ~ great way to start the day!!
I'm over all the snow/cold and am ready for spring ~ your pictures are beautiful though!
You picked some lovely trims from the show ~ and I agree, bags are always good!

Maggee said...

Oliver is adorable! That is a really really nice sweater you made for him! Nicely done! Snow pics are so beautiful, but I am ready for spring! We have idiot drivers over across the pond too...Every day I witness at least three or four stoopid moves! Happy Easter! Hugs!

Lynn said...

Your grandson is adorable! He looks so cute in the sweater you made him. Well done!
A good portion of our snowbanks have melted during last week's mild temperatures. However it turned cold again overnight and we had another dusting of snow. When will it end?!