Thursday, 23 April 2015

Making the most of

We are still being spoiled by glorious sunshine here in the Midlands, there is still a bit of a nip in the air early mornings and in the evenings, but I think we can cope with that if it means such beautiful blue sky days.
Our garden continues to surprise us with new things and I love sitting out there
with a cup of coffee in the afternoon when I finished work.

A couple of miniature roses came home with me this week too, from Home Bargains would you believe, at £1.49 each I could hardly pass up the opportunity :-)

They are a lovely pale yellow, which is a bit hard to see on the photo.

My lilies are growing too.  I bought these in a pack with the pot from Tesco back in February, they were with the Mother's Day gifts.

Oliver is enjoying Nanna's garden too, although his idea of enjoyment is more
energetic than mine I have managed to focus his attention for a short time filling the watering can or a bottle to give the flowers a drink :-)

 I love how he is enthusiastic about everything and wants to help, even though it will take me twice as long with him "helping" that's ok, I don't mind, the important thing is that he has fun and learns things along the way, he will only be two and a half once and I want to make the most of it, even if it means when I take him to the soft play area he shouts "come on Nanna" and I have to climb in too,
(now that's a sight you don't want to see, lol)

When I haven't been playing on the slide or feeding the ducks this week I've managed to do some more stitching.
A few weeks ago I sorted the fabric and the threads for the Lizzie Kate Flora McSample stockings.
I was itching to start these but told myself I couldn't until all the PS Santa's were stitched, 
I still have to make the Santa's up but I will have to set aside time for that because the making up part is not something that I really enjoy doing.

So I'm one stocking down, (so to speak!).  
It turned out to be quite a quick and enjoyable one to stitch.

I'm using the recommended DMC threads.
 The fabric is 28 count, (unidentifiable because I've had it ages)
There are some little buttons to add to the centre of the flowers but I will do all the embellishments together.

I know a lot of you stitch in some sort of rotation, while I admired your dedication I always thought that it wouldn't be for me, but when I was stitching last Friday I got to thinking, I have the most time from Friday night and over the weekend and perhaps I could use those days/evening for stitching and fit in some knitting or crochet the rest of the time. 
I find that i'm tending to flit about on various things lately and not getting much finished.
I'm going to give it a try, Friday through to Monday will be stitching on whatever I happen to
be doing at the time. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday will be knitting or crochet.
The only exception would be when we have stitching group, which is the last Wednesday in the month and I shall probably take whatever stitching I happen to be working on then.

This might just work ok for me, because if I've got Oliver then a yarn project is more portable, less to pack when I am at my daughter's.....Can't hurt to give it a go anyway.

This week we also had a special birthday celebration.
Stevie Turned 21 on Tuesday!

This was taken around her 3rd birthday,  she would kill me for showing this, but it's a mothers prerogative to do these things :-)

Although we didn't see her on her birthday she was back home at the weekend and we went out for
a meal with my other daughter's and their boyfriends and I sent her back with a cake and 21 presents to open on her day :-)

She finishes uni this year and job wise was very lucky in getting the first post she applied for as a Nursery teacher.
In the meantime they offered her 2 day's per week until we come back from holiday when she will go full time.
I'm so happy she got what she wanted, ever since she was little she has wanted to work with children, (when she was small she used to tell me that she wanted to have at least 5 babies and 2 exactly the same!! :-O
I'll settle for her working with them in the nursery for now, lol)

It's been another busy week and I'm ready for the weekend, we are going
to an clothing outlet village on Saturday to look for wedding outfits.  It only 5 weeks on Sunday until we fly out....eek!!

Until next time


Barb said...

You have a lovely family. The pictures with the ice cream cone were adorable. Best of luck to your daughter. I taught for 30 years an it was the best! I hope she will enjoy her work as much as I did.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to eat ice cream you should enjoy it with your WHOLE face, just like Oliver!

Your stitching planning sounds great. I have two socks, one blanket and one cross stitch project and I kind of pick them higgeldy-piggeldy. BUT, they all get some "love" eventually.

KC'sCourt! said...

Gorgeous photos. Someone is certainly enjoying his ice-cream
Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

butterfly said...

Lovely post , your garden is looking beautiful.

So is your family.

Your stitching is looking lovely .

I love your plan , it is hard to find time to stitch with lot's going on in life , hugs.

Vickie said...

Sounds like a great plan!
I hope you find just what you are looking for while shopping.

Carol said...

What an enjoyable post, Maggie--lovely springtime photos (I'm envious as we had a frost last night :(

Your grandson is darling and it sounds like the two of you have great fun together! Happy Birthday to your daughter, too--wishing her much happiness in the year ahead.

Have fun with the other LK stockings--this one is adorable!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Beautiful photos of your family and garden. Wish I had your green fingers as I find it hard to grow things. The stitching and colours on the Christmas stocking are lovely.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Lovely pictures! Great stitching too. Have fun with your family! :D

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie,

Congratulations on your daughter's birthday! What a wonderful young lady!
Your garden is so nice and yes, ideal to enjoy it with a (cute) mug of coffee ...
The 'ice cream party' is so cute!

Have a nice day!

Gill - That British Woman said...

great photos of everyone and your garden is wonderful. There is no way I could see the holes on 28 count!! Your eyesight is a lot better than mine.

Julie said...

Belated birthday wishes to Stevie, she's a lovely young lady. Wishing her well in her new career.
That ice cream looks tasty. We have a little helper here too lol.
Your new rota sounds great, hope it works for you.
Your garden looks beautiful, such lovely established shrubs.

Mylene said...

Such a lovely post Maggie!
and what beautiful flowers at your garden.