Sunday, 9 March 2014

Catching up

It seems that time has been my demon again, I'm full of good intentions, honestly, I am, I'm just not very good at time management lately.  I have been busy though, with crafty things as well as the normal everyday things that seem to steal all of my time (as I'm sure they do yours too).
One of my Nieces is due to have her second baby in April and has requested a blanket like the one I knit for Jenny when she was expecting Oliver.  

I've been knitting this on and off for a while, far longer than it should have taken really, but at last it's finished!

A new crochet project is on the go.  I'm choosing the colours more or less at random and so far I think they look ok. 
A few days ago in a quiet moment at work I was browsing the internet and admiring various granny squares and one of the lads came into reception, saw what I was doing and told me that I must stop this, It's not 'cool', (apparently) 
er..... I'm 52, I think I'm old enough to not give a jot if anyone thinks I'm 'cool' or not, lol.
So here is my new un-cool hooky project, which, as it happens, I think is pretty cool :-)

I've only finished about 18 squares so far, so there will be loads more to tell on this blanket before it's finished, and I'm trying not to think of all those ends to weave in yet...eek

I have to say that I am getting immense pleasure from working all these little squares :-)
Stitching is still sort of taking a back seat, larger projects have been abandoned in favour of smaller ornaments, which is about all I have the attention span for at the moment.
I've stitched up two freebies but only managed to get one made up into an ornament.

Free chart found here

As usual the finishing was a challenge.  I swear I could have stitched it all again in the amount of time it took me to make it
 up, and we won't even go into the mess I made whilst sewing!


The only other news to tell this time is that we are on the move.  A couple of weeks before Christmas we put our house up for sale, It was something that had been talked about for a few years but never put into action, but now the time seems right and we were both ready to do it.  
We were very fortunate in finding a buyer after only being on the market for about 5 weeks, and a few weeks later we found ourselves a new property.  My initial reaction to selling so quickly was shock, and to be honest I was a little scared, but now that we have found somewhere to go to I'm really excited and looking forward to getting things moving.  I will keep you posted on the progress


Krista said...

Who's to say what is cool or not, it's what makes you happy that is important :) Love the granny squares, would like to learn that too. Good luck with the move, exciting times! I will be moving soon too, I think when I know where to then I will be jazzed about it. Have a wonderful week!

Blu said...

Considering he's the one using vocabulary like "cool" which is not exactly the most cutting edge slang I don't think he's worth listening to.

Those squares are so fun and colourful! I look forward to seeing more.

Chris said...

Dude...he doesn't know what cool is!
ha!ha! Your granny squares are very cool.
I love your ornament finish too.
I hope that the move goes smoothly!

Von said...

Exciting times coming with your move to a new home - and lots of work. :) Hope it all goes well! And keep making those granny squares!

Chris said...

When you love to do something and some one makes a disparaging remark it can be quite hurtful, but that person is in olden days because knitting and crochet is the latest thing to do and your cable blanket and squares are super... and a house move? How fantastic, new things to find out about where you're going and a new garden...
That sounds great to me!!
Chris x

Julie said...

Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home Maggie.
A lovely cable blanket, I do love a cable pattern.
Loving the hooky project, what's that man on about, hooky stuff is so cool, even young ladies do it in their teabreaks...he's not up to date himself!!

Daybake said...

Nothing is cooler than creating something beautiful with your own hands. You do beautiful work!!

Melanie said...

Oooo, look at those cables! I just love a good cable.

Time management....what is that exactly? Whatever it is, I ain't got it. lol

Those squares are supremely cool. LOOK AT THEM. They are awesome!

Good luck on your move! It's so much work. I don't envy you one bit. :(

Mii Stitch said...

Love your cool granny squares! The blanket will look fantastic :)
I can't seem to be able to follow your blog, somehow :(

Jeanne said...

Thanks for posting that little owl ornament, I love owls and have saved off the free pattern.

Congratulations on selling your home and starting a new adventure. We talk about selling ours too over the next couple years but it is always a little scary making those big decisions! I hope you will be very happy in your new place.