Monday, 18 March 2013

Still Christmas Here!

I've been away longer than I intended, again, but I'm here at last, with finishes and starts to share :-)

My ornament for the Christmas ornament SAL was this little freebie by Whispered by the Wind, stitched on a scrap of light blue linen with white DMC.
The weather obliged me with a sprinkling of snow the day I took the photo.

My new start is a Shepherds Bush Christmas Stocking 'Thomas's Stocking'  re-named Oliver's Stocking for the little man in my life :-)
I'll be working on this every Friday night along with Julie, Catherine, Linda, and Riona.
I'm still waiting for some of the threads to come that's the reason for the skipping about with the stitches at the moment. 
This is 3 Friday nights worth of stitching, yeah, I know, not a lot!

I'm going to try and keep this a secret and give it to Jenny on December 1st when she puts up her Christmas decorations.

The cake baking continues, and I'm beginning to think pledging 200 cakes was a little ambitious, I'm just over half way there though, hopefully over the next two weeks I will reach  my target.

Last week was Chocolate Brownies and m&m cookies, they were mostly gone by lunch time :-)

And earlier in the week I made some muffins, but they were a bit disappointing, they tasted OK but didn't have muffin tops :-(  
If anyone can share a tried and tested muffin recipe please tell me.

That's all for now, I want to thank you for all the lovely comments on my ornament finishes in my last post, as someone who finds finishing a bit of a challenge your encouragement really made my day :-)
This weekend is the Hobby Crafts Show at the NEC in Birmingham,     so that's what I'll be doing this coming Saturday, I've got my wish list ready and money saved so I can treat myself, can't wait!

Until next time x


Julie said...

Super ornament, I love the beaded edge.

Great progress on the stocking, I do hope you can keep it a secret Maggie, unfortunately Amy has seen my progress it was on the table when she came at the weekend lol.

Lucy at attic 24 blog bakes easy muffins, I'm sure she has posted a recipe sometime on there, you might have to read through a bit to find it unless there is a link in her sidebar.

Enjoy the stash show at the weekend, I do hope you'll show us what you spent your pocket money on....

Heidi Kuijer said...

Ooohhh...the show sounds like fun. And I am sure you will find lots of new inspiration, as if you need it...LOL!

I love your ornament. What a pretty finish. And now a stocking for little Oliver which will be fun to do especially from his grandma.

Hugs from Holland ~

Lesleyanne said...

Your ornament finish is gorgeous. Love the beaded edge. Great progress on your stocking. Enjoy the show on Saturday. Look forward to seeing your new stash.

cucki said...

Such a sweet ornament..very pretty finish..
Great progress on your stocking..
Love for you x

Catherine said...

Beautiful finish!! And those goodies all look so yummy!! I have a chocolate, chocolate chip banana muffin recipe, a strawberry one and a donut muffin one that my boys like. Funny, mine never seem to get that true muffin top, perhaps I need a better muffin pan! Oh well, the boys chow them down regardless!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Beautiful finish, Maggie and how awesome that the snow fell just for your photo! Can't wait to see the stash you get at the craft show.

Unknown said...

Great work on the Christmas stocking which looks as if it is going to be a really sweet design.

Yummy looking baking too!

Julie said...

Love your little pillow.

Sally said...

Beautiful finish and I love your new start.

dixiesamplar said...

Lovely stitching finishes and starts! Your baking looks yummy...I am sure those muffins were wonderful even without the muffin tops, LOL!

Melanie said...

No muffin tops? I would be sad too - that's the best part! Heh.
I have to admit I just use the plain ole muffin recipe in my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook that I've had for, gulp, 20+ years.
Good luck on finishing the rest of the cakes up!!!
Awesome little new stitchy. Love the beaded edge. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oooo...pretty blue ornament. Love the beaded edging.

I have a pumpkin nut muffin recipe on my blog that always works for me. I think the cream of tartar really helps the muffin hold its shape. You can find the link on my sidebar. It's on the recipe page.

butterfly said...

Love your snow flake ornament , and your yummy cakes. hugs.

Anne said...

Your snowflake ornament is so pretty finished with the beaded trim. I made this same design on navy blue lugana but made it into a pin cushion. I love seeing how a design can be so versatile. Those goodies look so yummy!!

Anonymous said...

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