Friday, 9 January 2015

Off To A Good Start

Well that's the first week of January gone! How did your's go? It doesn't take too long to get back into the swing of things does it?  and to be honest, I was glad to get back to a routine, the days never seem to have any structure when you are at home, especially when I'd got a bad back and most of what I had got planned couldn't happen.

Because I had to change my plans It did mean that I got some stitching done for a change Yayyyy.
It's been ages since I've shown any stitching, so here you go, just to prove that I not only stitched, but I actually finished, (yes you heard right, finished!!) 2 ornaments.

Prairie Schooler Redwork Santa's

I'm going to be stitching all 8 of these so the actual making up into ornaments I will do once they are all stitched, so stay tuned.  I'm so pleased with these and I'm looking forward to stitching the other 6, only having two colours they are quick and easy to do :-)

Just before Christmas you might remember I finished knitting Stevie's scarf, I quite fancied doing one for myself, but I thought that same one might be a bit bulky for me, (being a lady of a certain age I am quite prone to getting rather hot at times ).
So I went in search of a freebie via the interweb and came across this crochet one.  Oooh, just right I thought.

I used the same yarn as I used for Stevie's as I had some left, Woolcraft Double Crepe DK, shade 09, if you are interested, and it came out quite well I think.
I just kept going until I thought it was long enough and used 2 100g balls.

I'm not into selfies, but just to show what It looks like on, here you go....minus my face because I take a horrid photo, lol

So, you could say that I have had a very good start to January's crafting :-)
I've joined the Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge again.  I have fallen short on the last two years but I like to set the challenge to keep me motivated, I read 35 last year, 5 short of my challenge, so I'm not too disappointed with that, and I'm continuing with my reading group at the local Library this year too.

To keep my stitching mojo up i've joined Stitch From Stash 2015.  I'm allowing myself £20 per month to spend on stash.  As I already have quite a few charts that I want to stitch I think most of my allowance will be going on threads and fabric, finishing items, buttons, ribbon and so on are not included this year, so that's ok.
I will have to go and re-read the rules about posting, I'm not good at reading instructions, lol

Well that's my news for the first bit of 2015, it's Friday night, my chores are all done, I'm showered and in my PJ's, the tea is all prepared so I can sit down and start another Santa :-)

Until next time


Ali said...

Well done on all your crafty makes this week you've been very busy! The Santa ornaments are lovely and I love the scarf hope it keeps you cosy. Ali x

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your scarf is beautiful and your PS ornaments.

I have put myself on a stash budget and am trying to stitch from stash. Those pesky designers keep releasing designs which I cannot resist

llknbillburg said...

Wonderful finishes for the new year! Its always nice to get off on the right foot. I am doing SFS this year too so we will have to cheer each other on! Laura

Kate said...

Great finishes, looking forward to seeing the Santa series progress.

Emma/Itzy said...

Lovely finishes!

I too am doing SFS and set myself a £20 budget, so far so good though for me! :)

Marsha said...

Those are very nice and bright ornaments. Love your scarf. I used to hate scarves but now I love them. I hate when the back of my neck is cold. I know what you mean about directions. I finally printed out the 'Grow Your Blog' directions so I wouldn't mess it up.

Mylene said...

Great crafty start of the year. Love your PS finishes and looking forward to see the see...didn' t know this serie-is it an old one or new?

Your scarf beautiful too. Goodluck with all your plans for this year...

Brigitte said...

Wow, two ornaments finished and a scarf, that's a great start of the crafting year, isn't it?

Good luck with your reading challenge, I was setting my goal on 30 books but don't know if I will do that because reading ahs taken a bit of a backseat :( But we will see.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Great finishes in both your stitching and crochet.

Joy said...

Great start to the year! Love the scarf and santas.

Julie said...

The Santa's look wonderful, they'll be super on your tree next year.
Love the scarf, it looks very cosy (I know what your face looks like lol) xx

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great Santa and what a lovely scarf ;-)

Anne said...

Love your PS Santas! They are so sweet and will look great on your tree. Beautiful scarf too!

Melanie said...

Very nice scarf! It looks nice and warm. :)

Love the santas, too. PS always has the best Santa patterns.

Angela said...

Love the redwork Santa's and the scarf you crocheted :) I want to read more this year too.

Deb said...

Absolutely stunning scarf! Good work on Santa's!