Monday, 27 July 2015


The electrician has just gone, he came round to fit the bathroom lights, he will have to come again tomorrow though because he was missing some part or other. This room has turned into such a task, we will both be glad when we can call it done!

We had a bathroom fitter who was going to do all the work but he kept putting the date back every time it got close so in the end Mark did it all himself.

The wire you can see on the wall is where the mirror will go

I've waited 12 months to have this paper somewhere :-)

We made the bathroom bigger by knocking into the eves and Mark has put down-lighters under there

Mark did everything except for the electric work and laying the floor.
We still have to get things like a blind and laundry bin and the sealant has to be put around everything, but, the boy done good, don't you think?

So it's been 1 year ago this week that we moved here and we have done a total of 3 bedrooms and a bathroom, I think we had hopes that it might be all be finished in 12 months, I guess we underestimated, lol

Here's 2 of the bedrooms we've done

Stevie's room

You can see I took these around Christmas time because my tree is in the window :-)

And our room

I still love everything about these two rooms so I suppose it's good that we are taking our time and getting it right, and Mark is learning a lot about wallpapering, lol.

The smallest room has been done too but for some reason I've never took any photos.  It was intended as a room for Oliver when he is old enough to sleep over but It's sort of morphed into a craft room, and at the moment yarn is winning the space battle :-)

I'm off to do a little afternoon crochet, which it is also an anniversary for, it was 2 years ago today that I attended a 'learn to crochet' day course.
What a great day that was :-)



Vickie said...

Your home looks so lovely Maggie. Your husband is doing fantastic!

Ali said...

The rooms look lovely and restful and well done to Mark on the work in the bathroom it looks amazing x

Julie said...

Didn't that year fly by .... well done to Mark, the bathroom looks fabulous. Your bedroom look very tranquil too.
Happy hooking!

Isabelle said...

You and your husband did a real good job in your new home ! your bedroom is just gorgeous : it looks very calm and I love the wallpaper you chose... Your bathroom also is very nice... In fact, I love everything in your house ! Have a good day !

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the bathroom - and the bedrooms are wonderful! What a great feeling to be doing so much and getting it done! blessings, marlene

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree you have done a fantastic job. I could move in tomorrow!!

butterfly said...

Wow love your bathroom and bedrooms , every thing looks fab.

Maggee said...

Great bathroom re-do! Such a sleek new layout for it! And the bedrooms are lovely too! Considering you are doing most of it yourselves, very well done! Congrats!